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By: Ian A. Reid PhD Professor Emeritus, Department of Physiology, University of California, San Francisco

Mucinous cystic neoplasms do not communicate with the pancreatic duct Question 1 A 15 yo boy is struck in the abdomen when he goes over the handlebars on his bike buy levitra professional 20 mg without a prescription erectile dysfunction pump. If a trauma patient has a chance in clinical status or fails to progress purchase levitra professional amex erectile dysfunction drugs over the counter, you should consider repeating imaging studies purchase 20 mg levitra professional amex erectile dysfunction typical age. Ovarian cancer with peritoneal mets is usually treated primarily with total abdominal hysterectomy generic antabuse 500mg with mastercard, bilateral oophorectomy avanafil 50mg lowest price, resection of peritoneal mets 100mg sildigra for sale, and omentectomy B. Ovarian cancers is one malignancy where debulking can be effective Question 10 Which of the following statements about von Willebrand factor is correct? When you enter the abdomen you notice that the tumor is directly invading into the liver about 0. Direct invasion of another structure by colon cancer requires en bloc resection if possible. A tumor at the cerebello-pontine angle almost ensures the diagnosis Question 15 The most important step in the treatment of a pt with Zenkers diverticulum is: A. The most important step in treating a Zenkers diverticulum is performing a cricopharyngomyotomy. Resection of the subclavian vein and reconstruction with a 10 mm Gore graft Answer 16 A. Classically, it presents in pitchers or patients who have a lot of strenuous repetitive motion in that arm. Usually the st 1 rib is resected during the same hospital stay in order to not have a repeat episode Question 17 A 75 yo woman falls while getting up from her wheelchair and experiences numbness in her index finger and thumb as well as difficulty moving her thumb.. She has tenderness on the dorsal aspect of her wrist and at the base of her thumb. Colles fracture A Colles fx is characterized by posterior angulation and displacemennt of the distal radius, with or without avulsion of the ulnar styloid. Answer 17 The scaphoid is most commonly fractured bone in the wrist Occurs when the palmar surface of the hand is abducted and stops the fall Symptoms- tenderness in snuffbox, tubercle of scaphoid Fractures at the narrowest point; if untreated, proximal part develops avascular necrosis Tx- thumb spica case or screw fixation Answer 17 Lunate/ perilunate dislocations are rare Usually from high-force injury Significant ligamentous injury Dislocation compresses median nerve in carpal tunnel Tx- can be open or closed reduction Answer 17 Smith fracture- Distal radius fracture with fragment angulated anteriorly Unstable; requires fixation Bennet fracture Carpo-metacarpal fracture/ dislocation of the thumb. The anterior body inserts into the first rib posterior to the subclavian vein B. The phrenic nerve crosses the anterior body from the medial to lateral aspect D. The anterior body inserts on the first rib posterior to the subclavian vein The scalene muscles include the anterior, middle, and posterior body They originate from the transverse processes of C2- C6 Anterior body inserts onto the first rib between the subclavian vein and artery + brachial plexus The middle body inserts on the first rib posterior to the subclavian artery & brachial plexus Answer 18 The posterior body inserts onto the second rib posterior to the subclavian artery and brachial plexus. Medullary ca of thyroid, pheochromocytoma, marfanoid habitus, mucosal neuroma D. One of the most feared complications of esophagectomy is the development of a leak. Severe leaks can result in tachycardia and hypotension The diagnostic study of choice is a gastrograffin followed by a thin barium swallow. Question 5 The barium swallow reveals a non-contained leak at the level of the anastomosis.

