The Collective Evolution

‘The Collective Evolution’ is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon –finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported. The documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.

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  1. Some good common sense observations, but there is a fundamental misunderstanding and mistake classifying God as a utopia or myth. For millenia many Atheists try to prove that LIFE as well as the whole Universe has SOMEHOW formed from NOTHINGNESS that then for NO REASON whatsoever IT has started transforming into millions species of plants, animals, etc. They categorically exclude the mere idea of EXCEPTIONALISM of our world and mankind though with all existing technology that can scan our Galaxy very far there is no trace of any other life.
    Most of Evil the authors talk about ARE the products of our secularization. As Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote – “If there is no God, everything is permitted”. So, now we experience the Rule of Man with all its senseless cruelty, villainy, stupidity, etc.

  2. Some of what you say is interesting. There are many things I disagree with.

    Here’s one: Vaccinations have been proven to help. And in many cases the incentive for medical advances haven’t been financial, in many cases the application haven’t either. If you consider charitable vaccinations to combat disease this is clearly the case. However the means created to distribute that vaccine, the evidence of the effectiveness still stands. 

    • Also.. In the criticism of education (which is a valid thing to criticise). I assume the makers were all educated enough to find their own opinions? 

      Regardless of the corruption that exists in the media (especially the american news) People with grand ideas such as the Venus project still have to be heard at some point.. The video cites clips and uses them as evidence for corruption, despite also using popular media to back up points.

      And the constant use of the word soul implies some kind of other worldly divinity, certainly not a sceptical evidence based approach. 

      The video is aimed at questioning things, but there seems to be more speculation than evidence.

      The money system (well mainly interest) is an abhorrent concept. We do need to look at how we live with our resources, so we can live sustainably (or even improve). But conjecture and speculation can only raise questions unless backed with some evidence.

  3. ok if we are going to give any effort to make things cleaner etc. Why dont any of them take a little time to learn how to make over unity devices? Tesla did it. A few people now are doing it. Even i made a simple 1. Try it. It will make oil a thing of the past.

  4. I am sorry to say that I took the time to watch this nonsense

    This is nothing but an opinion piece with no facts or proof that the that the assumptions presented have any relevance in todays world



  7. Phenomenal documentary finally bringing it all together. a great watch this was. thanks!

  8. awful in every aspect.

  9. This film is rubbish. There are arguments throughout the film that would be more appropriately used to advocate universal legalization of illegal substances. Drugs certainly enhance creativity, but to endorse drugs without understanding the consequences of widespread use is at least reckless. To complain about how education and money don’t serve everyone and so should be changed is reckless. The effect of the presentation is, luckily, not something that will inspire anyone that has reached maturity to start a revolution.

    Many of the opinions also expressed seemed not to be based reality. There are alternatives to using oil such as…? Without addressing how to feed 7 billion people without using fertilizers, statement proclaiming that oil is unnecessary are just bold assertions, feel-good drivel, or paranoid ramblings.

    After watching half of this video and hearing nothing more than whining and ignorance, I turned if off and tried to read something with actual substance. I recommend that others skip this one.

  10. The general vibe and direction of the documentary is ok and touches important areas affecting all of us today. Yet in some places the presented points are somewhat unclear, and self contradictory.

    Consider and feel this – We are ALL ONE LIFE – ONE TEAM – WE ARE ONE – if that is true – then there is no the “them” in the mass media who are trying to make the “us” obey, there is no “them” in “religion” who are limiting us by old stories. There is no “them” who made “church doctrine” to control the “us”. We are one life, hence the perceived them IS us. We are the ones who let the thought patterns (programs) of control, fear, manipulation be. If your were fully concious and aware, then you would see that fear and guilt are false illusions and unnecessary, then nothing or no one could instil them in you. Whether we are unconscious or unaware, and let these things take over, that’s another question. So by realizing that, it becomes easier to take responsibility and start changing from within, start waking up and seeing these thought patterns within, in order to dissolve/heal them. If ALL clearly saw fear based mass media for what it is, then they would simply choose not to experience it, so fear based mass media would cease to exist.

    Secondly if one aspect of modern medicine is indeed ego based and destructive, it doesn’t mean all are. It depends HOW you use your knife/tool, to what becomes of it. (some vaccines are useless and dangerous, not all are) Some modern medicine has been beneficiary to people in situations and saved lives, considering a person is unaware and doesn’t know how to use his internal self-healing abilities, then in some cases modern medicine might actually help him for a while, until he evolves to higher state of understanding of his body. Why seek the enemy in what is? Remember fighting only perpetuates the problem.

