SWOLE is a new three part VICE documentary which focuses on the world of body building and culture surrounding it. Throughout we hear from many professional and amateur bodybuilders alike as they explain what it is exactly they drives them to do what they do and in some cases take steroids.

In part one we hear from Greg Douctte, a man who has competed in over 100 bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, he also holds a Guinness World Record for deadlifting all whilst claiming that at the age of 40 he is in the best shape of his life. Vice follows Douctte as he prepares to enter the first competition in 3 years as he tests the waters to see if he still has what it takes to continue competing.

The second addition to this series examines the female side to bodybuilding and how back in 2015 the women’s bodybuilding division got dropped from Ms. Olympia, this marked the end of women’s bodybuilding until the Wings of Strength organisation was created. Helle Trevino is one such female bodybuilder and VICE follows her as she takes on this newly formed competition and discusses the current state of the sport.

In the final addition to SWOLE we delve into the darker side of body building and learn how over the last 50 years competitors have manipulated the natural performance their bodies through the use of anabolic steroids. We also learn from those who use such drugs how they can affect their personal lives and overall health.

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