The Syphilis Enigma

When Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic in 1492, he carried with him diseases which all but wiped out the Native Indian population. Their revenge according to history was to send back to Europe the scourge of syphilis, because in 1495 this new disease hit Europe with devastating affect, attacking those who were promiscuous in nature.

What is Syphilis and where did it come from? As mentioned above the traditional view has been that syphilis was part of “the Columbian exchange”, one of the many things, along with the likes of tobacco and the potato, that the New World gave the Old. Once this plague arrived in Europe it swiftly swept across Europe, leaving no country, no city, no royal household untouched. Uppsats, avhandling, uppgift, referat, essee

But now, a skeleton unearthed in an English monastery can at last put the record straight with regards to the true origin of this disease. The Syphilis Enigma is the true story of syphilis.

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