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By: Robin L. Corelli PharmD, Clinical Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco

This hormone may affect the shape purchase generic finasteride canada hair loss spray, struc- General Diagnosis ture buy finasteride 5 mg mastercard hair loss xeloda, formation of pigment purchase finasteride 5mg without a prescription hair loss nutritional deficiency, color patterns and rate of growth of feathers cheap prednisolone 10mg with mastercard. In fowl generic sildenafil 75mg overnight delivery, administration of thyroid and Therapy hormone may induce a molt in seven or eight days. If the thyroid is removed, feather formation on the body stops but the molt of wing feathers will continue, suggesting that their replacement is not controlled Investigation of Dermatologic Disease by thyroid hormone. Administration of high concen- Integumentary diseases can be broadly classified as trations of thyroxine will increase the speed of the being caused by infectious or noninfectious agents molt cycle. In many cases, dermatologic lesions are mone is important in initiating a molt; however, secondarily infected with bacterial or fungal agents, other studies indicate that progesterone and pro- and the identification of microbial agents from cul- lactin can induce a molt without a change in circulat- tures of the skin does not necessarily implicate these ing levels of thyroid hormone. In a study of King Penguins, it was found that thy- Using a dermatology examination form is a concise roxine levels rose significantly (five times resting way to consistently evaluate and record integumen- levels) during the molting period, and corticosterone tary lesions. In other5 is an effective method of recording the precise loca- studies, it has been demonstrated that thyroid activity tion and the effects of therapy on skin lesions. By (as measured by thyroidal uptake of radioactive iodine) using a standardized form and evaluation system, did not differ appreciably between molting and non- avian veterinarians and dermatologists can more ef- molting hens. These apparent conflicts in experimental fectively quantify and compare their findings, which findings may suggest that research protocols, no mat- will ultimately lead to improved clinical description, ter how effectively conceived, may not accurately re- diagnosis and treatment of skin and feather diseases. The predilection to develop certain types of integu- Feather formation is prevented by circulating estro- mentary diseases may vary among species (Table gens. The diagnostic evaluation used for avian der- follicles that are already replacing a feather but will matologic diseases is similar regardless of the etiol- not stimulate feather development. The evaluation of feather and skin gish and prolonged in fowl exposed to 12 to 14 hours lesions, particularly in small birds, can be facilitated of light. Inflammation of the companion birds that originate from widely varying skin can occur as a result of trauma, chemical irrita- geographic regions is undetermined. Molting activity can be induced by high doses of medroxyprogesterone, de- Cytology, culture and biopsy are indicated in cases of creased exposure to light or administration of thyrox- dermatitis. Birds that are stressed by handling during Protozoal Irradiation a molt may lose more feathers than birds that are in Metazoal (parasitic) Neoplastic a relaxed atmosphere. Some birds are able to release Immune-mediated Behavioral feathers when being restrained (fear or stress molt). These general therapeutic considera- “Bumblefoot” syndrome tions include: “Wet feather” Vesicular dermatitis and photosensitization Correcting any nutritional deficiencies by admin- Leech infestation istering parenteral multivitamins, minerals (trace Raptors minerals) and placing the bird on a formulated diet Malnutrition supplemented with some fruits and vegetables. Poxvirus “Bumblefoot” syndrome Removing the bird from all exposure to aerosolized Gangrene of wing toxins that may accumulate on the feathers and Tuberculosis “Blain” (bursitis of carpus) skin and cause irritation (eg, cigarette smoke, Damaged nails and beak kerosene fumes, cooking oils). Neoplasia including melanomas Identifying and correcting any behavioral abnor- Ratites Poxvirus malities that are causing over-grooming (feather Malnutrition picking). Skin lesions should be kept clean, and creams, lotions any scabs, moistening the culturette in the sterile or solutions can be used to moisturize and sooth dry, transport media and rolling the tip over the lesion.

