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By: Robin Southwood, PharmD, CDE Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy Department, College of Pharmacy, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Unfortunately order 20 mg levitra soft with visa erectile dysfunction and diabetes a study in primary care, this estimat ion is not very precise purchase generic levitra soft pills male erectile dysfunction pills, and in clinical pract ice discount levitra soft line impotence from vasectomy, the clinician would gen- erally obser ve t he labor of a nulliparous pat ient purchase generic lasix on line. Finally discount viagra extra dosage 120mg, t he nonimmune rubella st at us sh ould alert t he pract it ioner t o immunize for rubella during t he post par- tum time (since the rubella vaccine is live attenuated and is contraindicated during pregnancy) purchase 160 mg super p-force with visa. Fetal bradycardia is a baseline < 110 bpm, and fetal tachycardia is exceeding 160 bpm. There are t hree t ypes of decelerat ions: early (mirror image of uterine contractions), vari- able (abrupt jagged dips below t he baseline), and lat e, which are offset following t he uterine contraction. When a labor abnormality is diagnosed, the three Ps sh ould be evaluat ed (powers, passenger, and pelvis). W hen the latent phase exceeds the upper limits of normal, then it is called a prolonged latent phase. When the cer- vix has exceeded 6 cm, particularly with near-complete effacement, then the active phase has been reached. Recent studies have shown that as long as there is contin- ued progress of labor in the active phase, in the absence of complications, the labor should be observed. When there is cephalopelvic disproportion, wh er e the pelvis is t h ough t t o be t oo small for t he fetus (eit her due t o an abnormal pelvis or an excessively large baby), then cesarean delivery must be considered. Clinically, adequate uterine contractions are defined as contractions every 2 to 3 minutes, firm on palpation, and lasting for at least 40 to 60 seconds (Figure 1– 1). Many clinicians choose to use internal uterine catheters to evaluate the adequacy of the powers, a practice that may reduce cesareans. O ne common assessment tool is to examine a 10-minut e window and add each cont ract ion’s rise above baseline (each mm H g rise is called a Montevideo unit). A calculation that meets or exceeds 200 Montevideo units is commonly accepted as an adequate uterine contraction pattern (Figure 1– 2). Fe t a l He a r t Ra t e Mo n i t o r i n g Fet al h ear t rat e assessment can h elp t o assess the fet al st at u s. A normal baseline between 1 1 0 and 1 6 0 bpm, with accelerations, and variability are indicative of a nor- mal well-oxygenated fetus. Fetal t achycardia can occur due to a variet y of disorders such as mat ernal fever. If these are intermittent with abrupt return to baseline, then they can be observed. Late decelerations are “offset” from the uterine contraction with their onset after the onset of the contraction, the nadir following the contraction peak, and the return to baseline following the contraction resolution. Late decelerations suggest fetal hypoxia, and if recurrent (> 50% of uterine contractions), can indicate fetal acide- mia. When late decelerations occur together with decreased variability, then acidosis is strongly suspected (see Figure 1– 3). Category I is reassuring—normal baseline and variability, no late or variable decelerations.

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Following counselling she has requested the etonogestrel sub- dermal implant (Nexplanon®) for ongoing contraception generic levitra soft 20mg on-line erectile dysfunction medications causing. No additional contraception is required unless the method is started more than 7 days after the abortion or miscarriage cheap levitra soft 20mg with amex impotence of proofreading, at which time addi- tional contraception is required for 7 days buy levitra soft 20 mg amex erectile dysfunction pills nz. She telephones the surgery to make another appoint- ment and asks how much time she has before she cannot rely on the injec- tion for effective contraception buy malegra dxt plus 160 mg without prescription. C 120 hours If the woman is more than 5 days late when she attends for her injection (more than 89 days after the previous dose) she should use another method of contracep- tion for 14 days as she is not protected against pregnancy order provera 10 mg overnight delivery. Answer [ ] 2 A primigravid woman is admitted to hospital with intractable vomiting for the first time at 16 weeks of gestation purchase 1mg propecia fast delivery. She has seen her midwife a few times during the pregnancy already and everything seemed to be fine. Answer [ ] 3 Having been treated for hyperemesis twice before, a primigravid woman is readmitted with further vomiting at 13 weeks of gestation. She is very dehydrated and her urine contains a great deal of ketones but nothing 228 09:37:48. Answer [ ] A Chorioamnionitis B Pelvic girdle pain C Placental abruption D Preterm labour E Pyelonephritis F Red degeneration of fbroid G Torsion of ovarian cyst H Urinary tract infection I Uterine rupture The following clinical scenarios relate to women experiencing pain in pregnancy. There is no vaginal bleeding or history sugges- tive of ruptured membranes and fetal movements are normal. On examina- tion the uterus is irregular, large for dates, and tender over the fundus. Answer [ ] 5 A woman presents at 28 weeks of gestation feeling unwell with generalised abdominal pain for the last 12 hours. She gives a history of losing fluid per vaginam intermittently over the preceding 3 days. On examination she is apyrexial and normotensive but has a tachycardia of 120 bpm. Answer [ ] 6 A 20-year-old woman in her first pregnancy presents to the labour ward complaining of a sudden onset of severe abdominal pain 6 hours ago. On examination her blood pressure is 170/ 110 mmHg, pulse 100 bpm, and she is apyrexial. On abdominal palpation the uterus is hard and tender and the fetal heart cannot be detected. Answer [ ] 8 A primigravid 40-year-old woman is 10 weeks pregnant after many years of fertility investigations and she consults an obstetrician in private prac- tice for antenatal care. She is concerned about the risk of having a baby affected by Down syndrome and wishes to have a diagnostic test with low- est possible risk of miscarriage. Answer [ ] 9 A 36-year-old woman presents late for antenatal care at 15 weeks’ gesta- tion in her first pregnancy because she was unaware that she was preg- nant on account of irregular cycles. She has serum screening only done for Down syndrome and the result shows a 1 in 5,000 risk of the pregnancy being affected.

