The Case for Christ

The documentary The Case for Christ follows reporter Lee Strobel as he interviews a number of religious and historical scholars in order to find out if there is any proof of the resurrection, and to discover the historical veracity of the New Testament. In trying the case for Christ, Strobel cross-examined a number of experts and recognized authorities in their own fields of study. He conducted his examination with no religious bias, other than his predisposition to atheism.

Remarkably, after compiling and critically examining the evidence for himself, Strobel became a Christian. Stunned by his findings, he organized the evidence into a book he entitled, The Case for Christ, which has won the Gold Medallion Book Award for excellence. Strobel asks one thing of each reader – remain unbiased in your examination of the evidence.

In the end, judge the evidence for yourself, acting as the lone juror in the case for Christ. Has anybody ever compiled the evidence to determine the case for Christ? As a matter of fact, Lee Strobel, an atheist at the time he undertook this endeavor, decided that he would prove Jesus Christ to be a fraud by the weight of the evidence.

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  1. When I saw that all “experts” are either from a Bible college or seminary of some sort I understood that I am not going to find any good evidence of anything.

  2. Strobel ought to be ashamed of himself. Impartial is about the opposite of what he is. No wonder he got out of journalism and into religion!

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  4. i’m sick and tied of people overuseing the word beliefs…i believe that ali was the greatest of all time …my point is so what….religion/ belief needs to stop being peddled as a standard for living and be kept held very privately like Scientology or be prepared to have ur belief ass gangraped by reason,  logic, and common sense(he is hung) …. 

  5. i’m sick and tied of people overuseing the word beliefs…i believe that ali was the greatest of all time …my point is so what….religion/ belief needs to stop being peddled as a standard for living and be kept held very privately like Scientology or be prepared to have ur belief ass gangraped by reason,  logic, and common sense(he is hung) …. 

  6. found this one very disapointing, I was actually looking for an impartial study. this “documentary” is just a guy trying to convince me of the “truth”. if crist is reall, and all these things the “Bible” say are true, then why is there so many people trying to convince me all the time? wouldn’t the truth be self evident to all of us?
    I personally think Cristianity is a Fraud, don’t really want to prove it. but if you want to be a part of it, that’s fine with me, just please stop trying to “save” other people, cause that I find really ofensive.

    • so if u were trying to tell your friend/husband/mother/sibling how to get to ur house because theres only ONE way, and this person wouldn´t listen to you and is totally lost, u wouldn´t want to steer them the right way?…..probably not bcs that would just be ridiculous

      • you might have a point if there was only one way, but don’t patronise people by telling them they’re lost just cos they don’t believe something which there’s absolutely no proof for.

    • I respect ur opinion, but what you say is kind of odd bro, I’ll just go with the end of your statement where you say Christians should stop trying to save other people because its offensive. How so? How about ridiculing someones beliefs without any evidence to disprove them is offensive? How about ruling people that believe in an afterlife or a huge bearded guy on the outside of the universe is insane fairy tails ONLY because you cannot prove it exists… The logical problem with most atheists reason for not believing, is that they don’t believe because they have no proof, when, lack of proof is a prerequisite for belief! God would have asked us to KNOW in him instead of believe in him if he had made it possible to prove his existence… but I guess thats just my weird “cooky” Christian logic eh? lol

      • I feel offended when Christians approaches me (mainly Mormons) and tells me that I should be “saved”. I was even more offended to know that they think I have sin since I was born. To fuel this ridiculous claim, my sins are from the ancestors whom I didn’t know and my sins comes from events that I did not participate.

        Seriously, how can you convince any sane pure religiously-free person to follow your religion?

        For the record, I’m also not very happy about the way some atheists publicly laugh about the bible (although some are very funny).

        From my observation, there is no problem with atheists and god-worshippers in general as long as they leave each other alone. Problem arises is when people are trying to refute each other’s belief system. For example, Atheists complains about Christmas decorations in public or Christians with their anti-gay, anti-abortion movement. So STOP BEING ARROGANT AND LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE! Period.

  7. Lee, all your experts are Christians? Try this again with non-Christians and see what you find. So many of these claims are factual disasters. Why do you keep talking about eyewitnesses? They weren’t. The gospels don’t even agree with each other. It is because the bible cannot stand on its own that we need elaborate explanations (like this documentary) to help us maintain a belief that it is true, because we couldn’t otherwise. 10 years ago I read your book and went around my campus spouting the love of Jesus to my friends and professors. I was wrong. I wish you would admit the same.

