The Cleveland Strangler

They say that death is the great equalizer, that no matter who you are or where your from we all turn to dust in the end but in Cleveland where Wilbert L. Cooper was born and raised life has long been divided by race and class, injustice stretches well into the hereafter. Over the course of two and a half years (2007 and 2009) 11 women were raped, strangled and murdered by one of the most heinous serial killers in American history, Anthony Sowell.

Before their deaths these women were all members of the most marginalised populations in the city of Cleveland, they were poor, black and struggling with addiction in the ghetto on the east side of town. Sowell was arrested for his crimes in 2009 and today he sits on death row but the injustice related to this case has weighed on Cooper’s mind, leading him to revisit the case and some key people related to it.


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  1. lemme guess, white people’s fault lol

  2. There was all black people involved here – black murderer, black victims, black police, black detectives in a black neighborhood…Everyone is Black, yet, they couldn’t help themselves just had inject white negatives into the story…omg.

    In the very beginning it started…lady say “if this was in a white neighborhood…” then SHE turned around and said we did all this his work for a lady getting robbed of $10.00…
    what? she wouldn’t have put that much effort into catching the robber because it was only 10.00? Right? – Right there the black detective lady is placing more value on money then the fact one of her ghetto sista’s got robbed…smh..

  3. I feel horrid for these victims, but complaining about the city doing nothing with the lot? Where is the memorial to Bundys victims, Dahmers? Idk I just don’t get it. Murder si hard for ALL victims, ALL families. Trying to make it about race? wrong

    • this comment gave me brain freeze lmao

    • I don’t think you get the point and prob never will. It is showing the cops inefficient way of handling this case and how women would have never been murdered if the cops did their job. The city needs to flip the bill for a memorial. They have money and the least they can do after they allowed a serial killer on the street time and time again. Enuff said.