The Burden

This is the story of an old woman brought to a residence against her
will. The events take place in Spain in 2010.

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  1. Interesting. It may be weird to those who don’t know Spanish, but I know it. It is basically telling the story of this woman. She wasn’t living well by her own so she was forcefully moved to this residence/hospital to be given care.

    She does admit that she was living bad conditions but she is good now… Basically she wants to go home and live out the rest of her life there, at home where she has been most of her life. She doesn’t want to be taken care of by strangers, she prefers that family members take care of her/help her. In her words, she would rather die than continue living at this residence. Again, according to her… all she wants is to go back to her home and live out her remaining days there.

    Sad story but seems to be the care with some old folk. The family forgets about them and throws them into a “residence” to be “given care”.

  2. A very stark reminder of the people who are so easily forgotten.