Surviving the Cut: US Marine Sniper

US Marine Sniper

Marine Snipers are legendary in the sniper world for being the best. This is where they learn their craft. Units will only send their best men to this course, but on average 1 in 3 will fail. Becoming a Marine sniper takes a level of discipline that few could ever hope to achieve. They will wait hours in the worst possible conditions but only have seconds to make the shot.

You can turn off the annotations by clicking the triangle-symbol in the right lower corner of the video, followed by pressing the page icon.

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  1. Call of Duty? LOL! What a d-bag.

  2. Be careful with the rape comment. Remember marines are navy after all. But seriously cod fan is right. Try sniper elite on hard difficulty…

  3. I play a lot of Call Of Duty, I would rape those guys.