Tales Of The Grim Sleeper

Lonnie Franklin lived on 81st Street in Western Avenue in South Central, Los Angeles, the poor part of town with the worst schools and the worst hospitals, with little to no jobs available. Everyone from the area knew Lonnie, he was a good neighbour who you could turn too when in a time need.

On July 7th, 2010 police raided Lonnie’s house and arrested him, Lonnie Franklin is now charged with 10 counts of murder and 1 case of attempted murder. These murders stretch from 1985 until his arrest in 2010, he is also a suspect in multiple other murders and it is thought that Lonnie might have killed more than 100 women over a 25 year period.

During this time Lonnie worked as a garbageman this suggests that he may have taken advantage of his employment and used his access to hide his victims in a landfill. Since his arrest he has been in jail awaiting trial. Due to the sheer amount of evidence in this case, some of which dates back 30 years, lengthy pretrial discovery has been witnessed.

In this feature documentary we see filmmaker Nick Broomfield dive deeply into the case of the notorious “Grim Sleeper”.


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  1. So this MF is complaining that his DNA was sezied and used to prove a match? Ignore the fact that his DNA matched meaning he is a killer….meaning he is guilty (well innocent until proven guilty…which his DNA was a match) but the fact that they got the DNA is the issue. LOL ok sir.

  2. Another fabulous job by the LAPD….. smh