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Garrett is a 15-year old boy living in the Alaskan wilderness with a menagerie of orphaned animals. Growing up close with nature has given him a deep understanding of nutritional needs required by diet sensitive animals on the reserve. Unfortunately, the untimely and tragic death of his mother propelled him into a downward spiral and he risked flunking out of school. This led to his father’s decision to home-school Garrett. His first assignment was to study a controversial book written over 50 years ago by Dr. Max Gerson.

Dr. Gerson found that diet could, and did, cure cancer. Gerson’s pioneering theories were controversial at the time (and even today), but Garrett took on the challenge of researching this amazing therapy, drawing the interest of his neighbors in the small Alaskan community. With the help of Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte Gerson, and grandson, Howard Straus, who gave him the ammunition needed to go in search for the truth – Garrett brought home a truth that would affect not only him, but his entire Alaskan village – all of whom wanted to know if these claims were true.

After a number of cancer patients, who were diagnosed as terminal, shared their stories and their medical records with Garrett, it became abundantly clear that, contrary to the disinformation campaign spear-headed by the multi-billion dollar medical and pharmaceutical industry, a cure for virtually all cancers and chronic diseases does exist – and has existed for over 80 years!

Garrett’s mission now is to tell the world.

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  1. It is amazing. The herbs, fruit and vegetables were put here for our healing yet we allow the doctors and pharmaceutical industry to brain wash us into thinking that their poison can heal our bodies. No amount of medical journals can negate the fact that your body is an amazing piece of machinery that is capable of healing itself if given the right nutrition.

  2. Gerson’s therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to randomized controlled trials, and thus is illegal to market in the United States.[1] The Gerson Institute promotes the therapy by citing patient testimonials and other anecdotal evidence.[13] Gerson published a book discussing the alleged success of the therapy in 50 patients, but a review by the U.S. National Cancer Institute was unable to find any evidence that Gerson’s claims were accurate.[1] The NCI found that no in vivo animal studies had been conducted. Similarly, case series by Gerson Institute staff published in the alternative medical literature suffered from methodological flaws, and no independent entity has been able to reproduce the claims.[1]

    Attempts to independently check the results of the therapy have been negative. A group of 13 patients sickened by elements of the Gerson Therapy were evaluated in hospitals in San Diego in the early 1980s; all 13 were found to still have active cancer.[12] An investigation by Quackwatch found that the institute’s claims of cure were based not on actual documentation of survival, but on “a combination of the doctor’s estimate that the departing patient has a ‘reasonable chance of surviving’, plus feelings that the Institute staff have about the status of people who call in”.[14]

    A 1994 article in the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine[15] attempted to follow 39 Gerson patients in Tijuana. Patient interviews were used to confirm the existence and stage of cancer; most patients were unaware of the stage of their tumor, and medical records were not available. Most patients were lost to follow-up; of the patients successfully followed, 10 died and six were alive at their last follow-up. Review of this study pointed out its “obvious flaws”, including “the majority of patients lost to follow-up, lack of access to detailed medical records, and reliance upon patients for disease stage information”; the authors themselves regarded the results as unclear.

    The American Cancer Society reported that “[t]here is no reliable scientific evidence that Gerson therapy is effective in treating cancer, and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical community. It is not approved for use in the United States.”[2] In 1947, the National Cancer Institute reviewed 10 claimed cures submitted by Gerson; however, all of the patients were receiving standard anticancer treatment simultaneously, making it impossible to determine what effect, if any, was due to Gerson’s therapy.[16] A review of the Gerson Therapy by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center concluded: “If proponents of such therapies wish them to be evaluated scientifically and considered valid adjuvant treatments, they must provide extensive records (more than simple survival rates) and conduct controlled, prospective studies as evidence”.[3] In 1959, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) again reviewed cases of patients treated by Gerson. The NCI found that the available information did not prove the regimen had benefit.Cancer Research UK states that “Available scientific evidence does not support any claims that Gerson therapy can treat cancer […] Gerson therapy can be very harmful to your health.”

