The Art of Deception

Fact is no longer a factor. As technology has developed, websites like YouTube and Vimeo make it possible for anyone to broadcast information, even if the information they express is based on lies.

In an academic environment, a paper must have detailed references according to a set of university standards, but in a film, anything goes.

The Art of Deception is an explanation of how a documentary is constructed to communicate truth, brainwash the audience and push an agenda.

The Art of Deception explains the way the media has become a puppet for certain people. The US government used Kony 2012, or the invisible children, as a puppet to invade Uganda after they discovered huge amounts of untapped oil. This is explained in great detail in the documentary.

The Illuminati used Zeitgeist as a puppet to destroy religion and to scare the population about their own existence. Sounds far fetched, right?

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  1. Academia is corrupt too though. Most studies from humanities are either flawed or lies.

  2. But…isn’t this a documentary like the ones that are deceptive?

  3. Well all of you complaining suck. I’m obviously a few years behind (like usual) but I thought it was great. We need more things like this that cause people to be more careful as what they accept as fact..
    I can’t believe that asshole tricked me with a damn news paper. Smdh.. -_-

  4. I’m disappointed I only just heard about this. It is the best presentation on how easy we are to deceive. Bravo.

  5. I knew it! This was seeming like a Zionist twisted documentary and then it felt like something Geobbels would come up with, but it just wasn’t sitting right what you were presenting…..I guess that’s a sign that I’m Awake! 🙂 hahaha….Fuck you Fox and friends, CNN, NBC, Murdoch and you’re whole evil lot!!! We got ya numbah!


    this documentary does very little to show at the end that ‘they were deceiving you the whole time’. i picked apart the video as i watched it being well aware of the inconsistencies and having read the comments section, i was waiting for the moment they revealed that the whole video was part of the experiment, but they didn’t. it was so very unclear. terrible documentary.

    • i have no words for your ignorance

      • I am not ignorant because I feel the film conveyed its’ intention poorly.

        You need to reassess your definition of the term. You come across aggressive.

        • Please do tell me what the film’s intention was since you are arrogant enough to assume you know what the person who made the film was thinking. Wow. Again showing your ignorance.

  7. SPOILER: A lot of people are criticising this film, and yes if you don’t finish it, it seems like a very amateur attempt at debunking the media. However, they reveal in the end that they were deceiving you the whole time.

  8. So, I stopped watching when I looked up “Dr. James Morel, climatologist” and there is only one mention of him online (probably just a coincidence) in May 2015 as becoming a graduate assistant at Kahl Lab. Um. Yeah. The first person I look up doesn’t seem to exist . . . then I went back to the beginning and looked up “Henry Fletcher, film critic” guess what? No such person. I hope this “documentary” has a pay off in such a way that makes a person think that they can be fooled far easier than they think but I won’t watch it to find out.

  9. I couldn’t get past 15 minutes. It’s horrible and the speakers are horrible.

  10. Yeah, I agree it is better to have a president who is a mass murderer oil profit-driven then environment profit driven President!

  11. Gore may have “sold” the shares to Occidental Coal on paper….. but it was more like a transfer of shares since the person He “sold” the shares to was his wife thus still having an interest in …. find the facts, read for yourself and stop following hellbound shepherds to your death you bunch of sheep………Right wing, left wing….everybody fighting for a wing denying the nutrition and life of the bird.

  12. 1: Armand Hammer (May 21, 1898[2] – December 10, 1990) was an American business manager and owner, most closely associated with Occidental Petroleum, a company he ran for decades, though he was known as well for his art collection, his philanthropy, and for his close ties to the Soviet Union.

    2: Gore family

    Occidental’s coal interests were represented for many years by attorney and former U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr., among others. Gore, who had a long-time close friendship with Hammer, became the head of the subsidiary Island Creek Coal Company, upon his election loss in the Senate. Much of Occidental’s coal and phosphate production was in Tennessee, the state Gore represented in the Senate, and Gore owned shares in the company. Former Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. received much criticism from environmentalists, when the shares passed to the estate after the death of Albert Gore Sr., and Albert Gore Jr. was a son and the executor of the estate.[71][72] Albert Gore Jr. did not exercise control over the shares, which were eventually sold when the estate closed.[73][74]

    In 1998, the U.S. government sold the Elk Hills naval petroleum reserve to Occidental for $3.65 billion. According to the government, the reserve was no longer strategically necessary, and the reserve was sold to reduce the national debt and the size of the government. To ensure competition, the field was sold in segments and offered to multiple bidders.[75] Critics cited Vice President Al Gore’s involvement with the company as evidence of graft.[71]

    Do the math and find the facts: Al Gore has one of the largest carbon footprints in America and in the world…..with large homes on the east and west coast in conjunction with his financial ties and interests in Occidential Petroleum and the companies profitability and success. He’s is a major shareholder of one of the largest coal/petroleum mining companies and has some nerve to tell the average person about a carbon footprint? FUCK OUTTA HERE>……

  13. You know you’re watching a quality documentary when there’s a constant and pointless rumble in the background the entire film.


