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The Old-Bailey Proceedings: Medical Discourse in Criminal Cases 249 Along with the expressions already analysed such as separate existence order 300mg zantac with visa gastritis quizlet, independent existence purchase discount zantac line chronic gastritis management, confinement order 250mg meldonium, be delivered of a child, puerperal fever or transitory mania and born alive, other expressions were found which refer to the defendants’ state of health right after delivering (such as loss of memory), or to the abovementioned hydrostatic test performed through the inflation of the lungs on the bodies of the dead babies to ascertain their separate existence after birth. Other expressions belonging to medical professional discourse and typically recurrent in infanticide cases seem to be complete birth to mean the complete separation from the mother’s body and precipitated birth or precipitative birth (corresponding to the modern ‘precipitate delivery’) to refer to a delivery which follows an unusually rapid labour and results in a sudden and spontaneous expulsion of the infant, causing health problems to both the baby (such as brain haemorrhage) and the mother (such as lacerations and infections). Thomas John Price Jenkins explains that the defendant might have become delirious because of the pain of a rapid and intense labour and considers the matter of precipitative delivery, which might cause the newborn’s brain to haemorrhage: (14) I was told on one occasion of her being inclined to be violent ‒ such pain as she had had might make her temporarily insane and unconscious ‒ I do not say irresponsible, but unconscious ‒ it is quite possible that she became delirious through pain, because she was melancholic ‒ I do not think the pain would make her unconscious, but it might make her delirious ‒ severe haemorrhage would produce unconsciousness ‒ if in a case of precipitative birth a child had its head fractured on a hard surface, death would be produced by it, and in those cases there would be signs of haemorrhage in the brain ‒ they do not die immediately from the fracture of the skull. Conclusions The research carried out in the present paper showed that medical dis- course in the historical courtroom deserves thorough investigation as it represents a type of both interprofessional and lay-professional dis- course embedded in the specific institutional legal context. Being ob- jective, impersonal and empirical, specific medical discourse was often at odds with the forensic tactics and the argumentative character of trial discourse. It has analysed some instances of medical jargon utilized in the testimonies and explained through the The Old-Bailey Proceedings: Medical Discourse in Criminal Cases 251 expansion and amplification of responses to judges and lawyers and for the benefit of the lay jurors. Some terminology and phraseology, such as confinement, be delivered of a child, precipitative birth, puerperal fever which referred to the defendant and separate or independent existence and born alive which referred to the dead baby, have different meanings and produce different interpretations when considered from a different professional perspective: the medical interpretation does not always correspond to the legal understanding and explanation of certain vocabulary. Despite the small number of texts in the corpus and the consequent relatively low frequency of certain lexis and expressions, the findings can be considered particularly relevant and representative of medical discourse in court and in particular of cases of infanticide in the time span between 1902 and 1913. In The Old-Bailey Proceedings: Medical Discourse in Criminal Cases 253 Linell, Per / Sarangi, Srikant (eds) Discourse Across Profes- sional Boundaries, Special Issue of Text 18/2, 143-158. Background Starting from the 1990s, Italy, like other European countries, has been undergoing a process of devolution by implementing forms of admini- strative decentralisation. This, in response to a call for greater local autonomy, especially as regards the use of funds deriving from local taxation and paying for services administered locally. Among the advantages expected were an increase in attention to local needs and in economic autonomy, and a move toward a business-oriented ap- proach as opposed to a classic paternalistic welfare system. Online communication is deemed especially relevant, for its ethical implications, when it occurs bet- ween a country’s healthcare institutions and its citizens. Inbound, because it is aimed at attracting and including patients/users in need that do not speak Italian or not well enough, for whom it can represent a universal idiom at least for first/emergency contacts. Out- bound, because English is used as a means for Italian institutions to reach out to patients/users who might choose to be treated in Italy, as part of an internationalising drive (Grego/Vicentini 2011). This would also mean satisfying the obligation that every European country has of implementing multilingualism, very much encouraged both nationally (see the ministerial international policy, Ministero della Salute 2013) and supranationally, in that “multilingualism in Europe [can] provide a firm basis for assessing existing public policies and practices within major areas such as education and health” (European Commission 2014), and “Social Sciences & Humanities research could provide the economic and social analysis necessary for reforming public health systems” (Horizon 2020). Within this framework, the specific research questions addressed in the chapter were directed at identify- 258 Kim Grego / Alessandra Vicentini ing: a) the quantitative presence of information in English and b) its linguistic quality, i. For the purposes of the latter, aspects considered for each texts were: • location within the website; • genre; • size; • subject; • purpose; • target audience; • lexico-syntactic quality.