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The main diferential diagnoses of cerebritis include arterial or venous infarction buy generic levitra professional 20 mg on-line erectile dysfunction caused by vasectomy, and non-pyogenic infammations purchase levitra professional pills in toronto erectile dysfunction teenager. Abscesses have to be discriminated from autochthonous and metastatic brain tumors generic 20mg levitra professional amex erectile dysfunction young. Multiple infratentorial abscesses with ringlike enhance- ment (c) and perifocal edema (a purchase finasteride toronto,b) 5mg proscar. Huber- c Hartmann) Pyogenic Cerebritis and Brain Abscess 53 the frontal order viagra sublingual in india, parietal, and temporal lobes, and in the cer- 3. In the literal sense the terms cerebritis (from Latin: cerebrum) and encephalitis (from Greek: encephalon) mean exactly the same, that is, an infammation of the 3. Epidemiology Generally, the most common pathogens in bacte- rial brain abscesses in Western Europe and the U. Infections solitary lesions in 70%, and multiple in 30% (Berlit with several diferent pathogens are common. Most commonly (3060%), they are caused per In newborns the spectrum of pathogens includes continuitatem from adjacent infammatory foci, i. Small emboli typically re- In brain abscesses following neurosurgical proce- sult in multiple small abscesses that characteristically are dures and in post-traumatic abscesses Staphylococci are located at the junction between gray and white matter. Posttraumatic In hematogenous abscesses the spectrum of patho- abscesses may develop early but also may evolve years gens difers according to the site of the primary infec- or even decades afer an open craniocerebral injury. During the past decades the patho- genetic spectrum of brain abscesses has changed. Unspecifc symptoms, Concerning localization, abscesses may occur in all such as headache and nausea, prevail. Only 4055% of parts of the brain; however, most ofen they are found in the patients present with fever. Typical clinical fndings in brain abscess cation to patients with manifest seizures induced by the infammatory process. Not sur- Values are percentages prisingly, the prognosis is worse in patients with under- lying brain tumors or severe medical problems (Car- penter 2007). Therapy The imaging features accompanying the formation of brain abscesses have been studied in detail in ani- Cerebritis is generally treated with antibiotics, accom- mal experiments (Obana 1986; Enzmann 1986; Britt panied by prompt medical and/or surgical therapy of et al. Once an abscess cap- According to those experiments, the development of sule has formed, in most cases combined surgical, i. Patients with The early cerebritis stage (days 13) is character- multiple, small and/or deeply situated abscesses may ized by perivascular infltrates of infammatory cells, be treated with antibiotics without prior surgery. Ad- exudation of protein-rich fuid, excessive edema, pete- ditional corticosteroids may be required in cases with chial hemorrhages, and necrosis (Fig. Prophylactic anticonvulsive therapy or high signal on T2-weighted images, respectively. On for about 2 years is generally recommended; however, non-enhanced T1-weighted images the early infamma- some authors propose to restrict anticonvulsive medi- tory changes are difcult to discriminate and may pres- Pyogenic Cerebritis and Brain Abscess 55 Fig.

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Some of the inconsistencies come from 16 inadequate measures or stratification of dietary elements buy generic levitra professional 20mg on line erectile dysfunction caused by vicodin. Several 24 epidemiological studies have reported on increased odds ratio or relative risk 25 with increased consumption of fat order 20 mg levitra professional with mastercard erectile dysfunction causes in young men. Comparing cancer mortality with national food 26 consumption reported a positive association with animal fat in 1986 (Rose et al buy levitra professional master card diabetic with erectile dysfunction icd 9 code. Case control and cohort studies 28 have not been as consistent with the association of fat (Dagnelie et al purchase prednisolone cheap. The 35 regression rates for prostate cancer with disappearance of fat calories was signif- 36 icant p = 0 0001 order dapoxetine 30 mg amex, with a relative risk estimate of essentially zero for a 60% fat 37 reduction in the diet purchase malegra dxt on line. Compilation of polymorphisms being investigated for a role in 02 prostate carcinogenesis. Using only 28 prospective studies- randomized or cohort they reviewed the dietary evidence for 29 prostate cancer associations. The x axis gives the number of studies reporting either 30 inverse, null or positive associations on the y axis with particular dietary component 31 (Dagnelie et al. Other dietary factors were inconclusive, though high levels 36 of calcium [>2000 mg/day] appeared to be adverse (Dagnelie et al. Which 37 particular compound in the foods, and the amount needed to be protective is under 38 investigation. Recent studies have hypothesized that the calcium in 43 the milk products lower circulating levels of vitamin D, which may be protective 44 (Giovannucci, 2005; Chan et al. Meta-analysis of prospective cohort and intervention trials with diet and prostate cancer 17 (Dagnelie et al. Studies on cigarettes have been mixed, a 25 recent study has documented a moderate risk [O. Aspirin and non-steroidal 31 anti inflammatory drug consumption has had mixed results as to whether there 32 is a null or modest protective association (Habel et al. The primary endpoint of lung 02 cancer prevention was not realized, in the beta carotene arm there were more lung 03 and prostate cancers with a higher total mortality of 8%. In the alpha-tocopherol 04 [Vitamin E] arm but there was a reduction in prostate cancer, 99 versus 151 cases, 05 a reduction by approximately one third [34%]. Hemorrhagic strokes 07 in men with uncontrolled hypertension contributed to the higher mortality in the 08 vitamin E arm, there was a 45% increased risk during the trial (Albanes et al. In a post trial analysis there was a persistent protective effect of vitamin E 10 on prostate cancer after intervention, but diminished fairly rapidly- by the third year 11 (Virtamo et al. Finasteride has been used to treat bladder outlet obstruction from 02 prostate enlargement since 1992. The trial was 06 closed early as the primary endpoint of 25% prostate cancer reduction was achieved 07 in the arm treated with finasteride.