  15. These people give the worst acting performance I’ve ever seen. They explain how all of today’s real concerns are lies by telling lies themselves. Maybe this is what this “experiment” was all about which was to see how many morons like Basse they could get to believe this trash. Granted, you can’t believe everything you see, say and read and if you do then you don’t understand how it all works. It’s up to us as intelligent individuals to find fact from fiction, but it becomes difficult in regards to this film when everything about it is fiction. Sorry Basse. An Investigative Journalist you’ll never be.

  16. Hay you will need to see the full documentery before you will say it’s shit,
    yes it’s a experement but you will se how and why, the things told in this doc its all true in the end

    Dont always use youre eyes use your bran 😛 blabla bla

  17. THIS VIDEO IS BS PROPAGANDA!!! Stopped watching after 7mins it was just too painful to watch…

  18. They say at the beginning it’s an experiment…. so, yeah. It’s proving a point about propaganda, by being a fake propaganda film.

  19. Hi, You’ve got conducted a wonderful job. I’ll certainly stumbleupon them plus our perspective propose to help friends and neighbors. Almost certainly they shall be took advantage of this site.

  20. It is nothing more than a right-wing anti-science mockmentary that takes political opposition to Al Gore and global warming.

  21. “make it possible for anyone to broadcast information, even if the information they express is based on lies” .. yes because we all know those big corporations and governments don’t express ‘information’ based on lies…

  22. Worst film ever made. I hope randall evans gets cancer and aids and dies as quickly as possible. DO NOT watch this film it’s is 100% garbage. The people who are in this movie are wasting the oxygen on earth.

  23. What a waste of time, anyone who watches this already knows to go in with an open mind, just to be reminded of it at the end was ridiculous. Pointless, uninteresting, non informative, how it was classed as a documentary is beyond me. 0/5

  24. I take back all i said or supported before watching the film.

  25. By Ramzy Baroud

    During his talk sponsored by the New American Foundation in March 2008, author Parag Khanna addressed the rising challenges facing the US’s global hegemony. According to Khanna, China and the European Union are the new contenders with the battlefield being a global ‘geopolitical marketplace.’

    Aside from Khanna’s insight, one statement particularly puzzled me greatly. “Why am I talking about Europe, China, and the United States? What about Russia, what about India, what about Islam ..what about all those other powers?” Initially, I thought it must have been an error. The speaker must surely realize that Islam is a religion, not a political entity with a definable ‘geopolitical marketplace.’ But it was not an error, or more accurately, it was a deliberate error. Khanna went on to explain that Islam doesn’t have ‘that kind of coherence’ that allows it to spread its power and influence, unlike the dominant other powers which he highlighted. According to that odd logic, Islam and Brazil were discussed in a similar context.

    This sort of twisted reasoning has flourished as an academic discipline-turned-industry since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Sure, it existed prior to this date, but its ‘experts’ and their then few think-tanks were largely placed within a decidedly pro-Israel, Zionist and right-wing political orthodoxy. In the last decade or so, the relatively specialized business multiplied and became mainstream wisdom. Its numerous ‘experts’ – who are more like intellectual purveyors – became well-known faces in American news networks. Their once ‘politically incorrect’ depiction of Arabs, Muslims and the non-western world at large, became acceptable views which were then translated into actual policies used for invading countries, torturing prisoners and flushing Holy Korans down toilets.

    It is impracticable to rationally argue with those who are essentially irrational. Many of us have tirelessly tried to wrangle with those who want to ‘kill all Muslims’ whenever someone claiming to be a Muslim is accused of carrying out or planning to carry out an attack somewhere in the world. The ‘debate’ rages on, not because of the power of its logic, but because of the heavy price of blood and gore that continues to be paid due to the deliberate misinformation, utter lies and subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) intellectual racism that defines much of the American media and academic discourses.

    Numbers are of no relevance in such discussions because absurd media pundits are not swayed by facts. In the United States, there have been nearly 900,000 gun fatalities in the last 30 years or so (1980 to present) compared to around 3,400 terrorism-related fatalities in the last 40 years or so (1970 to present). These figures include victims of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. This unsurprising fact was recently referenced by MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes and raises some critical points.

    If the US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen (plus numerous other lesser acts of violence committed in the name of ‘fighting terror’) were indeed compelled by the preciousness of American lives, then the least US Congress should do is tighten gun control laws in their own country. But respected members of Congress are fighting the good fight to keep things as they are, in the name of protecting the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution – “..the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    But rights are infringed at will whenever it suits US foreign policy makers and their intellectual peddlers. Despite the fact that the war on Iraq was illegal and that torture of prisoners is a loud violation of the US’s own Constitution and the Bill of Rights, America’s war rages on and the Guantanamo gulag is thriving. One cannot help but think that the US’s legal, political and even moral blind spots must always somehow involve Muslims.

