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By: Martha S. Nolte Kennedy MD Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

The degree of disability is related to the number of concussions that the individual has suffered B best 50 mg clomiphene premier women's health zephyrhills. T h e t yp e of sp or t an d p layer st yle st r o n gly in flu en ce the r isk of con cu ssion s C purchase discount clomiphene line women's health center lake medina. Male athletes are more likely to sustain concussions than female athletes cheap clomiphene master card women's health center upland, and this is related to the types of sports that male athletes compete in buy genuine prednisolone line, and the gen er al d iffer en ce b et ween player st yles of m ale an d fem ale at h let es purchase viagra jelly no prescription. O ver all 50mg viagra professional for sale, the rates of concussions are higher for female athletes competing in the same types of sports activities. Improving t his pat ient ’s oxygenat ion and ven- tilation are the immediate priorities for this patient. At this t ime, he is found t o have bifront al cerebral con- tusions, cerebral swelling, and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Midline shifts and focal mass lesions are generally consid- ered injuries t hat are more amenable t o operat ive int ervent ions. The primary goals for this patient are t o op t im ize h is oxygen at ion, vent ilat ion, an d blood pressures with ventilation and intravenous fluids. Intracranial pressure moni- toring is also helpful to guide the management of ventilation and direct phar- macologic therapy if needed (eg, mannitol administration). Balance dist urbance is a specific indicat or of concussion, alt h ough it is not a highly sensit ive indicator. Balance t est ing of at hlet es on t he sidelines can be helpful in identifing individuals with concussions. American Medical Society for Sports Medicine position statement: concussion in sport. Risk of traumatic intracranial hemorrhage in patients with head injury and preinjury warfarin or clopidogrel use. He denies back trauma, heavy lifting, or problems voiding or with bowel movements. On physical examination, his blood pressure is 130/78 mm Hg, pulse rate is 80 beats/minute, and he is afebrile. Co n s i d e r a t i o n s This 55-year-old man presents with a 4-month history of low back pain with radia- tion of pain to the posterior aspect of his right leg. H is h ist ory and findings are t ypical for ch ronic back pain (defined as greater than 3 months duration) possibly related to herniated lumbar pulposu s, possibly cau sin g compression of the n er ve root that are t ypically at t he levels of L4-5 (L4: m ed ial asp ect of calf an d an kle; L5: lat er al an kle an d foot ). Pain radiation to the lateral or posterior aspect of the leg is a common complaint, as are parest hesias in the affected dermatome dist ribut ions. In some pat ient s, motor weaknesses associat ed wit h the affect ed nerve root s can also be det ect ed (L4: ant e- rior tibialis; L5: extensor hallicus longus).

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A 24-year-old woman presents to the emergency department with a 6-hour history of severe right lower abdominal pain and nausea order genuine clomiphene on line pregnancy discharge. On examination there is tenderness in the right iliac fossa order clomiphene 25mg with mastercard women's mental health issues, but no guarding or rebound tenderness discount clomiphene 100mg on line breast cancer under arm. A 26-year-old woman presents to the emergency department with a 6-hour history of right lower abdominal pain and nausea purchase extra super cialis cheap. On examination there is tenderness in the suprapubic and right and lef iliac fossae with guarding and rebound tenderness purchase proscar 5mg on-line. Pelvic ultrasound shows normal pelvic organs with minimal free fuid in the pouch of Douglas purchase zudena visa. A 25-year-old woman presents to the emergency department with a 6-hour history of sudden onset of right lower abdominal pain at 14 weeks’ gestation. Her dating scan a week ago confrmed normal intrauterine pregnancy and a simple lef ovarian cyst measuring 4 × 5 cm in size. Ultrasound surveillance Instructions Each clinical scenario described below tests knowledge about management of a woman diagnosed with ovarian cyst. For each case, choose the single most appropriate course of action from the above list. A 34-year-old woman attends the gynaecology clinic with an ultrasound fnding of a 5 cm complex right ovarian mass. A 28-year-old woman, who is referred for irregular periods, has a pelvic ultrasound scan, which reports a 6 cm simple ovarian cyst. Tere is no evidence of ascites or any suspicious features on the scan and she has no pain. A 35-year-old woman who is investigated for sub-fertility has an ultrasound scan showing a 6 cm ovarian lesion suspicious of endometrioma. Ultrasound surveillance Instructions Each clinical scenario described below tests knowledge about management of a woman diagnosed with an ovarian mass. For each case, choose the single most appropriate course of action from the above list. A 56-year-old woman has been experiencing intermittent lower abdominal pain and pelvic ultrasound scan reveals a 7 cm simple ovarian cyst on the right. A 52-year-old woman is seen in the community clinic repeatedly with persistent abdominal distension and feeling full. For each case, choose the single most appropriate course of action from the above list.

