Swallowed by a Black Hole

This summer, the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way is getting ready to feast.

A gas cloud three times the size of our planet has strayed within the gravitational reach of our nearest supermassive black hole. And across the globe, telescopes are being trained on the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, some 27,000 light years from Earth, in the expectation of observing this unique cosmic spectacle.

For cosmic detectives across the Earth, it is a unique opportunity. For the first time in the history of science, they hope to observe in action the awesome spectacle of a feeding supermassive black hole.

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  1. galaxy mitosis that mind i gaVE THAT TO THE WORLD E=MC2

  2. Teke I have often pondered the same concept. Many things in this universe and my own existence have proved to be paradoxical. When you look at the plants and life around us, they have a fractal nature to them. Maybe they are there to teach those who are eager to learn. I believe the black hole is a fractal of a universe. Will we ever know how it began, or if there is an end?

  3. Teke: Submit your comment to, there are cosmologists and physicists there who will probably take your question seriously and give you the best answer they can.

  4. Oh I’m sure these questions has been asked a thousand times but here goes anyway…

    Could it be that our universe is simply “…the other side” (if you will) of a Black Hole in another universe? (which implies that the Black Holes in our universe could in turn be spawning universes of their own on their ‘other sides’…a Black Hole’s singularity in our universe being the singularity of another universe’s Big Bang)

    I was told our universe’s singularity grew evenly across the expanse due to the phenomenon of a ‘repelling gravity’ with formulas written as the Law of Expansion or something to that affect. Pardon my lack of knowledge in this subject (I can even see the photo in my mind of the physicist that formulated this) and I also apologize for asking such generalized questions but my curiosity and respect for those who could know the answers is why I ask and would appreciate any replies…

    I was thinking that perhaps the Dark Energy and Dark Matter we investigate, as well as the increased velocity of the growth of our universe, could simply be the result of the Black Hole in our “parent” universe that spawned our universe, at this cosmic time, just happens to be in the close proximity of an abundance of matter/energy that is being sucked past that Black Hole’s Event Horizon (again, that our parent universe sees) and is in fact, somehow belching that matter/energy into our universe (the Expansion phenomenon) through that Black Hole in our parent universe that created ours.

    This means that at some point the rate of growth could slow and/or speed up in the future or has done so throughout our universe’s 13 Billion years of existence. This brings me to one last question…

    Has anyone studying the rate(s) of growth of our universe ever looked for changes in the rate or velocity of growth? It could be a supporting implication if the rate did vary…albeit “could” with a lower case ‘c’ because it could imply a number of things.

    I’m grinning at the moment because I just read back what I’m about to submit and realized something; (But 1st, I do have a sense of humor but please be kind with your reply because, heh heh…) I also see that a little bit of knowledge IS a dangerous thing I guess. Thanks for your time. Teke