    But of course it’s more complicated than this. Muslims are not targeted because they are Muslim. Yes, of course, religion and skin color are important layers in the massive ‘crusade’ – a George W. Bush term, not mine – in America’s so-called war on terror. But ‘hating Islam’ is also a convenient pretense to achieve foreign policy objectives that are centered around imperial domination, thus natural resources. Neither American foreign policy makers, nor their media cheerleaders who hardly take a day off from smearing everything Muslim, are not interested in Islamic theology, history, spirituality or values that are meant to espouse uprightness in the individual and righteousness in the collective. But there is an army of dishonest people who would rather comb through every shred of Islamic text to highlight passages out of context just to prove that Islam is fundamentally flawed, teaches hate or ‘anti-Semitism’ and that it celebrates a supposed ‘culture of death.’ These very men and women would have done the same, as their predecessors have, to demonize any other culture, religion or community that sat on large deposits of oil or dare exist in an area of strategic importance to the United States or within an alarming proximity to Israel.

    The anti-Islam tirade received another boost following the Boston Marathon Bombings of April 15, 2013, which were blamed on two American-Chechen brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The anti-Muslim circus was back in town, as political jugglers, along with media acrobats seemed to reach the ever predicable conclusion: hate all Muslims and do whatever possible to exploit any tragedy to further US hegemonic interest in the Middle East. Eric Rush, a Fox News pundit, summed up that sentiment when he called for the killing of all Muslims following the bombings and then later claimed that his tweets were meant to be sarcastic. Ann Coulter, on the other hand, called for women to be put in jail for ‘wearing a Hijab.’

    This type of hate-mongering is of course not random, no matter how palpably ‘crazy’ the people behind it are. It is an essential component of ensuring that a largely uninformed public is always on board whenever the US is ready for yet another military adventure involving Muslim countries.

    All of this rhetoric must also be juxtaposed with what is happening in the Middle East. There, yet a new war is brewing, one that is largely aimed at ensuring that the current chaos underway in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ countries will yield favorable results from the view points of Israel, America and the west. The new push for military intervention started with Israeli allegations that the Syrian regime is using chemical weapons against opposition forces, followed by British-French allegations, and finally, despite brief hesitation, concurred by U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

    Over 70,000 people have reportedly been killed in the Syrian civil war. In the last two years it has become a hub for unprecedented regional and international rivalry, a Great Game of sorts. The US, Israel and their allies have watched as Syria, once considered a ‘threat’ to Israeli security, descended into inconceivable brutality involving the Syrian army, various factions and bands of fighters from near and far. It was a matter of time before the US and its allies made their move to seal Syria’s fate and to ensure quiet at the Israeli northeastern frontier.

    For that to happen, Muslims must be hated and dehumanized in ways that would make war a tad less ugly and future violence, in some odd way, ‘justifiable.’

    The official purpose of Hagel’s recent visit to Israel was to finalize US arms sales to Israel and other countries which total about $10 billion. Knowing how such weapons have been used in the past, one can hardly appreciate the ‘sarcasm’ in Eric Rush’s tweet of wanting to ‘kill them all.’ Per the history of US foreign policy, violent words often translate into violent action and here lies the real danger of the supposedly crazy bunch who equate Islam to Brazil and wish to incarcerate women for wearing scarves.

    – Ramzy Baroud ( is an internationally-syndicated columnist and the editor of His latest book is: My Father was A Freedom Fighter: Gaza’s Untold Story (Pluto Press).

  26. piece of shit

  27. the most ironic “documentary” ever.

  28. I suggest you watch until the end. For those who have a mind so closed to new perspectives, perhaps you should skip to the end to get the big picture.

    And yes, all comments on youtube pend approval, only because people comment prematurely.

    • BULLSHIT. ALL the comments are PRO film.. YOU aqree just as moronic as the “guardian” of the tube flick.

    • “THEY” are watching the same channels of information that we are. They think it might help “US” become more aware, and thus be more diligent in making better choices at the polling stations. After watching a few good docs we might finally decide to get off our FAT LAZY AMERICAN ASSES and do something other than go shopping for Gucci bags and Nike shoes. Therefore, “THEY” need to counteract with this FAKE ASSED BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA! Got any better ideas? I doubt it.

  29. this film is a prime example of the art of deception. it doesn’t give any actual information or strong arguments only weak hard to verify “facts” and a lot of bashing of human caused climate change theory’s. this must be some kind of sociological expirement to see if people fall for misdirection (how could a movie about deception ever be deceptive?).

    what a load of crap.

    (if this was an experiment let me know if the results are in! 😀 )

    • It says at the beginning that it is an experiment….

    • never mind, watched it till the end and saw the big reveal… still think its a load of crap simply because its hard to watch all the nonsense that keeps spilling out and all the contradiction of them saying with what happens in the docu. unless you’re a simpleton its premise doesn’t work. if the film would have taken a more soft approach the point would have been made way better than it is now.

      at least that is how i see it.

  30. you freakin lemmings.

  31. Looks like a FOX-inspired piece, or perhaps a mockumentary.

  32. AS I see it, this is a propaganda film to make us believe the status quo ; Monsanto should continue their insidious practices, Big Pharma has the only answers, and the world will stop without fossil fuels.

  33. wow… i couldn’t make it to the end but i hope at the end they admit that the film itself is built around deception and it was just an experiment in bullshit with fake pundits.