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By: Harry W. Lampiris MD Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF, Interim Chief, ID Section, Medical Service, San Francisco VA Medical Center

Development up to the morula stage occurs within the oviduct because smooth muscle contractions of the isthmus prevent advancement of the conceptus into the uterus while the endometrium is prepared for implantation buy kamagra from india can erectile dysfunction cause low sperm count. Process of implantation proceeds through stages: apposition buy cheap kamagra 100 mg on line erectile dysfunction treatment las vegas, adhesion purchase kamagra 100mg online erectile dysfunction by race, and invasion cheap extra super avana 260 mg without prescription. It remains suspended in the uterine cavity for 2 to 3 days order viagra extra dosage 200mg amex, continuing to undergo cell division purchase genuine sildalis online, nourished by constituents of the uterine fluid. At the 20- to 30-cell stage, a fluid-filled cavity (blastocoele) appears and enlarges until the embryo becomes a hollow sphere, called a blastocyst. A cluster of smaller, centrally located cells constitutes the embryoblast or inner cell mass and gives rise to the fetus. As the blastocyst approaches the uterine endometrium, the surrounding zona pellucida is ruptured as the blastocyst expands, aided by proteases released from the endometrium. A loose association of the blastocyst with the endometrial wall, called apposition, then occurs (Fig. The blastocyst secretes cytokines and hormones including interleukin-1α and interleukin-1β that promote endometrial receptivity. The endometrium responds by secreting leukemia inhibitory factor, colony-stimulating factor-1, and other signals that increase trophoblast protease production. The paracrine interaction between the blastocyst and endometrium results in adhesion between the two structures. Cellular adhesion molecules including integrins are expressed by both the trophoblast cells and the endometrium. Expression of the integrins αVβ3 and α4β1 by the endometrium, induced by luteal phase estrogen and progesterone production, is considered a receptivity marker for the blastocyst. Eventually, the lacunae will coalesce into the intervillous space, and the chorionic villi will form, creating the fully developed placenta. Differentiation of the trophoblast to syncytiotrophoblasts Following adhesion, the trophoblast differentiates into large polyhedral cytotrophoblasts, with well- defined cell borders that surround the blastocyst, and multinucleated syncytiotrophoblasts that lack distinct cell boundaries (see Fig. The syncytiotrophoblast extends long protrusions between the uterine epithelial cells, secreting proteases that digest the basement membrane to eventually reach the uterine stroma and initiate the decidual reaction, resulting in a highly specialized endometrium of pregnancy. The endometrial stromal cells hypertrophy to contain large amounts of glycogen and lipid and modify their plasma membrane, creating a specialized group of cells called the decidua. Decidualization is initiated by estrogen and progesterone, with the cellular transformation completed by factors released by the invading blastocyst. Decidua directly beneath the implanting embryo, which is modified by the invading syncytiotrophoblast, becomes the decidua basalis. The decidua capsularis overlies the enlarging blastocyst and separates the conceptus from the rest of the uterine cavity. As the syncytiotrophoblast continues to invade the endometrium, fluid-filled holes called lacunae begin to form. These lacunae eventually fill with maternal blood as the syncytiotrophoblast permeates first small veins and then small arteries within the endometrium.

World is not uniform in its characteristics purchase kamagra 50 mg on-line erectile dysfunction drugs lloyds, it varies in Who are affected (person distribution)? Relative importance of these factors in etiology of a Descriptive studies are useful to formulate hypothesis buy kamagra 50 mg with amex erectile dysfunction kidney disease. Rate (number of events divided by size of by place generic kamagra 100mg erectile dysfunction causes natural treatment, we usually organize data into a table best 120 mg sildalis, a map safe 80mg tadapox, the population) may be used to measure frequency 20mg apcalis sx with visa, or both. International Variation • Formulation of new hypothesis concerning possible risk factors. Stomach cancer is highest and breast malignancy is lowest in Japan, oropharyngeal cancer is high in India in Disadvantages comparison to other part of world. The following steps should be followed in conducting Local Variation a descriptive epidemiological survey: • Formulation of study objectives Geographical variation can best studied with aid of • Planning of methods ‘Spot map/ Shade map’ which at a glance can show – Study population high or low frequency of a case. Spot map – Methods of data collection used in ‘John Snow cholera epidemic investigation’ • Methods of recording and processing data showed a common water pump in the Broad Street was • Comparing with known indices. Objectives of a Descriptive Study Person Distribution In formulating the objectives, the researcher expresses what he wishes the study to yield. The researcher may Disease or a health related event is described by personal investigate the characteristics of population or obtain characteristics like demographic factors (e. Objectives of a series of cases with no specifically allocated should be expressed in specific and measurable term. The more specific the objectives the more easy it is to • Community diagnosis or needs assessment. It should be clearly and explicitly defined in terms of study becomes an ecological descriptive study. The whole of Case report is the descriptive study of the individual in the population in a geographical area or a representative terms of a careful, detailed report of a single patient. In other words, case series are the Variables: Selection, Operational Definition collection of individual case reports, which may occur and Measurem ent within a fairly short period of time. The characteristics that are measured referred to as variables, which may be measured numerically (e. The conceptual definition defines the disease be attributed to preventive measures? Analytical variables as we conceive it where as the operational study may be group based or individual based. In the definition (‘working definition’) define the characteristic group based study the researcher attempt to compare the as we actually measure it. For definition of obesity: A weight, in under clothes without example, correlation study, a type of analytical study uses shoes which exceeds by 10% or more of standard data from group of population as unit to compare the disease frequency among different group, e.

