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By: Roohollah R. Sharifi, MD, FACS Professor of Urology and Surgery, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine; Section Chief of Urology, Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

A systematic review of the literature on the efficacy of rituximab in adults (age >15 years) with non-HIV immune thrombocy- topenia revealed a response rate (thrombocytes >50 purchase nolvadex on line amex menstrual 2 times a month,000/µl) of 62% order genuine nolvadex line breast cancer life expectancy. A response was usually seen 3–8 weeks after the first infusion of rituximab and lasted from 2–48 months (Arnold 2007) cheap nolvadex 10 mg without prescription menstrual ovulation and fertilization. In patients with relapsed/refractory immune thrompocy- topenia a replacement of splenectomy by rituximab is being discussed (Godeau 2007) discount forzest 20mg free shipping. Interferon- : significantly increased platelet counts in a small randomized buy cialis 10 mg with mastercard, placebo- controlled study on patients with HIV-related thrombocytopenia. At a dose of 3 million units three times weekly for four weeks an increase of >60,000 platelets/µl was observed within three weeks of treatment. Subsequent to therapy interruption the platelet counts slowly returned to pre-treatment values (Marroni 1994). They can be increased again on reinstitution of interferon- therapy. Treatment of refractory HIV-related thrombocytopenia may be particularly promising in patients coinfected with HCV. Adverse events of interferon- are flu-like symptoms, depression and, less frequently, cytopenias. Thrombopoietin receptor agonists: are a new treatment option in non-HIV immune thrombocytopenia. In a phase III study a platelet response occurred in 79% of the splenectomized and in 88% of the non-splenectomized patients with non-HIV immune thrombocytopenia after s. These responses were durable (platelet count >50,000/µl for >6 weeks) in 38% of the splenec- tomized and in 61% of the non-splenectomized patients (Kuter 2008). The recom- mended starting dose for romiplostim is 1 µg/kg given s. It is than adjusted to 1–10 µg/kg weekly according to the platelet count. A response rate of more than 80% in non-HIV thrombocytopenia was also reported for the small molecule eltrombopag, which can be administered orally (Bussel 2006+2007). It has to be adjusted to 25–75 mg daily according to the platelet count. A platelet response can be expected after 7–10 days. For patients of East Asian ancestry or patients with moderate or severe hepatic insufficiency, eltrombopag was approved at a starting dose of 25 mg once daily. Furthermore, a positive effect of eltrombopag on the platelet count was shown in HIV- and in HCV-associated thrombocytopenia (McHutchison 2007, Quach 2012). It might be necessary to adjust the dose of eltrombopag when given with ART.

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Patients require treatment of the symptoms bringing holistic care with counseling and opportunistic infection and often steroids to tran- preparing the family for the inevitable if the disease is siently dampen down the severity of the immune resistant to treatment or treatments are not available buy 10 mg nolvadex women's health thyroid problems. IRIS is an important consideration in a The headache is typically due to raised intra- patient who deteriorates soon after starting HAART buy generic nolvadex 10mg on-line pregnancy 5th month. Removal of cerebral spinal fluid for diag- and seek professional assistance from HIV physi- nosis can also be used as a therapeutic act by reliev- cians for this life-threatening illness purchase nolvadex 20mg with mastercard menstrual cramps 7 months pregnant. Control pain using the anal- progression to AIDS without ART purchase tadalafil 20 mg mastercard. ART prolongs gesic ladder discount avanafil 200mg free shipping, but morphine is usually required early the period between the initial marker infection and on and has to be increased if pain breaks through, stage IV of the disease when opportunistic infec- and reduced if drowsiness occurs, once infection is tions, suffering and dying are common. The palliative care clinician and Cryptoccocal meningtitis team must be aware of the problems of disclosure The most feared of all before ARVs was cryptococcal within the family and out, stigma, marital problems meningitis. Patients who knew they were HIV posi- arising from blame and shame, HIV transmission 415 GYNECOLOGY FOR LESS-RESOURCED LOCATIONS Figure 11 Diagram illustrating the progression of HIV if not treated. Elly Katabira and protection of the unborn and protection of Thus, guilt is attached to any serious illness. Now, the very heart CROSS-CUTTING ISSUES IN CANCER of this function is attacked. The diagnosis of HIV in AND HIV IN WOMEN IN LESS- a patient already struggling with cancer, must be RESOURCED SETTINGS intimated in a most sensitive way, realizing that this is an added burden to the patient and family. Break- Psychological/cultural pain ing bad news is an essential skill. Unraveling contributing factors to unremitting HIV and women’s cancers can give grief to physical pain is essential. However, it is often impos- the patient as well as to the partner. Try and see sible to understand all the underlying customs and the couple together. Counseling, together refer- agendas that cause so much suffering. Local health ring to the disease, its prognosis and possible workers often understand but may be diverted by complications, need to be addressed with both part- their allegiance to western medicine. It can be difficult to get a husband or partner for us all to remember our communities and their to come and discuss the problem. The advice of a local understanding person to come or accept there is a problem and insist for the expat is essential in such matters. Rape within marriage is Meaning of the disease often accepted and the woman has little say in when or where sexual activity takes place. This depends on the cultural approach to such a disease.