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  • Erythroblastopenia
  • Panostotic fibrous dysplasia
  • Trichofolliculloma
  • Granuloma annulare
  • Bhaskar Jagannathan syndrome
  • Wheat hypersensitivity
  • Acromegaloid facial appearance syndrome
  • Hypertriglycidemia
  • Gestational pemphigoid

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Conclusion: Nury’s equations are derived from Indone- 9 patients; knee 4 patients; ankle trusted 150 mg zantac diet during gastritis attack, one patient) buy discount zantac 300mg on line gastritis diet . Therefore buy seroquel online pills, theoretical- examined with an eight-minute walking test either on the ground or ly the anthropometric characteristics of Indonesian are similar with on an anti-gravity treadmill (50–80% of body weight) to measure Mongoloid patients in other countries. The oxygen consumption rate was recorded with a especially in Asia, are encouraged. Therefore, the anti- 1Graduate School of Medical Science- Kyoto Prefectural Univer- gravity treadmill is here shown to be a useful instrument allowing sity of Medicine, Orthopaedics, Kyoto, Japan, 2Graduate School of patients with painful lower limb osteoarthritis to perform effective Medical Science- Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Reha- aerobic exercise in more comfort. We used Introduction/Background: Polio survivors has severe chronic se- a slipsole as a therapeutic insole, which we attach shock-absorbing quela. The purpose was to evaluate the effects of a 12-week pe- materials on the planter side of the slipsole. In the 3 months, pain decreased and mus- tests: 6-minute walk, abdominal endurance, hand-grip dynamom- cle strength rose, fnally gait speed improved. We should share the effcacy of multidisciplinary Results: Positive effects occurred in the six-minute walking (6. Also signifcant positive effects of physical ther- for Social insurance Kobe Central Hospital. Many types and ftness in adults with polio residuals and no adverse side-effects of technologies have been developed to assist them; however, the were detected. This study has been funded by the Spanish Ministry adjustment and customization are still in study. In this regard, this of Work and Social Affairs (Social Services, Family and Disability paper presents an evaluation of usability of a robotic system for the Department) (No. Carlos Serrano was predoctoral student assistance of people with disabilities in order to estimate their level awarded by non-proft Valhondo Calaff Foundation. Material and Methods: This work has been developed through a vision system for head movement recognition that is integrated with a robotic arm. Conclusion: These results demonstrate the capacity of the users to interact with robotic A. Both of these are important factors for 1National Chiao Tung, Mechanical Engineering, Hsinchu, Taiwan, quality of life. A portion of falling accidents were reported to occur on sional advice and individualized support for resuming regular sports stairs especially while descending. Material and Methods: Re- stair climbing, such as stair-climbing wheelchair and ramps, are habilitation patients aged between 60 and 85 years with implanted either bulky or inconvenient to be applied in many environments. Data were collected via Another assistive devices, wearable knee orthoses, can assist in lev- standardized questionnaires for 3 measurements points: t0=begin el walking or standing, but they are usually used to limit the range of rehabilitation, t1=one month after rehabilitation, t2=nine month of motion instead of providing assistance for stairs. Survey in- goal of this study is to develop a device incorporated into existing struments: Godin Leisure Time Exercise Questionnaire (physical knee orthoses to reduce the muscle demand on lower limbs for stair activity), Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis descending and to evaluate its effcacy. Intervention: individu- required knee extension torque was computed from previous stud- al and group discussions, identifcation of suitable local sports pro- ies.

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The absolute values of the differences between the actual resting energy expenditure and the predicted values derived from the equations were used in analyses discount zantac 300mg fast delivery gastritis diet jokes. Material and Methods: In this retrospective case-control study we examined data from the medi- P order 300mg zantac with mastercard gastritis diet . Cases were represented by 1Surabaya buy diarex 30 caps, Indonesia, 2Widya Mandala University, Medical School, women who had had a fragility fracture at least a year before the Surabaya, Indonesia evaluation and controls were women without any fragility fracture. They tend to restrict their activity which J Rehabil Med Suppl 55 Poster Abstracts 213 could lead to a decrease in their functional mobility capability and 735 their balance. Material and Methods: It was a cross-sectional study to a Introduction/Background: The aim of the study was to review the 128 elderly healthy subjects from the catholic church community- various causes which may lead to inpatient falls in the rehabilita- dwelling, 93 females and 38 males, 68. Results: There was no signifcant differences Medical Center, Israel between the years 2008–2012. Conclusion: The experience have infuenced the occurrence of the fall, action which caused the of falling has no effect in older Adults’ Fear of Falling and their fall, location in the hospital where the fall occurred, and the injury functional mobility. Results: The patients who fell once were falling is related to the balance ability. More subjects have to be hospitalized in the rehabilitation department for various reasons, examined to understand the relationship of mobility limitation and for example: cerebral injury of vascular, or traumatic origin, after fear of falling. Elderly with mild cognitive disorders are considered at higher risk for developing dementia. Results: 15 participants, diagnosed with very mild to mild cognitive Introduction/Background: Stationary geriatric early rehabilitation is impairments, were recruited form neuro-psychiatrists. Demograph- very well implemented and suffciently standardized in many coun- ic data was showed as followed: male: 12; age: 79. Fall incidence is the patients from 2008 to 2014 which our department of Geriatrics 3/15. Fall has a moderate correlation orthopaedic and internal/cardiological departments. It does not as well as 286 cardiological/internal patients with an average age disturb the movement of the larynx. Each subject was fxed to the stable posture of the head and is possible to obtain a suffcient functional progress for all patients asked to swallow a spoonful of jelly and 3mL of water. Displacement of the bright spot matrix was analyzed and 737 calculated laryngeal elevation time. Lan2 measured laryngeal elevation time using a newly-developed optical 1China Medical University, Department of Physical Therapy, Tai- laryngeal organ motion analysis system.

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