The Assassination of Julian Assange: When The Whistle Blows

This is a short 10 minute documentary surrounding Julian Assange and
WikiLeaks. The Content involves what is at the moment is happening
with Julian Assange, what he and WikiLeaks are about and the evidence
of american correspondants going crazy when such documents like
‘Collateral Murder’ gets released.

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  1. information about military doing illigal things I can understand why that would be released but names of undercover personal and other information that could get people hurt or killed shouldn’t have been leaked.

  2. He took an oath to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t. He goes to jail. End of story.

  3. Brilliant Documentary. It makes you so passionate about a subject I had no clue about…..Wikileaks seem like a misunderstood cause because of the court hearings and allegations against Julian Assange. Hope everything works out to be honest! this world is already messed up enough without someone being sent down for doing GOOD.

  4. So Bradley Manning has proven to have supplied Wikileaks? Has that been proven in a court of law?

  5. Yeah but why do people swallow the alternative news pill so quickly? For all you know  he could be an agent posing as someone helping the great public, yet just pacifying them. Making us feel like someone’s on our side. You just don’t know. 

  6. This documentary is propaganda. It does not tell half the facts and uses the only facts that represent to spin the story.

  7. Julian Assange deserves to be in prison. He is a self important tool who is a traitor to westerners.

  8. All the issues he has revealed to the world – need to be in the public domain, He is providing  a service 

  9. Julian is a hero 

  10. YOU KNOW WHO THIS WILL BEH. its not letting me rate it… so ill do it as a comment :L (ten stars) x

  11. Sorry about the spelling of the title, I submitted the exact details of my you tube video but their must of been a mistake which is to be resolved. As for Tom Flanagan, can’t really change that as the footage was simply reality footage from a news broadcast, the importance of the clip was what he was saying rather than the present of which university he is at now. Thank you for all your comments though, their much appreciated as we are all a bunch of students and under the restrictions of being in a little town in the UK we were proud of our efforts. Support Assange! Support WikiLeaks! 

  12. They need to arrest and put in prison for life the “soldiers” (criminal sociopaths) murdering innocents from helicopters, not those who leak or report it.

  13. Assassination?
    the youtube video is called the assignation.
    not assassination.

    if he is ever assassinated, this world will seriously turn to garbage.

  14. I am speachless…May we ALL go to hell!

  15. by the way CBC news is a Canadian news channel…. And Tom Flanagan is from University of Alberta, Canada…

    • Apologies, you are of course correct. Tom Flanagan is a professor at the University of Calgary, Canada, and CBC is a Canadian broadcaster. Oh, I am a colleague of Antoniouni and was involved in the editing of the piece, so the error is equally my fault!