The Atheism Tapes

As part of the making of the documentary series A Brief History of Disbelief, Jonathan Miller filmed conversations with some very distinguished minds.

In this ground-breaking series, neurologist turned playwright and atheist Jonathan Miller interviewed six of today’s leading men of letters and science.

New York Times best-selling author Richard Dawkins, Philosophers Daniel Dennett and Colin McGinn, playwright Arthur Miller, theologian Denys Turner and physicist Steven Weinberg discuss their personal intellectual journeys and offer illuminating analyses of non-theism from a wide range of perspectives.

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  1. However corny this might be ;b

    Listen to Johnny:

    “I fly a starship, cross the universe divide

    And when I reach the other side

    I´ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can

    Perhaps I may become a highway man again

    Or I may simply be a single drop of rain

    But i will remain.”

    I can not explain that. And if there was a god, it would. But it does not.