Surviving Sandy Hook

On December the 14th 2012, gunman Adam Lanza entered an elementary school and shot dead twenty children and six teachers, this tragedy would forever change America’s attitude towards gun violence. This film created by award-winning director Jezza Neumann follows three families that were directly involved in the shooting, having lost kids or other family members. The documentary attempts to make sense of the tragedy and Americas complex relationship with guns and the violence seen here.


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  1. I’ve never seen so much conspiracy nonsense in my life as some of the comments here. What’s next? Aliens from Roswell did it after they finished with 9/11. Grow a brain for Christ’s sake.

    It’s simple. Had there been no guns, no guns would have killed these people. Period. It doesn’t go any deeper than that. Rid society of the disease of guns, and there will be no gun deaths. It’s logically impossible. Everything else is an excuse.

    I’ve lived in 3 countries, two of which the citizens couldn’t have guns, and there is MUCH more freedom, especially psychologically. The city I live in now has not only not had a gun death in the 18 years I’ve lived here, but not a single shooting. And guess why? It’s VERY complicated. Here we go….Ready? No one has a gun. No one wants a gun. No one wants anyone else having a gun. No one needs a gun. Again, VERY simple. Takes lots of ignorant mental acrobatics to try and weasel ones way into making guns good at all.

    But hey, being the “lefty” I am, and understanding that “Guns don’t ill people, but people kill people” (fart), I’ll make a deal. We’ll keep guns legal. In fact, we’ll make any and all guns legal. I mean, after all, “they’re just a tool”. However, we’ll ban the people who have or want guns. Then, the problem, you know, “people kill people”, will be dealt with. The poor misunderstood guns can sit there harmlessly on the bedside table next to the Bible and warm $2 a case beer, and the people will be safely tucked away in a nice padded cell where they can’t harm anyone. Deal?

  2. When this school shooting happened the first thing I thought was that it had red flags all over it. The timing of it was incredibly suspicious to me which lead me to research any information I could find on it. One thing that I have learned is that paying close attention to the media when they are reporting on such events as they are unfolding is where much truth can be found. It is how that changes in to what they are told to report that the majority of people take to be truth. I personally, am convinced the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. There are more facts that support it being a hoax, especially when viewing the initial coverage. That is my personal opinion. However, when it comes to gun control reality is reality, and it blows my mind that people can be so naïve. You can take guns away from every law abiding citizen that owns them, but you will never ever be able to control criminals from getting their hands on them, you can never stop someone intent on using a gun for what ever their intent is for using a gun, from getting one. One thing certain is that if you strip every law abiding gun owning citizen of their ability to protect themselves, they become vulnerable and easy targets for the criminals who are not affected by gun control because they access them illegally. I wonder how many anti gun enthusiast would be singing the same tune if they became victims of a home invasion should they survive it. If you are a responsible gun owner, you educate your family members including children about the gun. Taking the steps to take away curiosity, showing the damage they can cause and keeping it where you can get to but where they can’t is what you do. The importance of owning a gun is knowing that you have the capability to protect your family if you have to. School shootings, or any kind of devastating shooting that takes place has no relevance to law abiding citizens who own or do not own guns. It doesn’t really matter where a shooter got their gun, because if they didn’t get there they would have got it somewhere else. So get real about this people.

  3. Our world would be a much, much better place if people weren’t such total morons. This whole “guns are killing our children” is simply insane. For example, as gun ownership among the law abiding has increased, gun deaths and crime of all sorts has decreased. Regardless of your desire to live in a gun free society or not, it is TOO LATE. There are more guns in America than people. To sit around arguing if guns should be illegal or not in the U.S. is a waste of time since criminals already have easy access to them. Such a debate might have been worth wild a hundred years ago. But today, gun control laws only limit the rights of honest, law abiding citizens and do NOTHING to curb the availability of guns for criminals. Given the history of the human race, you have to be delusional to seriously think positive thoughts are all that is needed to make the world a better place.

