Tears in the Bayou: The Streets of Houston

Tears in the Bayou: The Streets of Houston is a film which takes the viewer straight to the heart of some of the roughest parts of inner city Houston, Texas. It is a tale which explores the reasons that lie behind the darkness that haunts a city which is home to the second highest number fortune 500 companies, but yet it is also one of the murder capitals located in the United States.

We hear from many individuals who have survived attempts on their life and left with life long health problems and scars. However these are the lucky ones, things get darker as we hear from the parents of some of the 4000 plus people who have been murdered in Houston, TX in the last 15 years.

Since the 1980’s there has been non stop waring going on here, is there hope for Houston? Or will their tears just be drops in the bayou.

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