The Betrayed

Fergal Keane investigates how a terrible slaughter, three quarters of a century ago, has returned to haunt the relationship between Turkey and its western allies. For decades the Armenian people have campaigned to have the killings of hundreds of thousands of their forefathers in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 recognised as genocide.

But there has been an equally determined campaign by Turkey to deny genocide with threats of reprisals against any country which uses the word to describe the slaughter. Now as the United States steps up its efforts to win Ankara’s support in any conflict with Iraq Correspondent reveals new Turkish pressures. Threats to withdraw military bases have forced the American Congress to abandon legislation which would have used the all important term, “genocide”.

The programme also discloses how President George W Bush and his predecessor Bill Clinton both broke promises to the Armenian community that they would recognise genocide. Talking to Armenian survivors, Turkish officials and key political figures in the United States Correspondent investigates a story of terrible slaughter, political intrigue and a people betrayed.

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  1. recognize the holocaust suffered by the native americans and mexicans first, then the russians and catholics and jews. more native americans were decimated than jews by far.

  2. Whatever the reason is, it cannot justify the fact that this holocaust happened. I wonder how people can easily manipulated over the religion and ethnic differences. Hate is not the solution and we have to overcome our collective history and embrace the fact as it is.

    Than we can look forward, beyond the politics I think every single human is unique and special and should be treated equally. I assume that people today are more aware of understanding and embracement and have no problems one to another over the history.

  3. It was very good and informative documentary due to interviews with the real people who encountered this great tragedy, however it seemed information was not eually collected, I doubt if people who lived this holocoust can be interviewed but the turkish and kurdish people who lived that time can’t as you may noticed they only ask to young or middle age turkish/kurdish people about this in documentary. Consists cognitive discrepancy. I’m not saying this haven’t happened but how they reflect it has one sided point of view.

    When we get to the point and real history, the events and reasons I will write here, I have to reveal that turkish and armenian population lived together hundred of years and one part of our origin is collective with armenian people and I respect them a lot. They are decent, reliable, hardworking and advenced people.

    Untill the first world war armenian community and turkish community was brotherhood, after the ottoman empire start to decline and loose it’s pover over the minorities and also over turkish people, imperialist has provoked the minorities to seperate from the empire and have their own countries, which was unacceptable for empire who was in war against colonist countries. So these people provoked to each other even though they have lived together hundrends of years. Empire was loosing blood and people were naive could be easily manipulated.

    A lot of neighbours killed eachothers because they have been provoked by missionaries and agents of coloniest powers, it was the fear of if we don’t kill them they will kill us. And the religion difference was one of the main motivation to lead these massacres.

    Because of the armenian people were minority when we consider population of turkish and kurdish people, they were the side who were in more danger and ones that given more loses.

    Ottoman empire had to take a radical decidion and since they cannot deport the majority, they have decided to flee the armenian people because the empire was in war and did not have time to put the order, untill that time ottoman empire was the most harmoniest country with over hundred ethnic groups.

    Empire was about to fall down and had limited resources even to deport these people as it should be. With no protection and decent vehicle. And since the hate campaign was continued these people attacked and killed even during the transportation.

    The conclucion is yes, this has happened and under this curcumstances. That’s why U.S.A and Britain will continue to deny it as Turkish government does,

    1. Politic reasons

    2. Because if they accept this fact soon will be discovered that who provoked these people into that hate campaign were missionaries and agents of these two countries.

    “History is always be written by the who won.”

  4. Im an kurd from Lebanon and was born in the Armenians part of Beirut.
    All Armenian that live in that part were survivors and childeren of the suvivors of the genocide that committed by turks and not to mention some kurds too.
    Germany was also invovled in this genocide.
    Armenian are very intelligent, decent and hard working people.
    My heart is beyond broken.
    Rest in peace!

  5. I once met an an old Armenian man on the train, we ended talking about how he had to flee his home, got to Lebanon then finally Australia. It is sad how people cannot not suck it up and do something right. 


    • You’re an idiot! and
      that’s a FACT right now! The entire world knows that the Armenians
      genocide happened, there are documents, pictures, and history to
      prove that, why don’t you check out some educational books and videos
      instead of suggesting others to watch the ignorant propaganda that
      you do…