    And lastly… the point about religion. One cannot deny the cultural individuality that evolved over the millennia due to the reality of geographical division in this world. It is. Hence religions developed in different peoples all over. The base of these religions were a number of aspiring spiritual people (masters/teachers), who by means of teaching have tried to pass the same message to the world, as you do in this documentary. That we are all one, and peace/unity/love are our natural states. Yet over time, it’s the thoughts/programs/thought patterns that distorted the original teachings of these great teachers. Which is a manifestation of the ego, which is in all of us. Hence why seek the enemy in the corrupt system if you want to let go of it. Have you truly listened to the original teachings?

    To conclude, Eckhart Tolle is shown briefly in the beginning of the documentary yet perhaps in his books – THE POWER OF NOW and A NEW EARTH – he outlines a lot of the issues in this documentary and goes on further to help us heal and dissolve the unnecessary programs/emotions/thought patterns/behaviour by very simple means available to all, e.g. “”internally accepting what is (you can act to change, just relinquish resistance in the mind) and living in the Now (instead of dwelling in memories and regrets, or waiting for a better tomorrow)”” Anyone who watched this documentary, and thought it has the right direction but was missing and seems a little based on opinion than fact. Try those books, they are practical with everyday life imo.

  11. You may argue about objective truth,conspiracy,sheeple,’neo-hippieism’, priviledged white people, intelligence, …to use your words not mine. Most of the information presented in this documentary may be based on opinion rather than fact but facts are merely the most accurate opinions we have created thus far. It is not the opinions presented here, or who they are presented by that are important these are just a vehicle used to try and portray a much simpler truth, one that exists inside everybody, if only we, myself included, could break free of our judgements (mentioned above). The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearences.

    • This comment makes more sense than anything written above. You must have actually Watched this film as I did and understood the message they are sharing. Kudos to you.

      I thought this documentary was by far one of the best I have seen for truly waking people up and getting them to understand themselves.

  12. This is a ridiculus documentary. While I agree with some of their comments, they are in no way qualified to make such judgements, nor do they give source or proof of anything they say. They say in the credits that the info contained in this documentary comes from their higher selves (LOL). That baically means they have no proof nor legit sources and are just expressing their opinions. This would be fine if they were not so young and inexperienced, or if they at least made it clear that they are just guessing. Instead you have three obviousely over priviledged white guys droning on and on about conspiracies and the fact that society is broken, duh like we didn’t know that.

    Conspiracies?! I don’t usually buy into conspiracy, they do exist in my opinion but are never as complex, far reaching, old, or effective as the conspiracy crowd claims. I think, and evidence suggests, that even the worst or most powerful only last about ten years before self destructing due to disunity from within and exposure from without.

    Broken institutions or society?!? Yep, they are and it is. But this type of new age drivel will not correct that. I don’t claim to know what will correct it, probably total collapse. I am glad I should be dead or at least dieing when the preverbial pile hits the fan for real.

  13. must agree with first comment… its screeming neo-hippieism.

  14. From an American perspective there is one thing above all else in regards to the state of the world that is most important and that is a ‘conspiracy fact’ – The international banking institutions that control everything by controlling the money.

    The main catalyst for the American Revolution was the Founding Fathers disdain for the Bankers that controlled Britain that printed money by the boatload creating massive inflation – I think(but am not sure) it was Lincoln that commented that a wagon load of money wouldn’t buy anywhere near a wagon load of goods – as well the corrupt fractional reserve banking system that the Founding Fathers viewed as an outright fraud and theft of the people’s wealth.

    As a result of their disgust with the British system many colonies began using a new monetary system created and regulated by the colonies governors called ‘Colonial Script’, with no shady/fraudulent practices to be found and with careful control to ensure only enough currency was issued to meet the primary needs of the colonies and thus keep inflation down to pretty much zero.

    It was because of this that the British began cracking down trying to restore the British monetary system in the colonies, as things got worse more and more issues of repression and oppression came to the forefront and eventually the Revolution kicked off.

    The Founding Fathers fought hard to free the American people from enslavement to the bankers, today the bankers are back in complete control and most Americans seem to think it’s traitorous to even consider it any other way.

    The ‘American Way’ that they created considered such enslavement to the bankers to be unacceptable, today most Americans are taught the ‘Greedy Way’ and told it’s the ‘American Way’ while it is the very same system America was founded on the principle of being opposed to.

