Swansea Love Story

Rule Britannia scours the UK to partake of all the sordid offerings of this green, pleasant and messed-up land. Under the surface of Swansea, things are a little different than it initially looks.

Here they befriend a gang of young addicts caught up in South Wales’ largely ignored heroin epidemic. We find topless fire-breathing dance troupes, old sailors, and two little kids in one of the city’s most drug-ravaged council estates. We visit a demonstration by the Welsh Defense League which turns into something of a race riot.
Reforming addict Lee Dennis talks about decorating his blood-spattered house and demonstrates his love of Swansea City FC. An ex-dealer by the name of Old Famous Clinty talks about the pitfalls of methadone and how he’s determined to turn his life around, and so much more.

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