That Doesn’t Look Like Me

A short documentary written and directed by Jeffrey Vincent Parise.
One December afternoon a group of artists walk into a local nursing
home and paint portraits it’s residents. During which the filmmaker
asks the elders for advice on life, love and art.
Three weeks later there is a group show displaying the finished
portraits and proceeds of the sales are donated to raise money for
Alzheimer’s Disease.
Featuring the art of Joey Santori, Jessica Rovalcava, Aida Robles,
John Park, Laylo Akborova, Kim Zsbebe and Jeffrey Vincent Parise. Shot
by Miles Gutkin and featuring original music by Danny Klein and

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  1. This was absolutely inspiring and beautiful. Our older generations hold the answers to our future we just need to take the time to listen. These people have seen the worlds pattern of change many times over. When you think about it, they are walking interactive history books. There is no one cooler than a cool elderly person.

  2. The only good painting was the one of the Chinese lady, the others were totally lifeless. I’d be offended if someone heard my whole life story and painted me as a dead prune.

  3. wow wat a kewl video luvd it

  4. Simply touching. Loved this.

  5. Lovely, sweet documentary. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awesome!

  7. Great work JVP..

  8. Great work JVP..

  9. wow very cool

  10. As an artist and former caregiver to my elderly grandmother, I simply love all of you who had anything at all to do with the idea behind and the making of this film. If ever you do anything similar to it, I would love to get involved. Kudos, total and complete kudos.

  11. My grandfather is old, and sometimes he tells me interesting stories which are neat.

  12. this is so inspiring. We as a society really need to connect to our elders. They hold the wisdom of the past.