    Jefferson didn’t make the comment that ‘banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies’ because he was a paranoid schizophrenic, it’s because even after defeating them militarily and achieving American independence those bankers didn’t give up and continued trying to retake control.

    I believe it was 8 or 9 times that monetary control switched between bankers and the government during the period from just after the Revolution up until 1913, at which point the bankers regained complete control by bribing Congress and have never given it up again.

    And none of this is conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy FACT.

    If you don’t believe me maybe you will believe the words of Sir Josiah Stamp the second wealthiest man in Britain at the time and President of the Bank of England when he stated at the Commencement Address of the University of Texas in 1927:

    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again.

    However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine
    will disappear, and they ought to disappear for this would be a happier and better world to live in.

    But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.”

    You don’t need secret societies, evil plots involving occultists and vaccinations or anything else except commonsense to realize that we are in fact slaves today, not free except in speech and ignorance of reality.

    But taking the view that ‘it’s too late’ or there is simply nothing ‘us little people’ can do about it is completely comping out and giving up on freedom as that is their propaganda you are spouting.

    It has always angered me that the only people in the world who truly have the power to stop this all are constantly saying the establishment is too powerful so ‘we can’t stop it and there’s no point in trying’.

    And then we wonder why everyone in the world doing the most suffering because of it and who truly do not have the ability to stop it hate our society(especially the flagship USA) and it’s lazy, ‘sheepled’ masses so much.

    If they were in our positions and had any ability to change things they would die trying to change them, but we are too lazy and complacent and too busy watching (un)reality shows and other crap on the ‘magic box’ and talking about which celebrity slut is screwing which celebrity man-whore this week to bother with trying to change anything.

    Bah, this is all pointless anyways since the people who don’t already know probably won’t read this anyways as they prefer being ignorant to it all so they can live a guilt-free life in the pseudo-American Dream land.

    I can’t recall who said it(George Carlin seems right) but it is 100% true that it’s called the ‘American Dream’ because in order to have it you must be asleep.

    Anyways, sorry for focusing on the U.S since this is an international website, but if things are going to change it needs to start in the Good ol’ USA.

    • Yeah, I watched that documentary as well. Something about the lost story of Oz or something. Great documentary, there is a cool cartoon out now that basically tells the same story.

      • There are many documentaries out there on the subject true enough, but as an intelligent person I rely on books and other literature mainly most of which dates back to before the internet existed and which aren’t available on the internet and thus don’t link very well to ‘source’ to.

        I have yet to find a documentary that covers all the facts and that doesn’t include some exaggerations or non-evidenced claims, only a fool would come to an opinion on this type of documentary material without researching it themselves.

        I don’t see the point of sourcing since if I post one source you’ll either say it’s not credible or post another source that contradicts it, then I’ll post another source that contradicts your source and then you’ll do the same and we’ll go on forever arguing about other people’s opinions instead of our own.

        The internet doesn’t provide all the answers, finding the truth requires getting off your ass and hitting a library or (used) book store that has original works dating back to the times in question – University libraries are among the best usually for finding such works.

        I can’t really recommend any works in particular since being objective means reviewing them all not just this one or that one that say something I agree with, except I do recommend virtually all of Edward Bernays works which deal with this subject in general(‘Crystallizing Public Opinion’ and ‘Public Relations’ are the best in my humble opinion, and ‘Universities – Pathfinders in Public Opinion’ is also excellent).

        The internet is the best way to reach people and get them to start thinking for themselves, but nobody with intelligence should expect to find the whole truth neatly archived for them online somewhere. It does require some effort.

        If anyone is in the ‘land of Oz’ it’s those who refuse to do the research for themselves and think the TV and computer ‘magic boxes’ will give them all the true answers they seek.

        • O.K. Einstien, I was trying to agree with you. But you have to appear the most intelligent don’t you. Well I can give you tons of sources in print or online, I have a degree in western civics and have researched this topic probably more than yourself. What a wanker you are.

          • I don’t give a shit about appearing intelligent on the internet(though I don’t like people who act retarded either) I honestly misinterpreted your post as being an attack talking about the ‘land of Oz’ and cartoons.

            My mistake, I should have read it more carefully and I apologize for coming across hostile.

        • Totally agree with Johnny, objectivity is the key, in searching for the truth you have to strip away all barriers that might impede you. That includes your current belief system and then start again. After watching this docu and then reading some of the comments it seems that youth is against the makers of this film, no one wants to be told by some one younger than them. Personally i think it is refreshing to see young people breaking away from the many distractions that are throwned at them and question the morality of modern life, and the fact some people see them as privileged only adds to their message. What are their motives for sending such a message if they are so privileged? im afraid that if there is a difference to be made in this world maybe its going to start with the youth. Okay so this docu is not without its flaws but the overall message is a good one.