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Explain how altered target tissue hormonal responses reflected by dose–response curves can provide useful clinical information regarding the underlying cause of a particular disease discount kamagra 50mg overnight delivery erectile dysfunction doctor cape town. Endocrinology is the branch of physiology concerned with the description and characterization of processes involved in the regulation and integration of cells and organ systems by a group of specialized chemical substances called hormones order kamagra line impotence in young men. The diagnosis and treatment of many endocrine disorders are important aspects of any general medical practice cheap 100 mg kamagra otc erectile dysfunction over 40. Certain endocrine disease states female viagra 50 mg sale, such as diabetes mellitus purchase doxycycline 200mg mastercard, thyroid disorders buy avanafil 100mg with amex, and reproductive disorders, are fairly common in the general population; therefore, it is likely that they will be encountered repeatedly in the practice of medicine. In addition, because hormones either directly or indirectly affect virtually every cell or tissue in the body, some other prominent diseases not primarily classified as endocrine diseases may have an important endocrine component. Atherosclerosis, certain forms of cancer, and even certain psychiatric disorders are examples of conditions in which an endocrine disturbance may contribute to the progression or severity of disease. The major morphologic feature of endocrine glands is that they are ductless; that is, they release their secretory products directly into the bloodstream and not into a duct system. These include the central nervous system, kidneys, stomach, small intestine, skin, heart, lung, and placenta. Recent advances in cellular and molecular biology continually broaden our views of the endocrine system. For example, obesity-related research discovered leptin, a hormone formed in adipocytes that signals to the central nervous system to regulate appetite and energy expenditure. Here, general themes and principles that underpin the functionality of the endocrine system as a whole will be presented. Hormones function as homeostatic blood-borne chemicals to regulate and coordinate various biologic functions. They are highly potent, specialized, organic molecules produced by endocrine cells in response to specific stimuli and exert their actions on specific target cells. These target cells are equipped with receptors that bind hormones with high affinity and specificity; when bound, they initiate characteristic biologic responses by the target cells. Although the effects of hormones are many and varied, their actions are involved in (1) regulating ion and water balance; (2) responding to adverse conditions, such as infection, trauma, and emotional stress; (3) sequentially integrating features of growth and development; (4) contributing to basic processes of reproduction, including gamete production, fertilization, nourishment of the embryo and fetus, delivery, and nourishment of the newborn; and (5) digesting, using, and storing nutrients. In the past, definitions or descriptions of hormones usually included a phrase indicating that these substances were secreted into the bloodstream and carried by the blood to a distant target tissue. Although many hormones travel by this mechanism, we now realize that there are many hormones or hormone-like substances that play important roles in cell-to-cell communication that are not secreted directly into the bloodstream. Instead, these substances reach their target cells by diffusion through the interstitial fluid.

