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By: Michael B. Kays, PharmD, FCCP Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Purdue University College of Pharmacy, West Lafayette and Indianapolis; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana

For those practitioners who have not reached a level These claims have always been a fear of physicians prac- of proficiency where you are comfortable in performing ticing in the area of interventional pain management a particular procedure order finasteride discount hair loss in men rings, know your limitations order finasteride 1 mg on line hair loss 5 months after giving birth. Failure to because of the emotional and financial drain on their do so gets many physicians in trouble both in terms of practice buy finasteride 1 mg lowest price hair loss with chemo. How can you as an interventional pain manage- poor performance of the particular technique or proce- ment anesthesiologist avoid this turmoil? For ex- simple guidelines by proactively reviewing each of the ample discount 100mg zenegra mastercard, if you do not know the specific anatomy prior to procedures that you perform and adjusting your indi- performing a trigeminal ganglion block cytotec 200 mcg amex, although you are vidual practice with the risk management tools presented comfortable with performing somatic blocks generally order genuine zithromax online, in this chapter. Risk management in your practice is of- either refer to a review course or assist in the procedure ten dictated by hospital policies, federal and state laws prior to any attempts as the primary physician. This ax- including those on mandatory risks to be discussed with iom seems very basic, but the number of lawsuits involv- your patients, billing and compliance laws, privacy con- ing physicians who were performing a procedure in cerns, and standards of care within your practice area. In this will get no sympathy from your peers by attempting a chapter, I will discuss areas to review that have been the risky procedure for which you have little or no training focus of my representation of anesthesiologists over the and experience. A risk management novative or evolving in the particular drug or equipment checklist shown in Table 5-1 serves as a quick reference used, you must constantly be vigilant of your knowledge to the major areas to consider prior to any interventional base. Juries and judges pay close attention to any evidence that a physician was All physicians who perform interventional procedures practicing in an area for which he or she was not fully have specific techniques, instruments, anatomical land- qualified, privileged, and certified. This is especially true marks, drugs, or procedures that they feel particularly for physicians using “off-label” drugs in their pain prac- proficient in performing based on their training and expe- tice, unless the physician can demonstrate peer-reviewed rience. This proficiency is generally the result of extensive clinical trials to support the therapy. Instruments, sharps, drugs All instruments maintained and certified sterile and free from any defects. A patient may be emphatic that his or her only is- that a good risk management tool is to place responsibility sue is headaches without other problems, but a full for past history on the patient. The patient should realize physical examination may reveal underlying issues im- from the first visit that he/she is a critical part of the pacting on your pain management decisions to include health care team, which includes both the patient and all any contraindications for certain techniques or drug health care providers. I do not know of another area of medicine in formation forms available for patients to complete prior which the practitioner must have a more well-defined to their first visit, either via the internet or sending the knowledge of the mental, neurological, and physical sta- forms to them by mail. This is an easy way to avoid problems with drug depen- Sit down with the patient during the initial visit and dence or malingering issues with pain management reinforce with each patient that she or he is a critical part patients. Stress that any dishonesty in medical tion” and release forms in compliance with the regula- history provided by the patient will result in termination of tions where you practice to allow for communication care. Have the patient sign a form that he/she acknowl- between you and all of the patients’ other health care edges responsibility for providing an accurate history and providers. From the list of providers given to you at the following the pain management regimen set up by you and initial visit, provide each of the other providers a summary your pain management team. This forms a “contract” with of each visit along with working diagnoses and prescrip- the patient that sets out the patient’s responsibilities.