  15. I actually took the time to watch this one all the way through. Starts off with a positive message about how we all need to be more aware of out surroundings (even though it is somewhat poorly presented), but then it degrades into senseless gobuldigook.

    Contrary to the message of the documentary I encourage people to have there children (and themselves) vaccinated, as this will prevent people from dying from terrible diseases. Also, no amount of positive thinking is going to save you from brain damage if you are infected with Lyme’s disease or syphilis, that’s what antibiotics are good for. Pharmaceutical companies may be the devil, but modern medicine does have it’s true uses.

  16. Urgh, this documentary is terrible, I had to turn it off 2/3 of the way through.

    It largely consists of a group of 20-somethings repeating ideas that they only tenuously understand. Just go read the original sources for this information and pare yourself the privileged white people droning on and on.

  17. Ben – no offense to you personally but it is that behavior that is why the masses are ‘sheeple’ these days.

    Objectivity is a wonderful thing since no one side of ‘the story’ is ever true but all sides are based out of some truth, including the seemingly most wild conspiracy theories and of course the ‘official stories’ that are printed directly by PR(propaganda) firms/units 99 times out of a 100 these days.

    By viewing all sides of an argument you can pick out the bits of truth that multiple ‘sides’ touch on and/or support, and use that and simple logic to deduce what other parts of each story are most likely to be true.

    Dismissing/ignoring one side of a story because they say or do something you think is ‘crazy’ is purposefully eliminating your only chance of ever knowing the real and whole truth.

    I can barely stomach some of the crap propaganda I watch from all sides these days but I still watch it because I want to at least have a chance of figuring out the truth, and at the very least it tells me something about those that make it.

    The complete lack of objectivity in our society these days is disturbing and getting worse, it doesn’t bode well for the future of truth.

  18. Turned it off right after I saw the pyramid diagram with Illuminati on top… Sorry guys couldn’t take you seriously after that.

    • Willful ignorance eh?

      Alan Moore, quite rightly, pointed out that conspiracy theorists often believe in conspiracies because it is more comforting to think that the world is secretly under control. The truth is more frightening, no one is in control, the world is rudderless.

      Of course, the same reasoning applies to you. People who are offended by conspiracy theories react that way because the implications of a world under control are too frightening for them. Snarkily rejecting conspiracy theory without any consideration is comforting.

      But, it’s also disingenuous, an emotionally driven reaction, rather than a rationally evaluated position.

      The intellectually rigorous thing to do would be to withhold judgment, look at the sources and decide which you find credible, and try to organize the more valid information into your worldview.

      After all, there ARE lots of conspiracies out there. To deny that, is to deny human nature

      • Thanks for telling us how we feel and what we think. Sheeple?! Truth is you are following something just as we are, simply because it is a conspiracy doesn’t make it any different. Yes, there are conspiracies in this world, many many conspiracies. But, in my humble opinion, they very seldom last more than about ten years before self destructing under the very logic that creates them, a willingness to betray and be secretive. Of course unlike yourself and most other cospiracy fanatics I do not claim to be all knowing or some self made Yoda, so maybe I am wrong. You know there are more productive and less confrontational ways to appear intelligent than to always think you know something that the masses do not.

        • I must admit I don’t disagree with you on the point that many conspiracy theorists these days are just ‘sheeple’ in their own right following a story simply because it contradicts the official view and fits their rebellious nature rather than because there is actual evidence to support it or because they actually understand it.

          But it’s in poor style to imply that all ‘conspiracy theorists’ are that way.

          I myself use methods I employ as an historical revisionist to address the conspiracies – objectively viewing all sides of the story and comparing and analyzing them to find the points of agreement that are most likely to be true or are flat out undeniable facts; then ignoring everything except those facts and where possible comparing those facts to forensic evidence and other ‘hard’ evidence that is available.

          For example most people would be amazed at how much of the actual evidence contradicts the official history of WWII in regards to the politics and propaganda and such, but it doesn’t surprise me as I have read every book and poem and other literary piece written about the existing politics, war, racism, etc. from the early 1930’s through to the early 1950’s that I can get my hands on as they are mostly free of the propaganda and generally reveal the actual reality of it all.

          Official histories of WWII, WWI and all other wars aren’t about the truth as they have to incorporate the war time propaganda into them lest the people realize they were being lied to. It amazes me how few people grasp that simple fact.

