Teens Hooked On Girls

In this documentary, the relationship that Britain’s teenagers have with the internet and adult sites, is explored. Britain has one of the highest percentages of sexually active teens in Europe. One in three boys around the age of sixteen, regularly visit adult sites and a third of fifteen year olds have had sex. This is the first generation of teenagers that cannot remember a time before the internet. It is very easy for young teenagers to access porn on the internet. For some it is casual but for others, as seen in the documentary, it is an addiction. Teens can look up porn of many different types and in limitless quantities. Girls are asked to give their opinions on the issue and whether they watch watch it or how they feel about it.

Many say they don’t care if their boyfriends watch it but if it is happening all the time they begin to wonder why they aren’t good enough for their boyfriends and whether they are expected to be like the girls on the internet. The girls mention they have friends who film themselves with their girlfriends and show it to their friends. They agree that porn has led to guys not knowing how to respect girls. Even so, one in five girls in Britain admit to sometimes viewing  adult sites. This documentary takes us to the lives of different people’s lives and how they are affected by their addiction to girls on the internet.

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