The Bronzer

Stu Larkin is a dying breed: one of the last traveling salesmen left in America. He travels the country taking orders for bronzed baby shoes, which has been a popular American tradition for over 80 years. This short documentary follows a quirky and passionate character as he provides a rare insight into his craft, human nature and small town Americana.

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  1. Oh please.’s a 10 minute doc. ..I say if the guy’s happy at what he does, good for him. Money’s great, but to be doing something you really hate, and make more money, isn’t always the best. .. Chances are, you’ll live longer doing something you love, for sure. He even stated he makes a pretty good living at it ..and he’s happy w/ what he does.’s more than most people have in life. Sometimes you just have to be happy w/ what you got, and count your blessings. There’s always a trade off. This is truly where they get the expression, ‘Money isn’t everything’. ..I’ll take less money doing something I love ANY day!

  2. This is about as relevant as going to a restaurant that serves a poorly cooked steak & all you can eat salad bar.

    • Did we watch the same documentary? This isn’t the lifestyle for me but at no stage did he come across as bitter, and believe me to be able to close 9/10 demonstrations this guy must be good at what he does, and has probably made a hell of a lot of money doing it.

  3. As interesting as watching a child making snot bubbles.