          And I’m not even referring to anything about the Holocaust but just how Germany’s arguably legitimate reasons for invading Poland have been erased by the official history and replaced by the PR slogan of ‘unprovoked Nazi aggression’ used to justify a massive war.

          Usually revisionism doesn’t involve so much telling people ‘how it is’ but rather simply pointing out ‘how it is not’ based on the proven facts and how they almost always contradict every side of the official history since every side of the story is usually biased in some way and ‘slant’ their views accordingly.

          My views in this regard are the same as my scientific views – believe only in the direct evidence, the theories or ‘stories’ are just personal perceptions/interpretations based on that evidence which are influenced by prior belief’s, and are rarely if ever anything close to being truth.

          But there are cases of conspiracy theories where significant amounts of evidence exist in support of the alleged conspiracies and that evidence allows an intelligent person to reach an educated and logically deduced conclusion as to ‘how it is’.

          I haven’t seen a single conspiracy theory documentary here or anywhere else that I have agreed with 100%(most are more like 50% at most, some are 0% or close to it), but they are all usually based out of the same evidence and thus do have the correct ‘concepts’ and thus I so support them to some extent on the basis that intelligent people should judge each claim on it’s own merit rather than the whole body of the work.

          Again all of this is a simple matter of being objective, something that is taboo in today’s world I know but that’s exactly why it’s so important – it wouldn’t be taboo unless some or all of the people in power thought that being objective would lead to unwanted/undesired conclusions being reached by the people under them.

          It’s why no matter how real a story is and how much evidence supports it if a person makes the mistake of pointing out that say he got even a small portion of the info from a source like PressTV or RT or another non-corporate media source the entire story and that person gets dismissed as pure nonsense.

          The issue of the corporate media(the ‘echo-chamber’) is that it is seeking a monopoly on the world media(85%+ already owned by 3 mega-corporations), and in doing so it seeks to abolish objectivity and establish a world-wide monopoly on the propaganda that they spout as truth.

          This is why films such as this whether 100% true or not are very important for no other reason than to make us think about these things rather than allowing the corporate media to do the thinking and tell us what our views are supposed to be.

          To allow the corporate media to monopolize the truth is the ultimate crime in my view and why I am so outspoken about the ‘sheepled’ masses needing to regain some objectivity.

          And I do not mean ‘sheepled’ to be offensive, I myself was once ‘sheepled’ as well, but in my experiences I’ve found people only take offense to things they know either consciously or subconsciously are partly or entirely true and they don’t want to face that truth.

          So offending people can sometimes be one of the best ways to get them thinking about those things and as such I won’t apologize for it(in general, individual cases are another matter).

          You don’t have to ‘know it all’ to know when you are being lied to.

          • Are you serious, get real man. There was absolutely no good reason for Germany to invade Polland, and even if there was what they did when they got there is absolutely sick. Now I know you are some weirdo, get a life pal!!

          • By the look of this last unintelligent attack.. You must be the same person that has been responding to all of Johnnys posts. what a waste of time it has been to read your replies. absolute nonsense.. You are completely ignorant and most certaintly the target audience that these young inspirational men were trying to reach. what a shame. you and other mindless, insensitive, and negative persons are the reason humanity is no longer evolving. I hope you havent reproduced. Please dont bother attacking me personally it will only prove my point entirely.

            Johnny, i enjoyed reading your posts. very interesting.

          • I agree with everything you stated, some people for some reason have to get way to tech. or anal. or have to shred every word.the message was to look in side your self, and be your own guide.they also asked a simple Question.Something isn,t right in the world,and Politics isn,t helping Religion isn,t helping the financal world sure as hell isn,t helping .and we are wakeing up to the fact that someone is pulling the strings.its a good thing that some of the young people realize, that what there parents have held up as truth, and supported all these years. Is about to come tumbling if the next Generation, finds a new improved way of life that benifits them, then more power to them.after all there going to be living that life.the ending message in this Doc. was about letting go of the world the way it is now. i fear theres going to be world wide revolution, sooner or later maybe sooner than later. Hope its not because we are all starving and poor, and homeless. Hope its for freedom and a better way of life. my Generation tried back in the sixties, but they put the clamps on us Quick.the war on drugs etc. but we did stop a war .and i have faith that this next Generation will do the right thing .The main thing is for everyone to be aware and to get involved .If you want my advice i think the whole world needs to stop, and take a breath .Then try to get a grip on whats really happening, and take one problem at a time .Change the things that need changing .But really take a hard look at things.after all we are all in the same lifeboat ..