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By: Carol A. Ott, PharmD, BCPP Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Purdue University College of Pharmacy; Clinical Pharmacy Specialist—Psychiatry, Eskenazi Health, Indianapolis, Indiana

My aunt order generic avana online erectile dysfunction 40s, mother and grandmother approached me and said they wanted to take me discount 100 mg avana with amex impotence grounds for annulment, along with a slightly older aunt buy cheap avana 50mg erectile dysfunction options, my younger sister and cousin generic tadacip 20 mg on line, to “join Bondo” order cheap vytorin online. I was excited, recalling memories of my childhood in Africa, watching exuberant women dancing and singing during adolescent girls’ initiation ceremonies, called Bondo. These women would take over the town, while men and uninitiated children had to stay in the houses. The women flanked the awesome Bondo masquerade, a powerful representation of our female ancestors, dancing and entertaining the crowds. We underwent several rites as part of our transition from girlhood to womanhood, the most significant being our excision operation – the reduction of the exposed clitoral hood, glans and labia minorae. My immediate experience was of pain and culture shock, while my eight-year-old sister felt nothing and was 1712 soon up and about with other young girls playing in the Bondo encampment. In reality, communities practicing labial elongation do so to enhance the sexual pleasure of the man and the woman. In personal, direct conversations with gynecological colleagues, both male and female, from elongating cultures, one is assured that elongation is neither painful, humiliating, nor a tool of oppression. According to female colleagues who have elongated their own labia, they describe it as a rite of passage that acknowledged their own sexual awakening and fostered expectations of sexual pleasure within marriage. To date, the only woman who has ever claimed traumatic memories associated with labial elongation in my experience has been one chronically ill, illegal immigrant undergoing medical evaluation pursuant to an asylum seeking application to the U. Sylvia Tamale, feminist, human rights activist, and law professor in Uganda, who argues that elongation enhances female sexual pleasure and is not a human rights violation. Tamale published Eroticism, Sensuality, and “Women’s Secrets” among the Baganda: A Critical Analysis [37]. Western researchers lent further academic credibility to the female empowerment and reported benefits of labial elongation in a 2008 peer-reviewed community survey of Rwandan women [38]. Waxing of pubic hair and Internet access to genital images appear to have contributed to the rise in numbers of women in industrialized nations seeking modification of their own genitalia to match what they subsequently believe to be “normal” [39]. Grassroots movement to address this genital conundrum exist in online galleries of vulvar images such ® as “The Labia Library”; Kotex online platform for teens that reinforces “Well, there is no ‘normal’ looking vagina; just like your face is different to almost everyone in the world so is your vagina”; and the U. Regardless of the wide range of normal genital anatomy, women continue to seek modification. Physicians addressing such concerns have no meaningful resources in standard medical texts with which to create a reference point for the patient, and for themselves, as most anatomy illustrations of genitalia offer just one morphological image, lacking any acknowledgment or illustration of the wide 1713 variations in normal genital architecture [43]. What data exist on genital morphology variability show that normal clitoral size, labial measurements, vaginal, perineal, and clitoral–urethra length vary widely, with no association to age, parity, ethnicity, hormone, or sexual activity status [44]. In addition to cosmetic appearance and body image concerns, client/patient motivations also include chafing, interference with sexual and sporting activities, discomfort in clothing, and improvement in sexual friction and sexual satisfaction. In one recent cohort study, 1/3 of women seeking labiaplasty reported being teased about the appearance of their genitals compared to 3% in the control group. The labiaplasty group did not have higher rates of childhood abuse nor any difference on validated measurements of disgust or general appearance compared to controls not seeking labiaplasty [46]. They did not rate higher for anxiety or depression but were more likely to report poor sexual and body image satisfaction and to demonstrate avoidance behaviors regarding these concerns [47].