  3. This sounds interesting but the narration was irritating I lasted about 10 minutes. Shame.

  4. Go to Gerson institute’s website and watch and read the testimonials yourself, people! See and hear it from the real patients. They are not trying to make money. You can totally do this at home; the institute is there for those who would like to have the work done for them and for guidance; that is all there is to this. I will take this therapy in a flash because modern medicine does not give cancer patients a chance to live! If this therapy gives even a 10 percent chance, it’s better than the 0 percent chance the chemotherapy offers! Everybody: go check out the website of cancer treatment centers of America and see for yourselves their 5 year survival rates they advertise: it ranges between 2 and 7 percent! This is their success rate at 5 years which doesn’t mean that those who were still alive at 5 yrs did not die at 6 yrs or so.. With Gerson there is a chance of total healing!

  5. for a big picture view, encourage you to read…

    Nobel Laureate James Watson Puts Forth Novel Hypothesis On Curing Late-Stage Cancers, Jan. 8, 2013 | Cold Spring Harbour Labs // Cold Spring Harbor/Elan pharmaceuticals.:

    An Exercise — Elan and Networking, Kai Petainen

    Gerson therapy, Robert T. Carroll, Ph.D.

  6. I tried this type of eating along with information from Dr. Essestyn and Dr. Colin Campbell. I researched foods and removed the foods that create inflammation in the body. I feel great, pain that I had for many months in my hip joints gone. Previously exercise, yoga and stretching didn’t provide any relief. RX medicine didn’t provide any relief either. I lost 13.4 pounds Feb 1-28 and many inches.

  7. Please make this watchable in Canada!!

  8. Interesting but a shame about the patronising tone.

  9. This was SO GOOD! I loved it on so many levels.

  10. I loved this documentary… Who cares if this treatment works or does not work, we can argue that forever. I think it’s nice to get back to basics and having a healthy diet without all the other sh*t in it can only help .

  11. Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplaston therapy offers the best chance of recovery for every form of cancer including those catagorised as incurable by the most severe chemo and radiotherapy treatments.
    Disgracefully his brilliant discovery and subsequent treatment has been systematically suppressed by the FDA for the last 30 years due to pressure from the major pharmaceutical companies who recognise the threat to the multi trillion dollar cancer treatment industry they have built around their often deadly chemical cancer treatments.
    Antineoplston’s are completely non toxic and are found in the blood and urine of most healthy people. Cancer patients generally have a deficit of these cancer fighting agents in their bodies. Synthesized antineoplastons extracted from human urine are therefore given to patients in large doses to fight the cancer as the body would do and does in healthy people on a daily basis when cells dangerously mutate. Antineoplaston replacement therapy if you like.
    The FDA has withheld permission for antineoplaston treatments to all but a handful of patients on clinical trials at Dr. Burzynski’s clinic in Texas. All this despite recognising the incredible recovery statistics achieved by antineoplaston therapy, whilst simultaneously attempting to jail Burzynski for ridiculous malpractice charges.
    Burzynski holds patents for many types of antineoplaston drugs and the big pharmaceuticals don’t like the idea of the huge financial hit they would take if the FDA approved his treatments.
    America – hang your head in shame that your country behaves this way towards a pioneer who could have saved millions around the world by now.
    For more info check out the doc in the health section on this site:
    Unbelievable example of capitalism at it’s worst.

  12. People who have been cured by Gerson’s protocol would disagree with those who say it doesn’t work.
    I’m sure “coffee enema” sounds odd to the uninformed, but you use special non-drinking coffee, and there’s perfectly good science behind the reason they work.
    Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch is himself the internet’s biggest quack. 

  13. Coffee enemas? Wtf. Credibility flushed down the toilet…..

  14. Just some thoughts-
    I wouldn’t necessarily say Gerson found the “cure” for cancer, however I would say that he and this documentary outlined some great preventative medicine and exposed some other important things.

    Concerning health and nutrition, so many people claim to speak with authority and say “Oh, this is good for you!” or “Oh, that’s not bad for you!” And well first of all, I think we all really need to start being aware and using a little more common sense of who and where our information is coming from. Just because some ‘authority’ (who is probably getting paid >.>) makes a certain claim about our food, environment, dental procedure, or what have you, it is not necessarily true. Moreover, I think the truth is that sometimes it takes a long time and many generations to see the effects of certain products.
    To me, it only makes sense that natural foods are better for us. After all, we have been eating them for a long time… Processed foods, well, can you really be sure that they are safe? I hope I am not taking the edge out of this documentary by broadening it so much by making it seem like this is natural foods vs. processed foods… But I just feel like processed foods in general is a huge epidemic. It is such a shame…

  15. It is very hard to find anything healthy at any local grocery. I don’t understand why they have to put uncessary unhealthy ingredient in everything. Just to poison the public and profit health and pharmaceutical companies. HOPE EVERYONE HAS WISHDOM TO SEE THE REALITY.