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For severely affect ed fet u ses discount 20mg levitra soft with amex male erectile dysfunction age, int raut erin e t ran sfu sion is on e opt ion levitra soft 20 mg line erectile dysfunction causes prostate cancer, wh ile mild cases may sometimes be observed order levitra soft 20mg with amex erectile dysfunction treatment miami. O ther causes of fetal anemia are isoimmuniza- tion 160mg super p-force sale, such as an Rh-negative woman who is sensitized to develop anti-D antibodies discount 50 mg penegra free shipping, a large fet al-to-maternal hemorrhage generic 200 mg red viagra with amex, or t halassemia. An unusual fet al heart rat e pattern, called a sinusoidal pattern, is associat ed wit h sever e fet al an em ia or asph yxia. The possibility of exposure to parvovirus B19 may be a source of anxiety for preg- nant women. Exclusion from the workplace (eg, school or daycare) during endemic periods is not recommended, however, pregnant women may be advised to avoid people exposed to fifth disease. Routine serologic screening is not recommended, and such screening should be reserved for pregnant women with symptoms of parvovirus B19 infection, recent exposure to people with confirmed or suspected fifth disease. Affected infant s can have microcephaly, perivent ricular calcificat ions, deafness, chorioret ini- tis (blindness), seizures, and interstitial pneumonia. Exposure is from blood, urine, or saliva and especially from school-aged children. Transmission is highest in the third trimester, but neonatal effects are worse in the first trimester. Since there is no treatment, prevention remains the mainstay: careful handwashing, avoid sharing utensils especially with children (see also Table 1 9 – 3 ). Toxoplasmosis i s ca u s e d b y the i n t r a ce l lu l a r p a r a s i t e Toxoplasma gondii. Exp osu r e can be from u n d er cooked meat or oocyst s from the feces of in fect ed cat s. Ver t ical transmission increases with gestational age, but severity is worse in early pregnancy. Most neonates are asymptomatic at birth, but can later develop chorioretinitis (85% by an age of 20 years) and hearing loss. The classic triad is hydrocephalus, intracranial calcifications, and chorioretinitis. The keys in prevention are pet care precautions (avoid changing cat litter), handwashing, and meat preparation. Maternal infection in the fir st 8 weeks of pr egn an cy con fer s an 80% r isk of major con gen it al d efect s, bet ween 9 and 12 weeks’ gestation of 50%, and virtually no risk at 20+ weeks. The clas- sic t riad of congenit al rubella is cataracts, sensorineural deafness (60 %), and car- diac defects (pulmonary artery stenosis and patent ductus arteriosus). A diagnosis of hydramnios is made on the basis of an amniotic fluid volume of 32 cm (normal 5 to 25 cm).

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The infant can be weaned from drug dependence by administering dilute paregoric in progressively smaller doses purchase levitra soft with american express impotence jelly. As a result proven 20 mg levitra soft impotence testicular cancer, any pure agonist will prevent withdrawal in a patient who is physically dependent on any other pure agonist levitra soft 20mg amex erectile dysfunction exercises treatment. Abuse Liability Morphine and the other opioids are subject to abuse buy 800 mg viagra vigour with visa, largely because of their ability to cause pleasurable experiences (e buy generic januvia 100mg line. Physical dependence contributes to abuse: when dependence exists discount vardenafil 10mg line, the ability of opioids to ward off withdrawal serves to reinforce their desirability in the mind of the abuser. The abuse liability of the opioids is reflected in their classification under the Controlled Substances Act. Health care personnel who prescribe, dispense, and administer opioids must adhere to the procedures set forth in the Controlled Substances Act. The issue of abuse as a clinical concern is addressed in depth later in the chapter. Precautions Some patients are more likely than others to experience adverse effects. Decreased Respiratory Reserve Because morphine depresses respiration, it can further compromise respiration in patients with impaired pulmonary function. Accordingly, the drug should be used with caution in patients with asthma, emphysema, kyphoscoliosis, chronic cor pulmonale, and extreme obesity. Caution is also needed in patients taking other drugs that can depress respiration (e. Other Precautions Infants and older-adult patients are especially sensitive to morphine-induced respiratory depression. In patients with inflammatory bowel disease, morphine may cause toxic megacolon or paralytic ileus. Because morphine and all other opioids are inactivated by liver enzymes, effects may be intensified and prolonged in patients with liver impairment. Severe hypotension may occur in patients with preexisting hypotension or reduced blood volume. In patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy, opioids may cause acute urinary retention; repeated catheterization may be required. Drug Interactions The major interactions between morphine and other drugs are shown in Table 22. Toxicity Clinical Manifestations Opioid overdose produces a classic triad of signs: coma, respiratory depression, and pinpoint pupils. Although the pupils are constricted initially, they may dilate as hypoxia sets in (secondary to respiratory depression). Treatment Treatment consists primarily of ventilatory support and giving an opioid antagonist.