Tapping The Wire

The Wire is an American crime drama tv series which is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Produced by HBO the first episode aired June 2, 2002 and ended in 2008, in its entirety it 60 episodes long all of which are spread out over 5 seasons.

The series is highly praised for its literary themes, its unique accuracy with regards to exploring society and politics and its realistic portrayal of urban life. Although the show only received average ratings whilst being aired and never having won any awards it is regarded by many critics to be one of the greatest television series of all time.

In this documentary we see Charlie Brooker travel to the mean streets of Baltimore in order to meet up with the cast and crew of the series, whilst attempting to explain what makes The Wire the best cop show ever made.


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  1. watched from the very begining , been telling people about this show 4 years,and some watched,but i would tell them,u hafta watch each show especially 1st season episode 1 a few times,to learn the characters,and especially the slang, the dialogue,once u figure it out, it quickly becomes the greatest TV show EVER,especially season 3,it just makes The Sopranos seem like a Walt Disney show,it is that good,it shoulda won every single award every year, except season 5, which got a little, well jumping the sharkish, go by the box set, sit back and be prepared you wont be able to stop

  2. so many, many cop shows… urrrrgh