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Some high- iodine causes reduced iodine uptake by the thyroid phytate ingredients proven 5 mg finasteride hair loss meme, such as wheat bran or buck- with antithyroidal or goitrogenic effects buy finasteride hair loss cure by 2020. Selenium To a greater degree than other trace minerals order 5 mg finasteride overnight delivery hair loss cure october 2012, sele- Vitamin E and selenium are interdependent buy generic kamagra super 160mg, each nium content in foods is largely dependent upon the having the ability to spare the other generic 100mg kamagra gold with visa. Because the consumption of “accumulator” plants by This reduces the amount of vitamin E that is re- grazing animals caused blind staggers and death quired to maintain the integrity of these membranes. By limiting the chain reac- tion destruction of membrane lipids, vitamin E mini- The absorption of selenium is dependent upon its mizes the production of hydroperoxides, which would chemical form. The bioavailability of selenium in later require glutathione peroxidase to neutralize. Of the different It is through these methods of sparing one another chemical forms of selenium, selenite has the highest that selenium and vitamin E work together in the availability followed by selenomethionine, selenide prevention of exudative diathesis. The efficiency of ab- characterized by generalized edema (first appearing sorption is also dependent upon the levels in the diet, on the breast, wing and neck) due to abnormal capil- with absorption higher during a deficiency situation. This is accompanied by decreased with plasma proteins and transported to all tissues. Exudative Although selenium is distributed throughout the diathesis has not been shown to occur except when body, it is found in the highest concentration in the both vitamin E and selenium are deficient. Other then The protection of lipid membranes from exposure to the enzymatic form, there are no stores of selenium, free radicals is not only important for the cell mem- making the selenium pool quite labile. This enzyme is lo- and protect the cell, it is necessary for adequate cated in the aqueous phase of the cell and is respon- vitamin E and selenium to be present for the cell to sible for oxidizing reduced glutathione, allowing it to maintain its defense mechanisms. Copenhagen, The 34th West Poult Dis Conf, 1985, pp Technical Bulletin, Chilton, Kaytee 15. New York, Academic Press, requirement for growth of an altri- tin, Chilton, Kaytee Products, Inc, Conf, 1987, pp 69-73. Wash- ergy and protein utilization by budg- and energy requirements of rainbow 107-108. Urbanyi L: Chicken feeding trials bic acid synthesis in birds: Phyloge- preventing rickets in chickens. Every year many birds are euthana- tized, sent to zoos or breeding facilities, released, abused or ignored because a client is not able to tolerate or change a bird’s abnormal behavior. In order to understand the difference between a well adapted bird and one with behavioral problems, dozens of variables must be analyzed, in- cluding species, age, past history, health, diet, envi- ronment and the client’s lifestyle. Some species of free-ranging parrots have been noted to spend all waking hours flying, eating, preening and vocalizing with their mates. For such intensely social birds, life in an enclosure with no companion- ship must be the ultimate “psychological torture. The parents start to ignore the Behavior in the Wild chicks begging to be fed, and an urge to exercise the wings starts to override the desire to be fed. Wing exercise results in a loss of weight and toning of muscles in preparation for sustained flight. The trim From Hatching to Weaning lines of the adult replace the bulgy abdomen of the infant, and the neonate starts to fly.

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Toxicity (mustards and petroleum products) cytes) found in the peripheral blood film ranges be- tween one and five percent of the erythrocytes purchase finasteride 1mg without a prescription hair loss cure just like heaven. Immune-mediated (rarely reported in birds) anemic bird with a five percent or less degree of Depression Anemia (Nonregenerative) polychromasia (or reticulocytosis) is responding 1 finasteride 5mg low price hair loss in men 40. Chronic diseases (tuberculosis cheap 5 mg finasteride amex hair loss gluten, chlamydiosis purchase accutane cheap, aspergillosis order clomiphene toronto, neo- poorly to the anemia or there has not been enough plasia) time for the bird to demonstrate a significant re- 2. Toxicity (lead poisoning and aflatoxicosis) greater degree of polychromasia is exhibiting a sig- nificant regenerative response. Nutritional deficiencies (iron and folic acid deficiencies) mature erythrocytes (eg, rubricytes) in the periph- 5. Leukemia (lymphoid leukemia and erythroblastosis) eral blood along with an increase in polychromasia is indicative of a marked regenerative response. Hypochromasia can be associated with certain nutri- Interpretation of the Leukogram tional deficiencies in birds, especially iron deficiency. Hypochromasia has also been seen in lead toxico- There is wide variation in the normal leukograms sis. Therefore, values of population of erythrocytes in the blood film of a diagnostic importance must differ greatly from nor- nonanemic bird. In such cases, small senescent, ma- mal reference intervals, which are generally much ture erythrocytes with pyknotic nuclei and young broader than those obtained from domestic mam- erythrocytes (eg, rubricytes) are present in the blood mals. Preparing normal reference values on healthy film without the appearance of normal, mature individual birds is the best method for evaluating erythrocytes. When these priate release of nucleated erythrocytes in the blood specific values have not been determined, the avian of nonanemic dogs suffering from lead poisoning. The conditions often 10,000/µl are considered suggestive of leukocytosis in associated with absolute polycythemia in mammals tame, adult psittacine birds. The greater the degree of toxicity, the more severe the general causes of a leukocytosis include infection condition. The presence of a marked number of +4 (general or localized), trauma, toxicities, hemorrhage toxic heterophils indicates a poor prognosis for sur- into a body cavity, rapidly growing neoplasms and vival in birds (Color 9. Because a leukocytosis The general causes of leukopenias in birds are deple- is often caused by inflammation, a heterophilia is tion of peripheral leukocytes and depression or de- usually present. Leukopenias associated with heteropenias can be associated with certain Although avian heterophils lack the myeloperoxi- viral diseases (eg, Pacheco’s disease virus) and over- dase and alkaline phosphatase of mammalian neu- whelming bacterial infections. A depression of the hematopoietic magnitude or severity of the initiating inflammatory tissue is indicated by a leukopenia, heteropenia and process. A degenerative hydrogen peroxide during phagocytosis, they do con- response is indicated by the presence of a leukopenia, tain lysosomal enzymes and have a bactericidal func- heteropenia, immature heterophils and toxic hetero- tion. This degenerative response can be differenti- be associated with infectious agents (eg, bacteria, ated from depletion only by the presence of toxic fungi, chlamydia and parasites) and noninfectious heterophils or by following the decreasing leukocyte etiologies (eg, traumatic injury and toxicities).

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