That’s Not Funny

That’s Not Funny is a documentary which was successfully funded through the crowdfunding website KickStarter, it’s an examination into the history of comedy, asking what makes things funny whilst questioning the boundaries of controversy and taboo.

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  1. An interesting opinion/doc regarding humor, and its moral implications. The main point is one regarding freedom of speech, (humor) and the unjustifiable response of violence to it. An interesting watch, definitely worth watching, at least once.
    P.S: The Gilbert Godfrey tweets were funny, and yes, George Carlin rules!

  2. This would cut a lot more ice if the presenter wasn’t a white, Anglo-Saxon, non-religious, non-rape victim male…

    Still, moderately interesting.

  3. I got to Chapter Two. Then the usual Hitler bashing from an ignoramus. Don’t these people know anything? Do they only know the lies from the Main Sewer Establishment?

    The ‘Americans’ and the British (amongst others) perpetrated more war crimes than Hitler ever did before and after the war.

    I am not a Hitler apologist but let us get some real history in here.

    I didn’t bother to watch the rest.

    • Yes, but finally Hitler and other fascists are getting the credit they deserve. Trump is a wonderful man and speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. Comedy is evil.

  4. I have been watching a so-called serious doco about comedy, yet, after twenty minutes viewing there has not been one single mention of any penis whatsoever. Nor a tittie referance ..
    Benny Hill would be spinning in his titty-grave.