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Since this is a particularly thin area order discount avana online erectile dysfunction tools, any excessive removal can determine secondary tip deformities (Figs discount avana 200 mg without a prescription natural treatment erectile dysfunction exercise. In addition to the interruption of the cartilaginous arc by the dome separation avana 100 mg low price impotence guidelines, the technique sutures the medial crura to each other viagra sublingual 100mg line, resulting in a verticalization of domes and an increased projection of the tip (Fig order cialis super active 20mg without prescription. The access can be “open” or via a double marginal and intercartilaginous incision, leading to exposure through dislocation of the alar car- tilage bipedicled flap (delivery), followed by cartilaginous inter- ruption of the medial crura and their shortening. This technique requires sufficient surgical experi- ence but also provides good correction, even of columella deformity (Fig. In these cases, or sometimes in combination with other resec- tion techniques, it is possible to make a full-thickness inci- 8. Even for the tip of the nose, grafts may be considered a sep- The incisions must be carried out with particular care so arate issue. Although Rees, in his most recent treatises, as not to damage the skin or the buccal pseudomucosa and complains of their sometimes indiscriminate use, it should the perichondrium. Normally these incisions are made using be underlined that although there are difficulties in obtaining Basic Rhinoplasty 617 Fig. Among the grafts described for the tip reconstruction we The most common donor site is the nose itself: both the should mention the “floating” graft, so called because it is septum cartilage and the cartilaginous part in excess from the kept in place without any suture but by elastic forces natu- crura are used as grafts. In the case of pronounced defects or rally exercised by the integument, with an immediate cos- especially for secondary and tertiary defects, or for lipopoly- metic improvement of the profile, which, depending on the saccharide outcomes, it is possible to use the ear, particularly contoured shape, provides various aspects including the “lath the concha, which can be easily reached through a retroau- or stick” shape of Goldman, the “shield” described by Sheen ricular access. Usually they are posi- placed between the medial crura about 2–3 mm from the tioned under the lobule or on top of the domes. The Usually, for the struts the preferred donor site is the septal dimensions must not be less than 6×8 mm; if using septal or cartilage, with the withdrawal of a rod of at least 3 × 25 mm. This incision, usually hidden in the within a pocket formed from the surrounding structures, conjunction fold between the two different aesthetic units, which ensures graft positioning without requiring should not reach the nasal vestibule but only involve the stitches. Finally, grafts can also be used for nasolabial angle cor- More commonly, however, this kind of alar hypertrophy rection, positioning on the lower anterior nasal spine, or is associated with wide nostrils, so it is necessary to remove withdrawing composite grafts, especially from the auricle, a wedge cartilage-skin wing from the alar base, extending at for alar margin reconstruction [16, 20]. It is important that before the operation the patient operation and then disappears within 1 year; bruising will is informed in detail about the rules to be observed after sur- disappear over time, as will pain, anxiety, and loss of blood gery, the possible complications, and their management [1 ]. Some surgeons prefer to wrap them with antibiotic ointment, others with hemostatic • Apply ice bags during the first 24–48 h without ointments. Their purpose is to avoid formation of mucoperi- compression chondrium or mucoperiosteum hematomas and formation of • Sleep with the head raised up until the disappearance of scarring synechiae, and to protect the mucosa and stabilize swelling and bruising the changes made. They are held in place for about 7 days • Avoid foods that can strain the muscles of the mouth in and in some cases, when the intervention on the septum is the first 2 weeks more massive, for 10 days. When modifying the septum and • Avoid sports and activities in which direct hits on the nose the turbinates, the Doyle septal split should be used [1 ]. Medicated patches and one external splint perature >38 °C, anxiety, and pain are placed. These patches approach uniformly the cutaneous • Do not wear glasses for 1 month and subcutaneous tissues of the underlying structures and • Do not expose the face to the sun during the hottest hours stabilize the shape, especially the tip.

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The advantages of open access are the excellent exposure of the anatomical structures buy avana 100mg cheap erectile dysfunction 31 years old, especially of the lower third of the nose order avana 50 mg fast delivery impotence exercises, and the possibility to make their correction easier 200 mg avana mastercard muse erectile dysfunction wiki, especially in situations most difficult to resolve (eg buy cheapest kamagra oral jelly and kamagra oral jelly, post-traumatic seri- ous nasal deformities or malformation cheap 50mg silagra otc, secondary and ter- tiary rhinoplasty). There is no precise rule about the time course of a rhino- plasty; each surgeon prefers and can choose a different suc- cession of surgical times. We prefer to treat primarily the middle third and the top, while other surgeons give prece- dence to the lower third of the nose (tip), treating the nasal dorsum later. We recommend performing muscle insertions determine the tip regression and the this type of approach in cases of thick skin, narrow nostrils, lowering of the upper lip; this action is taken in the event of and hard alar cartilage (Fig. The transcartilaginous incision allows resection of a part The transcartilaginous incision [3, 4, 10, 18] affects the of the alar cartilage, which is dissected with direct access up intermediate and lateral crura of the alar cartilage, allowing a to the triangular cartilage and the sesamoid cartilages. Next, elevation of the nasal skin mantle from the deep support structures is performed with a straight-blade scalpel for the pyramid sides and with a curved-blade scalpel for the dorsum. Alternatively, one may use blunt and curved scissors (Ragnell’s scissors) for the same dissection (Fig. The detachment involves a plane external to the perichondrium of the triangular cartilage and external to the periosteum of the frontal apophysis [10]. The cartilaginous resection is performed after the incision (b) Basic Rhinoplasty 605 Fig. Described by Eitnerin in 1932 in Austria and revised later by Fomon in 1939, Anderson in 1958, and gradually by other authors [9, 12, 18, 24 – 26], this technique separates the mucosa from the deep part of the triangular cartilage, the septum, and the nasal bones, passing in the subperiosteal and subperichondrial plane: In this way the osteocartilaginous structure is completely Fig. Furthermore, the lar cartilage extramucosal approach respects the mucosa, passing through a bloodless plane and allowing complete isolation (cavity closed) of any cartilage or bone grafts from the nose cavity. A second dissection involves the caudal margin: the lower intra- and postoperative bleeding, and decreased this will facilitate quadrangular resection when, toward the edema. Figure 16 highlights the resection lines for the osteo- end of the intervention, the desired rotation angle of the tip is cartilaginous dorsum with the extramucosal technique, evaluated [12, 16, 23, 24 ]. At this For the transmucosal technique the mucosa and the point, pushing downward toward the nasal cavities, the osteocartilaginous structure must first be sectioned, without 606 C. The Aufricht elevator is repositioned and, with the help of angled quadrangular scissors (about 130°), a quad- rangular strip of length and height corresponding to the pre- viously elaborate graphic project is resected (Fig. Meanwhile the triangular cartilages are remodeled and low- ered to the same height as the square. Resection of the osteocartilaginous structure must be carefully considered, and the resections must be parsimonious so as to avoid unsightly surgical outcomes. The convex dorsum is usually congenital, but can have a post-traumatic or iatrogenic origin, detachment [1, 18, 19, 21].