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These conditions Chemical or Thermal Trauma during pregnancy may produce blindness at birth or Alkaline burns from household cleaners and lawn vision loss later in life finasteride 1mg online hair loss in men 70s pants. Down syndrome is associated and garden products can cause irreversible vision loss order on line finasteride hair loss 40 women. Children with galactosemia develop Exposure to extreme heat or fames can damage the cataracts in infancy discount finasteride 5 mg line hair loss 7 year old. Exophthalmos Bilateral exophthalmos is protrusion of the eyeballs Key Question that occurs with hyperthyroidism 250 mg amoxil free shipping. Unilateral exophthal- Chronic Disease mos may indicate a tumor located behind the eye discount extra super cialis 100mg line. It is a progressive condition resulting from incompe- Enophthalmos tent arterioles or microinfarctions and allowing hard Enophthalmos is the backward displacement of the exudates to leak into the retina buy 100 mg extra super cialis amex. The risk of retinopathy eyeball in the eye socket, leading to a sunken appear- increases with the duration of uncontrolled diabetes. Neurodegenerative disease and juvenile idiopathic ar- thritis can cause vision changes. Prolonged treatment Ptosis with systemic steroids almost invariably results in the With ptosis, the eyelid margin is at or below the pupil. Marfan The eyelid appears to be drooping and interferes with syndrome may cause dislocated lens. Pattern of Vision Loss Retinitis pigmentosa is characterized by progressive Eye Alignment disorganization of the pigment of the retina, usually Amblyopia is impaired vision in an eye that appears to accompanied by a decrease in the number of retinal be structurally normal. Strabismic amblyopia occurs when one eye is out of A progressive loss of vision may occur over decades. The brain suppresses the image in the deviating Individuals who are extremely myopic often expe- eye to avoid diplopia and visual confusion. Refractive amblyopia occurs when the refraction of refer to that condition as “night blindness. Deprivation amblyopia is anything that prevents an Can I associate the vision loss with the age of the image from being received clearly by the retina. Conditions such as severe ptosis, congenital cata- racts, or vitreous opacity may cause this. Squinting blocks out the outer rays from the object, l If a child: Is there a change in school performance? The incidence of cataracts in- using a Snellen chart is 20/20 in the best eye without creases with age. A Snellen of 20/70 indicates visual impair- Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract ment, and vision that cannot be corrected to better than surgery. A Rosenbaum pocket card held 15 inches from the eyes is used to test near or Developmental Delay reading vision.

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Systolic murmurs are caused by stenosis of a semilunar (aortic or pulmonic) valve or regurgitation of an atrioventricular (mitral or tricuspid) valve finasteride 5 mg mastercard hair loss usa water, with a differential diagnosis that includes other abnormal systolic cardiac flows (e buy finasteride 5 mg online hair loss in men jobs. Diastolic murmurs are caused by regurgitation of a semilunar (aortic or pulmonic) valve or stenosis of an atrioventricular (mitral or tricuspid) valve order cheap finasteride on-line hair loss chemotherapy. Murmur Timing The timing of onset and offset and the changing loudness of the murmur over the cardiac cycle reflect valve hemodynamics buy kamagra effervescent 100mg amex. The2 visual analogy for this crescendo-decrescendo murmur is a diamond-shaped or ejection-type murmur order cheap clomid online. Murmur Radiation Murmurs can also be heard distal to the valve lesion generic caverta 50mg, usually with a reduced loudness. Changes in First and Second Heart Sounds The relationship of the murmur to S and S and the sounds themselves also provide information about the1 2 presence of valve disease. Other Cardiac Findings Examination of the neck veins is helpful for estimating right atrial filling pressure and for detection of abnormal venous pulsations, such as the v wave caused by tricuspid valve regurgitation, which can be associated with a lateral motion of the head with each heart beat in severe cases. A delayed onset of the carotid upstroke with a slow rate of rise in systole is specific for severe aortic valve obstruction. Chest radiography is used for evaluation of acute decompensation but is not routinely used for diagnosis or monitoring. Not all echocardiography laboratories or echocardiographers have the training and experience to perform these measurements reliably, and thus imaging is best performed at the heart valve center. Echocardiography is essential both for optimal timing of surgical or transcatheter intervention (see Chapter 72), and for monitoring progressive disease (Table 67. Treadmill exercise testing is used for evaluation of exercise capacity, blood pressure response, and symptoms when symptom status is unclear on the clinical history (see Chapter 13). Bicycle or treadmill stress testing, with Doppler echocardiographic evaluation of pulmonary pressures, is used in patients with mitral valve disease and exertional symptoms despite only moderate disease at rest (see Chapter 69). Current diagnostic testing relies on Doppler data with dobutamine stress testing because direct imaging of valve anatomy is not adequate for the visualization of the exact systolic orifice. Coronary angiography is recommended 1 before surgical or transcatheter valve intervention in the following groups : 1. When emergency surgery is needed for acute valve regurgitation, disease of the aortic sinuses or ascending aorta, or infective endocarditis, it is appropriate to proceed directly to surgery without coronary angiography. Even though less common in developed countries because of primary prevention by treatment of streptococcal pharyngitis, secondary prevention is important for all 6 patients with a diagnosis of rheumatic valve disease. Endocarditis Prophylaxis Optimal dental hygiene and regular dental care are critical for prevention of infective endocarditis (see Chapter 73); all patients should be educated about the importance of endocarditis prevention, the signs and symptoms of early endocarditis, and the need to report promptly any unexplained fever or other 12-15 symptoms. Patients should be encouraged to request blood cultures first when a primary care provider recommends antibiotic therapy for any indication.