Thatcher: Ireland And The Iron Lady

During 11 years in power Margaret Thatcher polarised and inspired in equal measure, not only in Britain but also around the world. She helped end the Cold War and was victorious in the Falklands, but regardless of this she will forever be associated with the violence of the miners strike of 1984 – 85 and the poll tax riots of 1989.

Across the Celtic Sea however it is Northern Ireland, the hunger strikes and the Anglo-Irish Agreement that define Margaret Thatcher’s legacy. She was far more interested in her world position, dealing with the likes of the US President, Ronald Reagan and what she considered to be the bigger issues of the day as apposed to dealing with Northern Ireland, which she saw to be more of a security problem which needed to be contained.

This film tells the story of the relationship Thatcher had with Ireland and how 12 years of dictating British policy simply produced a legacy of bitterness and division. The film also touches on key events which lead to this division such as the IRA hunger strikes and the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement mentioned above.

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