The Black Death

In the 14th century the Black Death was an unprecedented human disaster. In 3 dreadful years over one third of Europe’s population was wiped out. This documentary examines the spread of the plague & its effects on medicine, religion & society at the time.

Some people believe it was sent by God to punish the sins of the world. First recognized in 542 AD, the plague swept from Egypt through Asia Minor and Europe on a path of destruction, killing more than 100 million in countless outbreaks and plunging the world into the Dark Ages.

Today, much is known about this ancient scourge, and modern medicine is largely able to contain it. But its origins remain unclear, and there is always the threat that a new, disease-resistant strain could once again prove to be a major threat to mankind. The Black Death is a comprehensive look at the deadliest disease to ever strike mankind.

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  1. I read something similar in chicago

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  3. A fascinating, intelligent and very well told documentary, thank you for putting it up

  4. step 1: hit play
    step 2: hit pause, allow full video to load
    step 3: disconnect from internet, hit play
    step 4: Enjoy!!

  5. where is this soc made and where did u gert the info ?

  6. where is this soc made and where did u gert the info ?

  7. great doc