This is the true story of a love triangle that takes place entirely online. Lies lead to murder in real life, as a teenage vixen (screen name ‘talhotblond’) lures men into her web. Revealing a shocking true crime story that shows the Internet’s power to unleash our most dangerous fantasies.

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  1. Can’t Jessi sue her mother? If I used Jessi’s identity she could sue me…

  2. I just finished my third watch of this documentary and was so blown away that the mother was posing as Jessie all along. This documentary reminds me of The woman who wasn’t there” because it involves two people who are so dissatisfied with their own lives that they completely emerge themselves in their fantasies. We all fantasize but few of us act them out to this degree.

  3. It’s a pity this documentary is removed due to request from the producers. It should be free for all. A lot of youngsters need to educate about the possible dangers lurking on the internet.

    Anyway, thanks for the trailer.

  4. Is this the same story as Fatal Desire from the Lifetime Movie Network with Anne Heche?

  5. us men are so weak..

  6. My heart broke for Jessi, her father Tim (a kind soul & a real gentleman) & Brian’s family. What a bizarre, shocking & sad tale. Two pathetic narcissistic people met in cyberspace. One young man was murdered in cold blood, a good man & two good parents were devastated & poor Jessi’s ability to trust anyone whomsoever is probably irreparably damaged.

    I agree with those who are critical of the tacky & cheap inclusion of the dead Brian’s ‘voice’. Didn’t this whole debacle arise out of people using fake voices & personas? The psychologist, too, could’ve been dispensed with.

    What this doc. underscored for me was the contrast between the sloth-like shuffle of legislation & the lightning quick sprint of new technologies. By the time a new law is emerges, technology will have changes so much as to render it inadequate at best and obsolete at worst. I’m not surprised that the internet is being abused in such a manner: you can point to anything in the Canadian Tire circular & someone out there is fantasizing about screwing it. Humans are a twisted lot.

    What seemed so baffling to me is that Jessi’s mother had no known history of abusive or dysfunctional conduct. She had (apparently) a wonderful loving decent husband & a beautiful, vibrant, athletic daughter. At what point did she become so profoundly self-hating, dissatisfied & so jealous of her daughter to the point where she could violate her so intimately & betray her husband as well? Was this woman a simmering pot of psychopathy waiting for an outlet? Scary, too, is the thought of all those other nameless faceless strange men out there this woman sent her daughter’s photos to.

  7. I feel bad the most for Tim, Jessi father cuz he didnt start anything and has to deal with his wife lying and everyone’s lies….

  8. It was all a fantasy until the disturbed Tom shot the boy.
    How this justifies the psychologist, parents of the murder victim, police and doc makers demonising the Mother (talhotblond) is beyond me.
    There are probably untold people who lie on the internet for fantasy etc.
    It was only the act of murder that made this all go bad.

  9. Interesting documentary. I agree with those above that the “voice” of the murder victim is heavy-handed. The story doesn’t suffer if that cheap plot device isn’t used. That mother had some serious issues. I also thought the psychotherapist was a weak part of the overall film.

  10. What a bizarre, fascinating, shameful human story. Same as it ever was.

    “Be nice – don’t lie.”

  11. I lived through something very similar. A “friend” I had come to know in nursing school was living out the life of a young, new college grad who traveled the world with nothing to stand in her way. She did so to maintain a connection to a crush she had in her own town. A man she attempted to have an affair with, but who had rejected her. At home, this mother to four children between the ages of 9 and 3 maintained a meager financial existence, her husband of 10+ years unaware, her own children ignored and her commitment to nursing school suffering. She maintained a COMPLEX WEB of details for her alter’s life. She had no less than 6 other profiles for family & friends to legitimize her alter’s social and personal life.
    She began to get in deeper than even she was comfortable juggling. She killed the alter’s sister along with the infant niece.
    When she left her email acct logged in on my computer one day I learned of all of this chaos… the weekend to follow was insane, she faked a suicide attempt – still to this day I’m not sure what her next move was, we had class on Monday; she was actually IN the man’s home when I reached him and began to tell him what I knew & made sure to threaten me via text without him knowing she was hearing all of what he was telling his brothers in shock; she had made impromptu plans 2 hours previous to go to Vegas with the man’s mother that weekend; there was just so much and it was all so much more than can be explained. I really could write for days on the whole event… but all that is to say:
    I do believe I intervened at a point when no one could for Brian, because no one discovered these horrific *games* in time to save him. Yes, my friend, had her target. There was an on-again/off-again girlfriend in her way, too. I dare not think what could have happened. & yes, this “friend” of mine, she too walked away free of any punishment, because there are NO LAWS against any of this. Both the guy she manipulated and I tried to take action and both of us were turned away for a lack of statute to charge her under. I empathize with all of those involved and especially Mr. Sheiler, because you see, my “friend’s” husband stayed with her … and I believe that means it’s only a matter of time until she does it again.

  12. ….two sickos meet and one young man dies.
    The Marine and the talhotblond are really made for each other, none of them is better than the other.

  13. “She unleashed a fantasy online that was as addictive as any drug and as lethal as any bullet.”

    Well, I think the three bullets put through Brian’s window were a damn site more lethal than the fantasy she created. A really engaging story but the documentary makes should be ashamed of themselves. The mother was doing nothing that Monty wasn’t doing as well, Monte was the murderer in all of this.

    And was the fake first person narration from a dead Brian really necessary?

  14. She sure was Aaron, smoking hot. Solid summation.

  15. Shame on the Doc makers for portraying the Mother as evil. She was in no way responsible for the overreaction of the desperate Tom.
    Simple in my mind. Go figure.

  16. This documentary is spinning this story too hard. What the mother did was unforgivable, but she didn’t pull the trigger and kill a 22 year old. She never told that Tom dude to kill anyone, he was crazy enough to do it on his own. Man that guy is pathetic. How could the film makers feel comfortable portraying a calculating murderer as a victim in this story? The dead guy is the only victim, well him and that crazy ladies smoking hot daughter. Man she was hot. So in summation: Crazy mom bad, not as bad as guy who kills another guy, hot daughter was the highlight of the piece.

  17. Stupid humans, it’s the freakin internet..duh.. leave it alone, change yourself’s