The Bin Laden Conspiracy

Whatever happened to the hunt for Bin Laden? In the wake of 9/11, President Bush vowed not to “rest until we find him.” But five years into the most expensive manhunt the world has ever seen, “Public Enemy Number One” remains at large.

How has he continually evaded capture? In this controversial and fascinating documentary, key personnel involved in the search speak out.

Was Osama Bin Laden responsible for 9/11? The Bush Administration says yes, citing a grainy, badly-edited videotape that surfaced in December, 2001.

In that tape, a fat guy who vaguely resembles Bin Laden chortles about the success of the 9/11 attacks. (In earlier interviews, Bin Laden had denied responsibility for 9/11, once even deploring the loss of civilian life in the attacks and calling them un-Islamic.)

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