The Collapse

In the year 2210, scientists uncover the ruins of a great civilization – so powerful one could argue it dwarfed anything that came before it. Sifting through the wreckage of cities overtaken by the desert and swallowed up by the sea, they piece together a remarkable story of collapse – the story of what on Earth happened to us.

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  1. I guess He never predicted the US would become a net oil exporter by 2019. Plenty of people like him wanted oil to go high so they could get rich.
    Once we get rid of the current old fool in the WH we can go back to national oil production.

  2. Powerful.

    Start washing coconuts, you may be the 10th monkey.

  3. Just like the Roman Empire or any of the other great societies disappeared we will probably to!

  4. What a ridiculous documentary. We have the technology now to make water from sea water, or transport it from thousands of miles away. Phoenix disappearing would never happen.


  5. I didn’t know there were such massive economic profits, and promises of power, to be had in the dismantling of high industry. I was unaware that our population of seven billion was unsustainably low. I didn’t remember the United Nations readying its vast arms to enforce a sterilization of the globe, and I hadn’t realized that Cobra Commander’s Weather Dominator was now the going explanation for why global warming is fake. DaftAida, you’ve truly opened my eyes to a wiser and more mature view of the world we live in.

  6. Stop using every predictive programming opportunity to drone on about sustainability which is nothing short of mass murder. We are a planet drowning in water, yet you think we have not paid for better management of our freely available and equal to all resources? Cities are overcrowded through the wilfull displacement of peoples through deliberate invasion and war being indiscriminately flooded into cities not built to support that volume. that is all. it is common sense. the same goons are playing the Green Agenda for massive profits, power and control and you claim to not see it. this is engineered. if you do your math and research you may find that the world population falling dangerously low without any means of replenishment (sterilisation thanks to WHO/UN/NHS). We’re talking extinction. As per Huxley, Shaw, Russell et al have written of over the past century. Your green ‘climate change cum er … global warming … cum ah …. ‘ is a hoax engineered through HAARP/weather modification technologies.

    You could fit the entire world population into one portion of any continent with plenty of room and have a whole globe devoid of human life aside from freemartins (sterile men women) and sodomites slaving for the perverted pleasures of the usual psychopathic lunatics. All lab created specifically to function. Just your kind of thing?

    Now which reality are you going to wake up to or are you going to keep tilting at ridiculous, useless and polluting ruddy windmills until we’re all dust?

  7. Which What if are you pondering, What if our cities can not sustain there water supply, Oil supply or are we over populated. Which of these truths do you need to wake up too Randell. I know it is the American dream but be honest with your self and wake up. Collapes will happen what are you going to do about it!

  8. Wow!!…with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) you can make any horror story believable. Granted it’s true that the Anastazi Indians did build a great city in the desert of New Mexico and then mysteriously disappeared. Archeologists, 200 years into the future may discover what actually happened to the Anastazi but I doubt very much that they’ll be unearthing Pheonix or Los Angeles. I find it hard to believe that a single almond tree sucks up 100 gallons of water per day. Still we all must learn to conserve energy and especially water. We must find clean alternative energy resources and figure out better, cleaner and more resourceful ways of utilizing them more efficiently. This is a fine example of asking yourself…what if…?…it’s a scary question, and really…who knows…really…

  9. Why eye man.