    • No, being positive does actually work. Tolerance and empathy are part of thinking positive, you might want to try them one day. Oh well, at least you are attempting to experience critical thinking. Now whether this is a hoax or not, Sandy Hook does in fact point out that it´s not just well-balenced, reasonable and oh-so-wise individuals like you that get their hands on guns. Mentally ill and/or emotionally unstable people and even drunks who have broken up with their girlfriends have access to them too. And how about Britain? How do they get through the day without armed police patrols? What Americans are good at doing is starting arms races, even on the domestic front between police and criminals.

  4. This is really sad, but honest and objective human beings recognize gun violence is DOWN, that school violence is DOWN, and that guns don’t kill people, but black culture and the dissolution of the family unit contributes directly to practically every society ill out there.

    • I don´t suppose that you have perhaps asked yourselff what conservative xenophobic rant might allude to symptoms, or actuall causes – such as the dehumanization of economically descriminated minorities by bigots like you (like when your rascist fingers type “black culture” ) and as for “dissolution of the family unit” – what?? You think that people not daring to get divorced from someone who doesn´t love them or care for them because of social ostracism will improve a toxic home relationship and avert school killings? That violence happened less when people didn´t dare to get divorced? And tell me, how does “black culture” contribute to the “society ill” (sic) of global warming, pollution, depletion of recources, the increasing disparity of wealth, overpopulation and not least, intolerant bigots spresding ignorance?

  5. you will pay with forever, you people took money to say this. it is your world that is going away the money can’t bring you back, you know to much. not big thinkers this bunch a sad sad place when average folks do this. anyone look up the fake sandy hook, just like 9-11. the end … to die believing in something is all that is left

  6. no one died and you are pushing a lie, i have to ask myself why. do you homework. the world has gone mad when money is worth more than your life. doc heaven you live here too!!!

  7. PROPAGANDA at its best…please don’t take my word for it and go watch the clips on you tube. wow a fake shooting about fake people in a school that was closed for years. People weren’t even crying when they were originally interviewed, hours and days after it happened. a father caught laughing before a press conference and then tries to cover up by pretending to cry…very bad acting.

    • I take it that you were there to be able to say that this was all fake. This did happen , and all these people were murdered.You watched some crap on you tube ,and came to this conclusion that it was staged.There are a lot of tragedies that happen that make you question things, But this is not one of those things, you can believe what you want, but to come on here and make a comment that is so ignorant is just wrong. What happened to the children ? They are gone , in their graves.Don’t believe everything you see on you tube. You were not there, so you know nothing.

      • Read or watch about false flag operations and then you might understand why I said what I said. what about 9-11 do you believe the official narrative or was that also a false flag. we were attacked by bin laden but we attack saddam Hussein.and you know that there was three buildings that fell that day, the two twin towers in the morning and building 7 in the afternoon. there are clips on youtube showing this and the press was even aware that the building was going to fall before it actually did. The BBC was broadcasting that the building had fallen and it was clearly still standing in the background. Again please do your research thoroughly… thank you

      • Please open your eyes and in return it will open your mind to the corruption that is our government. False flag operations have been going on since there have been government ruling this nation. the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 … manipulating data to make it look like North Vietnamese boats fired on a U.S. ship so as to create a false justification for the Vietnam war.Operation Northwoods was series of proposals for actions against the Cuban government, that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other US government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. That only two of them, please do your research. thank you

        • What could our government gain by killing innocent children and adults at an elementary school ? The only ones who could gain anything are the heartless idiots who are making you believe that it was fake. Do you believe that all school shootings are fake ? And we are not talking about 9/11 or Cuba. Just for the record, we never went to war with Cuba ! End of story.And when I do research I sure as heck do not depend on you tube for facts and answers.

        • You are such a fucking idiot my face hurts

    • Hahaha, I love how you conspiratards point to freaking youtube videos for your evidence. Never mind the eyewitnesses, the crime scene photos, the dead kids… nope, you’ve got a youtube video with arrows pointing to things. You are SO smart!

      • I know ignorance is bliss but if you do your research im sure that you will change your mind.

        • Oh, I’ve seen it – all of it. And it’s all bullshit. You guys are very fond of spamming any news articles about the tragedy with your crap. Sandy Hook truthers are the lowest scum of the conspiratard world – even lower than 9/11 Truthers.

      • are these idiots real people? with actual brains?