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Gonococcal cervicitis can also be asymptomat ic but more oft en produces mucopurulent discharge 50mg clomiphene with mastercard women's health clinic lansing mi. Cultures of the purulent drainage would most likely reveal which of the fol- lowing? H er abdominal examination reveals tenderness in the right lower quadrant with some mild rebound tenderness discount clomiphene 25 mg mastercard pregnancy 22 weeks ultrasound. Pelvic examina- tion shows some cervical motion tenderness and adnexal tenderness buy clomiphene online pills menstruation hormonal changes, and also some right -sided abdominal tenderness order vytorin 30mg free shipping. In con sid er in g the d iffer en t ial d iagn osis of ap p en d icit is ver su s P I D order 100mg penegra with mastercard, wh ich of the following is the most accurate method of making the diagnosis? T h e pat ient is given oral azit h romycin t herapy and warned about t he dangers of upper gen it al t r act in fect ion discount extra super cialis generic, su ch as P I D. T h e p r esen ce of t r igger p o in t s co r r esp o n d s t o fib r o m yalgia C. On examination, the cervix is erythematous and the discharge reveals numerous leukocytes. O t her vaginal organisms, such as anaerobic bact eria, are also usually involved in t he mix. In the fir st st age of syph ilis, ch an cr es m ay ap p ear on the ext er n al gen it alia or alon g the vagin al wall, bu t n ot in the en d ocer vix as wit h Chla- mydia and gonorrhea. The surgeon has direct visualization of the tubes with this method, and looks for pur u lent disch ar ge exuding from the fimbria of the t ubes. The clinical criteria that may support this diagnosis include: abdominal tenderness, cervical motion tenderness, adnexal tenderness, vaginal discharge, fever, and pelvic mass on physical examination or ultrasound. A pelvic mass, such as a tubo-ovarian abscess, may be visualized using sonography; h owever, it would st ill not spec- ify the origin of the mass. Actinomycesisraelii is a G r am-posit ive an aer obe, wh ich is gen er ally sen sit ive t o p en icillin. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the only other answer choices t ypically involved in t he development of acute salpingit is; however, neither one of them are associated with sulfur granules. Cent ral locat ion of the pain and exacerbation with menses are more suggestive of a gynecologic et iology. Chlamydial cervicitis is the most common cause of mucopurulent cervical discharge. Although gonorrhea is also associated with a mucopurulent dis- ch ar ge, it is less com m on t h an Chlamydia. T h e mucus in the mu copur u lent discharge is due to involvement of the columnar (mucin-containing) glandu- lar cells of the endocer vix. Patients who engage in oral sex are at increased risk of acquiring gonococ- cal ph ar yn git is. Typically, n o sympt om s are n ot ed by the pat ient u n less the disease disseminates.

She reports that she did have some pain and ‘felt shivery’ when she was discharged from hospital 3 days before purchase clomiphene 50 mg otc menstrual smell. You take a midstream urine specimen and can see that she needs readmis- sion for antibiotic treatment discount 25 mg clomiphene mastercard women's health clinic yuma. Which of the following investigations would be the most appropriate to check for an underlying cause when she gets to hospital? As well as the pelvic pain discount 25 mg clomiphene with visa pregnancy low blood pressure, which one of the following is a recognised symptom of endometriosis? Superfcial dyspareunia Answer [ ] 10 Two years after her last menstrual period a woman aged 51 presents with severe dyspareunia that is so bad that she can no longer tolerate inter- course 5mg proscar. She was glad to see the end of her periods because they were becoming increasingly troublesome and has not experienced any vasomo- tor symptoms generic silvitra 120mg without a prescription. On speculum examination the vulva and vagina look very atrophic and opening the speculum causes a small amount of bleeding by splitting the skin at the introitus buy viagra vigour 800mg free shipping. Vaginal estradiol pessaries Answer [ ] 11 A postmenopausal woman presents to gynaecology clinic with an advanced utero-vaginal prolapse. Which of the following clinical problems is not likely to be attributable to the prolapse: A. Vaginal bleeding Answer [ ] 12 Following a normal delivery a baby is unexpectedly in poor condition and you are the first person on the scene. His body has some muscle tone and he grimaces when pinched but is not yet making any respiratory effort. Prevent subsequent medico-legal problems if she does not respond to treatment Answer [ ] 14 You are counselling a woman about having an evacuation of uterus to deal with her first trimester miscarriage. With regard to the surgical manage- ment of miscarriage, which of these statements is correct? Histological proof that the uterus contained trophoblastic tissue will always exclude ectopic pregnancy C. Medical management is associated with an increased incidence of pelvic infection D. Perforation of the uterus during surgical evacuation is more likely in incomplete rather than missed miscarriage. Answer [ ] 15 A woman with preexisting type 2 diabetes which was previously treated with metformin and glibenclamide switched to insulin during pregnancy to improve her blood glucose control. Select the most appropriate management advice during the time she is breast-feeding: A. There is an increased risk of hypoglycaemia during breast-feeding Answer [ ] 16 A 25-year-old woman presents to the Early Pregnancy Unit with brown vaginal discharge.

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