The Cat Connection

The secret life of the cat, examining the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the feline, which is a ruthless predator in the wild.

Filmed in several countries, the programme explains what place the creature has in history, asking why it’s the most popular domesticated pet in Britain and the USA.

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  1. God made the world PERFECT and humans have ruined and are constantly ruining the earth. I also believe God made cats so us humans would have the pleasures of living with lions and tigers. Go ahead you cat-haters, have at it.

  2. It’s beatiful with gorgeous imagery.
    Just a bit low on the non-logical information.
    Maybe useful if you’ve never seen a cat in your life, but not otherwise.

  3. Interesting to see the secret life of cats outside their homes.

  4. Fuck guys cats are awesome

  5. Anybody that blames a species for damage to the ecosystem is retarded. People are the problem. They always have been. Responsible pet owners take care of their cats which in turn makes those cats no problem to anybody. Feral cats are a problem cause by people and not by the species itself.

    Humans are the only problem on this planet. All wild creatures live within the rules nature has set out, we do not.

  6. Population out of control? Destroying large numbers of wildlife? Are we talking about cats or humans??? Yes, cats do breed and destroy wildlife but so do humans (on a more massive scale). As a species we’re without contest the most hypocritical animal on earth. My cat is spayed but she’s allowed outside daily. In 3 years she’s killed numerous mice and voles (including 2 mice inside the house, thank goodness) but only one bird. I ALWAYS praise her for hunting because I want her to be what she is….a cat.

    • Do you have to train cats to kills pests like mice by gettings toys like fake mice or do they just kill them instinctively. Also was your cat taken away as a kitten from her mother at 8 weeks (as thats what happens when humans usually sell them) or after 4 months (as the mother looks after them for this amount of time in the wild). Im thinking of getting a cat because i love them and have always wanted one since i was a child but i also want one thats capable of killing mice as in the winter sometimes they get it in the house.

      • as long as you play with them when they are young they will hunt mice and do not feed them mushy food also you must train them to use the litter box at a very young age or they won’t do it at all but cats are worth it even with the expenses oh and don’t let them outside as kittens

  7. I would have to say I prefer my cats to remain indoors with an artificial garden I have provided to keep them entertained and semi-natural. I would love to let them roam out doors to do what cats do, but sadly, humans are also out there who would be only too willing to hurt my boys. The veterinary bills caused by cats on cats fighting, possible car accidents, being hurt by dogs, catching their fur on wire, eating poison deliberately left out, being captured and killed are just some of the things that can occur in a single day.
    In Australia there are up to and more 30,000 cats and dogs put to sleep every day and in my mind I would state that yes there are far too many breeding cats and dogs out on the streets. Not only do they usually end up with heart worm, but also with fleas, cat aids and a host of other potential health issues which is heart breaking to see.
    It is not that I wish to prohibit their natural instincts but to protect them as a whole from impoundments and death. It is the responsibility of every country to get their domestics pets under population control and here in Australia we are fighting for registration and micro-chipping of all cats and that they be sterilized unless one is issued with breeding papers. I am only to happy to keep my pets indoors to save our precious wildlife too.

    • ok for the cat problem in other countries here is the solution send a certain amount of captured cats to an orchard since there are mice and rats always in these orchards BOOM problem solved

  8. daftaida

    i agree with some of the issues you presented but when you shove in chem trails on same comment you come out quite differently considering its about cats

    if you ever had a cat or paid attention to it you would know torture tactics do not work when you train your cat for toilet or tricks you just saw, the russian guy is doing it quite differently tho i dont accept animal entertainment in that manner

  9. another soft and pleasant lead in to the point of the programme: selective breeding, sterilisation, depopulation.

    we had the same ‘overun with diseased and feral cats’ bs in the ’70s/80’s so everyone was encouranged to ‘rescue’, ‘neuter’, buy from rescue centre or reputable dealer. Now it’s really hard to see wild and free cats and those ‘full’ males cannot find natural females with which to mate. In the West, I’d say we do have a cat extinction problem very much underway as anything ‘unregulated’ or natural is outlawed.

    true; cats will kill wildlife but nowhere near the wanton destruction casually caused by those funding and promoting this programme; the eco terrorists. chemtrails are killing us all of but the rodents, insects and birds will decline first. actually, my cats leave the birds in peace these days, as well as the mice. they had 3 kills I knew of (birds) and a few rodents (rats mice) but they’re 10 so hardly a ‘monsanto’ death toll.

    those outlawing are the kinds of minds which we see creating a ‘furniture friendly’ breed and like the Russian clown show, these cats are not behaving naturally and have been tortured to respond in entertaining ways.

    how many different breeds of human reside currently in bio warfare labs? As for the narration on behalf of the cat …. are we 5?