  16. This is great information. There is hope for everyone. It makes sense about how your body can heal itself.

  17. You can argue that this doesn’t work, But you cannot argue the fact there there are billions of dollars in profit made each year from companies selling their drugs and therapies to cancer patients. So much so that the very companies claiming to cure cancer, if they did actually cure cancer would go out of business. Therefore why on earth would they want to cure cancer? Seems like a conflict of interest to me.

    This is no infomercial as there is no central supplier of organic fruit and vegetables in the world which is literally all this that this documentary is selling. If indeed it is an infomercial as The New York Times apparently claims. Which by the way is owned by another global organisation News Corp who have their fingers in many of these pies that we talk about….
    Then if I was a cancer patient would I try it? or would I spend thousands of dollars on therapy that statistically has been proven NOT to work and is very expensive and painful?
    Well I would certainly give it a go 🙂

    PS MICHAEL as for the whole martial arts vegan thing.. Have you ever heard of a lightweight MMA fighter called Mac Danzig? if not please look him up….


  18. although this documentary provides some insights about the messed-up food industry, it’s far from being skeptical about the downsides of the alternative treatment methods as it’s towards the conventional cancer treatment methods. i was hoping to see a more objective evaluation of both the conventional and the alternative treatments. still sheds some light on mostly unknown possibilities of survival.

  19. I really dont understand why there is so much arguing over this video. It should be simple to swallow the fact that what is farther from nature will not be accepted within our bodys as well as the simple ones that we have been consuming for 100,000’s of years as primates. The only thing i have to argue about is the “vegan” belife in this video. As a athlete in kickboxing, judo, and sambo i cant start to tell how important animal protein really is untill your doing 6 hours workouts 6 days a week. Nevertheless take this video in a simple message as this: What is natural is better for you.

  20. everyone should watch this it is some eye opener

  21. If only those in government and big corporations which so strongly influence the public’s life and health cared about our well-being instead of simply financial gain. The mainstream diet and processed foods are TOXIC. Just look at the ingredients list!

  22. I think scams like this are cruel.  Preying on people who are out of options, and getting them to pay out what they should be leaving to their children.  Instead of me making a very long post, just do some research yourselves before sticking coffee up your rear ends. There is a reason the Gerson Institute has their clinic in mexico(illegal in USA), and its not a conspiracy.  The “cure” not only doesn’t work, its dangerous. 
    wikipedia has some interesting things to say, and so does quackwatch.  Just look up gerson cancer. The new york times called this documentary an infomercial, and that seems pretty much spot on to me.

    •  wo! wait… the new york times says it was? AND Wikipedia? OK now it definitely has to be true, since those are just suchhhh exceptional sources of information

    • yes. research. which will lead you to the conclusion it does work. you are clearly under the influence of the lizard-people dude.

      • from wiki “Gerson’s therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to randomized controlled trials, and thus is illegal to market in the United States.”  The Gerson Institute was founded in 1977.  If all they have to do is have it independently tested to become legal, then why hasn’t that happened?  BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK.

        • Anyone can say whatever they want on wikipedia, it doesn’t have to be the truth.

          • This is actually not true. While it is true that anyone CAN edit wikipedia, the website employs a gigantic staff of “fact checkers” who sift through every edit and every newly made page. If something is outright false it’s deleted, if something cannot be confirmed true or false wikipedia adds a warning to tell you so, and if the person has sources and links them and such then wikipedia allows you access to their sources.

            Wikipedia is as reliable a source of information as any encyclopedia as long as you know how to use it properly.

          • Wikipedia is not an approved source by any Universities standards.

    • Wikipedia is NOT a reputable or reliable source of information.
      NEITHER is a documentary, but it brings to light some very important points: 1) the harm the processed food industry has caused to human health and
      2) that pharmaceuticals are not the only route for treatment.

  23. Great. a must see.

  24. i try and tell this stuff to friends and family and they think im nuts !!
    go figure.
    this sort of information will never be mainstream unless ordinary folk pass it on.
    great documentary with real issues of the corrupt corporations slowly dumbing us down and makeing us sick to death quite literally.
    nobody who allows this to happen will ever be held responsible.(sick)

  25. Gosh, never expected this!! Documentary that makes us think about life and the way we live it. Loved it!!