The Coconut Revolution

Bougainville, with a populations of only 160,000 has managed to close and keep closed one of the biggest mines in the world. They have held their ground for a decade with antique weapons and homemade guns. These people have taken on the biggest mining company in the world and won.
This is an incredible modern-day story of a native peoples’ victory over Western globalization. Sick of seeing their environment ruined and their people exploited by the Panguna Mine, the Pacific island of Bougainville rose up against the giant mining corporation, Rio Tinto Zinc. The newly formed Bougainville Revolutionary Army began fighting with bows and arrows and sticks and stones against a heavily armed adversary. In an attempt to put down the rebellion the Papua New Guinean Army swiftly established a gunboat blockade around the island. But with no shipments allowed in or out, how did new electricity networks spring up on the island? And how were the people of Bougainville able to drive around the island without any source of petrol or diesel? Watch as the world’s first eco-revolution unfolds within the blockade. A David and Goliath story for the 21st century. A multi-award winning documentary.

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  1. touching story, I live in the USA , I feel shamed by these wonderful people. 

  2. touching story, I live in the USA , I feel shamed by these wonderful people. 

  3. Shameful big business. When will we learn?

  4. Shameful big business. When will we learn?

  5. This is a great movie. I have been a proponent of using coconut oil for a myriad of uses forever. Even with that I learned so much and would like to know if there is a manual of Bouganvillian Coconut Medicine. Thanks

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  7. Wow im just bow’n away by these wonderful ppl, it really brought joy and happynees to my heart 🙂

  8. This is amazing! The Bougainville people and BRA are truly resourceful, after losing almost everything, i am impressed with how they bounced back from the brink. What amazes me is how they craft their own weapons, power their own villages and make remedies for all sorts of ailments. I never realized the many uses the coconut could offer. From soaps to fuel for vehicles. I have never heard of this conflict before and after watching this, it has opened my eyes and i am extremely happy that peace talks have taking place. Francis is a true leader in the sense of the word. he keeps his people and the land which they live on first. i respect Francis on the highest level.