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By: Daniel E. Furst MD Carl M. Pearson Professor of Rheumatology, Director, Rheumatology Clinical Research Center, Department of Rheumatology, University of California, Los Angeles

Pediatrics Special care must be given when administering medication to pediatric patients because their organs are immature and they might have difficulty absorbing buy apcalis sx 20 mg cheap erectile dysfunction pills cvs, distributing discount apcalis sx 20 mg amex erectile dysfunction latest medicine, and excreting the medication cheap 20mg apcalis sx with amex wellbutrin xl impotence. However purchase cheap top avana line, because the mother has already metabolized and excreted the medica- tion tadalafil 20 mg lowest price, less than the original dose is passed into breast milk generic levitra professional 20 mg with mastercard. These medications include amphetamines, bromocriptine, cocaine, cyclophos- phamide, cyclosporine, doxorubicin, ergotamine, gold salts, lithium, methotrex- ate, nicotine, and phenindione. Organs in the neonate might be unable to handle the normal dose of some medications. For example, the stomach lacks acid, gastric emptying time is prolonged, the liver and kidneys are immature, and there is a decrease in pro- tein binding. The dose is calculated using the patient’s weight or the patient’s body surface area. Some over-the-counter medications specifies a dose based on the child’s age, but these are really based on the average weight of a child within that age range. The dose can become problematic if the child’s weight is lower or higher than that of the age group. If a child with a very low weight receives an age-related dose it might result in an undesirable adverse affect from the medication. When a child who is heav- ier than average receives a dose related to age, the drug may not have a thera- peutic effect. Before administering medication to a pediatric patient consult with the par- ents to assess if the patient has allergies to food, medications, and the environ- ment, a family history of allergies, an experience with medications and illnesses, or is taking any other medication or herbal remedies. Elderly More than 30% of all prescriptions and more than 50 percent of all over-the- counter medications in the United States are consumed by patients who are over 60 years of age. It is this group of patients who are three times more likely to be admitted to a healthcare facility for an adverse reaction to medication. There are several important reasons for such a high occurrence of adverse response to medication. These include: • Polypharmacy (multiple medications are prescribed without discontinuing current medication, causing an interaction between drugs); • Medication can impair the mental and physical capacity leading to acci- dental injury; • Age can increase the sensitivity to drugs and drug-induced disease; • Absorption of medication is altered due to an increase in gastric pH; • Distribution of the medication is affected because of a decrease in lean body mass, increased fat stores, a decrease in total body water, decreased serum albumin, and a decrease in blood flow and cardiac output; • Metabolism changes as enzymatic activity decreases with age, and liver function; • Excretion is impaired due to decreased kidney function. This includes all prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, home remedies, vitamins, and herbal treatments. Make sure that you determine the medications that have been prescribed and medications that the patient actu- ally takes. Some patients don’t take all of the medications that are prescribed to them because of the cost of the medication or some unpleasant or undesirable side effects. List all practitioners who prescribed medications for the patient, including the patient’s primary physician, orthopedist, and cardiologist.

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Intratubular sedimentation from cells rapidly obstructs flow purchase generic apcalis sx erectile dysfunction drugs prostate cancer, and the resulting retrograde pressure impedes filtration and can cause nephritis cheap apcalis sx 20mg erectile dysfunction drugs in development. Tubular cells readily regenerate so that renal replacement therapy buys time until recovery order apcalis sx amex erectile dysfunction at age 17. However purchase generic zenegra on-line, as with other body tissue cheapest generic cialis sublingual uk, reperfusion injury (see Chapter 23) from calcium and oxygen radicals can reverse recovery buy 100 mg kamagra effervescent with visa. Glomerulonephritis, inflammation of glomerular basement membrane, causes increased glomerular permeability. Large particles, such as erythrocytes and plasma proteins, may be filtered (Joynes 1996) or, with cellular debris, obstruct tubules, causing further back pressure (and damage) to glomeruli. Caused by obstruction between the kidneys and meatus (such as bladder tumours, renal/bladder calculi or an enlarged prostate), the resulting back pressure reduces filtration (Carlson 1995) and can cause intrarenal damage. As renal function fails, the volume of urine falls, while serum urea and creatinine levels rise. As damaged tubules begin to recover function and new (immature) tubule cells grow, filtration improves and obstruction to flow is removed. As selection tubular reabsorption of fluid and solutes is poor, large volumes of dilute urine are passed (up to 5 litres/day). Urea and creatinine levels fall, urine volumes return to normal, and electrolyte balance is restored. The main complications to body systems which result from renal failure are: Cardiovascular : ■ pericarditis ■ hyperkalaemia ■ acidosis ■ dysrhythmias ■ anaemia ■ hypertension (from renin) Nervous system : ■ confusion (from uraemia) ■ twitching ■ coma Intensive care nursing 316 Respiratory : ■ acidosis ■ pulmonary oedema ■ hiccough ■ compensatory tachypnoea Gut : ■ nausea ■ diarrhoea ■ vomiting Metabolic : ■ electrolyte disorders (see above) ■ toxicity from active drug metabolites ■ vitamin D deficiency Passively and actively, peritubular reabsorption of sodium in exchange for potassium and/or hydrogen ions maintains homeostasis, and so renal failure usually causes electrolyte imbalance: potassium : hyperkalaemia often occurs, although polyuria can cause hypokalaemia sodium : hyponatraemia may occur, especially with polyuric failure hydrogen : failure to excrete hydrogen ions causes metabolic acidosis Hypocalcaemia, hypophosphataemia and hypomagnesaemia can also occur (Carlson 1995). Many of these electrolytes affect cardiac and other muscle cell conduction so that dysrhythmias and generalised muscle twitching/weakness may occur. Muscle weakness will limit the effectiveness of patient-initiated breaths and weaning. Acid-base : normal renal function maintains acid-base balance by reabsorbing bicarbonate and excreting hydrogen atoms; urinary pH, normally about 5, can be as high as 8. Acidosis stimulates tachypnoea to compensate metabolic acidosis with respiratory alkalosis, but respiratory failure will limit effectiveness; excessive triggering (e. With nephritis, albumin is filtered due to: ■ loss of glomerular capillary negative charge ■ increased glomerular bed permeability (inflammatory response). Renin initiates the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone cascade: angiotensin (a systemic vasoconstrictor) and aldosterone (increasing tubular reabsorption of sodium and water) increase systemic blood pressure and volume. Restoration of afferent arteriole perfusion Acute renal failure 317 pressure inhibits further renin release. This homeostatic mechanism therefore maintains renal perfusion pressure during hypovolaemia.

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