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Significant changes have been reported in the awareness of behavioral and cognitive difficulties to three vocational status and living situation of even severely in- adults with acquired brain injury buy kamagra master card erectile dysfunction ed treatment. Other criteria for successful rehabil- tive approach used techniques to improve self-awareness in itation 50 mg kamagra visa erectile dysfunction research, regardless of type order kamagra visa erectile dysfunction gay, include matching intensity of the work context forzest 20 mg without a prescription. Results of this pilot study indicated sup- the services to the severity of the disability and time since port for the effectiveness of the program in facilitating par- injury (Malec and Degiorgio 2002) discount 100mg viagra sublingual visa. Cognitive and emotion- ticipants’ self-awareness; notably order cheap clomid line, increased anxiety was focused treatments, as well as both in conjunction, have found to accompany improvements in self-awareness for all been used appropriately and successfully with individuals participants. The intervention velopment of a therapeutic alliance, supportive group and was delivered on an individual basis for two sessions per family therapy, and education of the patient and his or her day, 5 days per week, for 4 weeks, with both educational support system. One should clarify whether the sessions), and self-performed prediction and goal-setting problem is more a deficit in knowledge, an inappropriate activities though practice (functional training sessions). Components of the treatment process Component Goal Likely problems Assessment To delineate the extent and profile of the awareness Deficits in knowledge. Neuropsychological To determine to what extent awareness deficits are Frontal-subcortical system impairment. Development of a To develop a relationship in which therapists can Individuals may become alienated from therapeutic alliance validate individuals’ self and worldview without therapist and rehabilitation process if they feel fostering unrealistic hopes/expectations. Education of support system To provide family and significant others with better Family members and/or significant others may (family/significant others) understanding of brain injury and issues related to provoke catastrophic reactions in individuals awareness. Supportive therapy for To facilitate coping skills and allow family/ Family members and significant others may also family/significant others significant others to provide more support to be in denial regarding seriousness of deficits. This clarification process informs the Even when there is a solid relationship between patient treatment process. Although some of the more awareness in any of the preceding dimensions is related to dramatic knowledge deficits such as those seen in Anton’s cognitive deficits, psychological denial, or both. Critical to syndrome and the anosognosia associated with hemiple- this differentiation is information provided by neuropsy- gia resolve over days to weeks, this is not a universal out- chological evaluation. However, these patients often comply with rehabili- logical defense mechanism of denial. It should be remem- tation, especially if the rehabilitation is subtle and not bered that individuals can have a combination of injury- called rehabilitation. Some individuals may be open to re- induced awareness deficits and psychological responses ceiving help in certain areas (e. They then present a mixed picture of neu- but may be resistant to the idea that they need help with rological and psychological denial.

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Analysis of venous waveforms along with skilled attention to analysis of heart sounds was once used to provide clinical insights into cardiovascular disease involving cardiac valves purchase kamagra in united states online erectile dysfunction treatment at home. Such physical examination diagnosis is still valuable today in that kamagra 100mg low price erectile dysfunction due diabetes, in the hands of a skilled physician cheap kamagra american express impotence smoking, it provides a quick buy 800 mg cialis black with mastercard, inexpensive analysis of important aspects of the patient’s heart that can signal dangerous conditions and their severity without having to wait for time-consuming technical instrument analyses to be scheduled order zenegra with mastercard, completed cheap 800mg viagra vigour otc, and analyzed. Nevertheless, this type of indirect diagnosis is difficult and often benefits from additional high-tech analyses provided by several modern imaging techniques used to reveal valve condition and motion in the heart (as discussed later in this chapter). Myocardial performance is hindered in pathologic conditions such as ischemia and heart failure and evaluation of such conditions as they affect the heart as a pump are clinically important. In the previous section, it was shown that alteration of the inotropic state of individual myocardial cells is one means by which the contractile performance of the heart can be altered. However, as is the case with skeletal muscle, preload and afterload effects are also important determinants of the performance of cardiac muscle. These factors interact collectively with inotropic conditions to modify the overall contractile performance of the heart. Preload, afterload, and inotropic state interact to alter contractile performance of cardiac muscle. Four factors influence the contractile strength of cardiac muscle: (1) preload, or the initial length to which the muscle is stretched prior to contraction; (2) afterload, or all the forces against which cardiac muscle must contract to generate pressure and shorten; (3) contractility (inotropic state); and (4) the indirect inotropic effect of increased heart rate. This last effect is caused by the fact that high heart rates bring 2+ 2+ Ca into the cell faster than it can be removed thereby increasing intracellular Ca concentration and contractility. This helps the heart eject more blood with each contraction, thereby compensating for reduced filling time associated with high rates. Cardiac muscle exhibits an active length–tension relationship similar to that of skeletal muscle (Fig. However, because the heart is a distensible hollow organ, its preload, or stretch just prior to contraction, could theoretically be altered by the degree to which it is filled at the end of diastole. Although cardiac muscle is not anchored to a fixed object in the body, it is intrinsically stiffer than skeletal muscle and exhibits significant passive resistance to stretch at a length corresponding to L (O Fig. In practical terms, the heart is therefore constrained to operate on the ascending limb of the active length–tension curve. As a consequence, in the whole heart increased filling during diastole increases end-diastolic stretch (preload) and thus the potential isometric contractile force that can be generated in the heart once it begins to contract. Cardiac muscle displays a parabolic active length–tension relationship similar to that of skeletal muscle but shows considerably more passive resistance to stretch at L. Functionallyo, this passive property constrains the heart to contraction along the ascending limb of the length–tension curve. Although some of these are related to problems with the valves or the electrical conduction system, many are a result of malfunctions of the cardiac muscle itself. These conditions, called cardiomyopathies, result in impaired heart function that may range from asymptomatic conditions to malfunctions causing sudden death.