  8. Overwhelming evidence that gods exist? Maybe you’d like to provide some; I haven’t seen any evidence that Christ (as a simple human) existed let alone something as fantastic as a deity.

    • I agree with mu. At best, this documentary provides evidence that Jesus was a real person and that his contemporaries *believed* he was the son of God. This doesn’t mean he really was, just that his followers and contemporaries had heard/believed that this was the case. Similarly, it’s a fact that many people believe Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy, but that fact alone doesn’t mean it’s true.

      I think there is enough evidence to say that Jesus was a real person, that he was very charismatic, and has had the best PR campaign in the history of the world from his time until now, but whether or not he’s the son of God can’t be decided by how many people say he is.

      Even if people witnessed amazing events and believed Jesus was responsible for miracles, it doesn’t mean the only explanation is that he must be the son of God. It’s equally (or more) plausible that he was a Magician who used illusions to give the appearance of divine backing to his Humanitarian message. Or that he was an extraterrestrial time traveler who used advanced technology to heal, escape his tomb etc. Why are either of these scenarios any less likely than Jesus being the son of God?

      I see no evidence that Jesus was the son of God, only that he was a real, charismatic and enigmatic person.

      • as far as the extradimensional time thing… that made me laugh. but the magician thing would have been very unlikely because jesus eventualy died very gruesomly. and i can tell you quite assuradly, that no one will dye for what they know to be a lie. also, his disciples were with jesus 24-7. eventually, would they not realize something was up? they also all died horrible deaths for their testimony as well. besides, his miricles did have eye witness acounts. I dont know of any sceintific way that its possible to walk on walter, turn water to wine, raise the dead, heal the blind, or anything like that. if there is no scientific explanation, and if its not an illusion, then i can only assume jesus was who he claimed to be

        • Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists also die horrible deaths for their beliefs. So, by your logic, I guess that means their religions are correct as well. Also, all of the extraordinary claims written in their books must be true. Because they said they were witnessed in their books. Right? Just because you write it down doesn’t make it real. You know how many people see Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, Loch Ness monsters every day? Witnesses, all of them. Must be real.

  9. Good movie but it only looks at Jesus through the eyes of Christianity. It would have been good if the movie had gone further and compared how Jesus is seen in the eyes of other religions also (such as Islam).
    This is because there is evidence on both sides that he was the son of god but also that he was simply a prophet of god whom was granted power to perform exceptional miracles. I find it confusing that Christians believe Jesus was the Son of God, but also the Son of Man or God Himself, and also a human being who was given birth to, nurtured, ate, drank, walked, talked, slept etc. Such things to not befit a God Almighty. Therefore I believe their must be some error there.
    I think Lee Strobel’s next project should be to investigate other religions such as Islam and compare their teaching with that of Christianity. Simply because this documentary was approached through one lens (Christianity) when there are many other lenses which need also to be looked through.
    Besides that the movie was great and I commend Lee on the research he did to investigate about God and Jesus, and his ability to step away from Atheism in the face of overwhelming evidence that God does exist.

    • Dear ones,..
      I can understand and appreciate the confusion of a lot of people regarding Jesus Christ. In the end, all boils down to a matter of faith. The historical evidence of Jesus’ existence is no longer diputable. There are way too many historians from the time who mention Jesus, well as the scriptures making enormous reference. The Muslims acknoweledge Jesus existence,.as do the Hare Krishnas(sp)the Buddists,..and numerous religions around the world.
      The obstacle for many is the statement “Son of God” and ‘Son of Man”. In oreder to come to Christ in faith,..the Holy Spirit must draw the person. I can not prove that Jesus is God,..I just know it, I have FAITH,.and that is sufficient for me. It would do no good to get into a debate over Jesus’ divinity. Unless you choose to believe, cannot.
      All I will say here is that I hope and pray that you and everyone will be able to allow God to speak to you,..and then you will understand. I am a far cry from a perfect Human being. All I have and all my hopes, lie in Jesus Christ. I know he IS,..and that I will be with Him for all eternity. I hope you will too.
      God bless you..


      • Thank you Jonathan C for your intelligent, compassionate post. We can not make people believe in God. The name calling and the hate tactics get a little old, on both sides, so this was refreshing change of pace.