The Core

For centuries we have dreamt of reaching the center of the Earth. Now scientists are uncovering a bizarre and alien world that lies 4,000 miles beneath our feet, unlike anything we know on the surface.

It is a planet buried within the planet we know, where storms rage within a sea of white-hot metal and a giant forest of crystals make up a metal core the size of the Moon.

Horizon follows scientists who are conducting experiments to recreate this core within their own laboratories, with surprising results.

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  1. Amusing.
    Michio Kaku talks about intelligence and about dummies, and then he says “…physicists, engineers, we need more of them, not less…”.Perhaps whilst he is being “intelligent and educated”, he could learn to use adverbs of degree and adverbs of frequency correctly in English.
    Example: “We need more of them not fewer” / “We need more of it, not less”.Very simple Mr. Kaku. I could explain it for you in Japanese no trouble at all.

  2. this planet is METAL to the CORE!!!

  3. fascinating revelation. also, the way I see it, to add scientific inderstanding about our planet, earth’s magnetic field changes slowly every 2.600 yrs. we call that polar shifting. I believe and I’m not imposing it, that the earth experience two major shifting: one, every 2,600 yrs, earth shifted by itself, that’s internal force. secondly, earth shifted every 3,600 when planet NIBIRU cross our path, an external force. as earth changes its polarity, internal heat and pressure increases. one way to prove that is the ice is melting in the north pole. the increse internal heat travel’s to waters of the deep ocean and that causes the ice to melt in the north pole. with it, the internal pressure increases, pushing the earth’s top layer, thus producing earthquakes. an increase of earthquake’s magnitude and the increase on earth’s temperature only means that PLANET EARTH IS GROWING. on Theological Science, based on Gen.7:11-12,says that “…on that day all the fountains of the deep were BROKEN UP, and the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN WERE OPENED.” it means that God is a wise God who uses what He created, as one of interpretation. God send a meteor or asteriod, hit the earth and cut it deeply. back then, earth was solid and we call that as PANGENIA. as it deeply crack the earth, it realeses the waters from the deep and cover the whole earth. we call that The Great Deluge. as an asteriod or meteor hit the planet earth, it created a mushroom clouds the also cover the earth, and in verse 12 it says, ” And the rain was on the earth forthy days and forth nights.” hebrew writter weren’t able to figure out How long the water covers the earth. so they coined a word or a phrase ‘forthy days and forthy nights’. it means that it happenned for a very long time. for the earth to grow; first, there must be an increase on internal heat or temperature and pressure. WATER act like an ANTI FREEZE. a concentrate water like deterium or heavy water reduce the excess amount of internal temperature. in order for the earth to grow, water must be release. so God send a meteor or an asteriod to crack the earth, thus releasing the heavy or concentrate water from the deep. eventually, without heavy water to check the internal heat, the earth grow or expand. the pressure increases, pushing the earth’s layer to expand. Oil, as a lubricant, to reduce friction on earth’s movement. if we extract oil as earth’s lubricant, is there any possibility that an increase on volcanic activity and earthquake occured? everything has a purpose, so oil must have a purpose. the water releases from the deep act counter act the pressure and the heat from within, thus preventing planet earth from exploding. one scientist commented that ‘ if there’s a large portion of water that covered the earth, where can you put the high volume of water? answe: as the earth begin to expand or grow, then the land begins to appear. it’s like a baloon, draw a map of U.S., put a 1/64 gap on the baloon and blow air on it. what happend? the gap of 1/64 increases, sort of the same with what happened to our planet earth. so PANGENIA was gone, continents appeared.

    • Peronsally, I believe the Bible to be nothing but bunk. A collection of folk stories passed down through generations of people who didn’t have a written language, until the twisted remnants of the originals reached the ears of early scribes. For anyone who wishes to live by the Bible – or any religious text, for that matter – they may believe what they wish and all power to them. However, I do not agree in raising the issue of religious texts when debating or commenting a scientific theory, observation or suchlike. I would like to point out your use of the word Pangenia, because I don’t understand where it comes from… I can see absolutely no reference to a Pangenia anywhere, could it be you mean Pangea, the hypothetical supercontinent that graced the face of the planet before it split to produce the continents as we know them today? You also forget that the Earths crust is being created along the mid-Atlantic Ridge and being swallowed again on the other side of the globe, along other mid-ocean sea-floor features and at the edges of thetectonic plates in a conveyor of convetion and subduction. I can’t understand your theory of the Growing Earth – simply because there are too many scientific facts that are completely ignored by it – but again, if this is what you believe, then all power to your arm. I shan’t refute or belittle your belief, I am just trying to understand it.

  4. “For centuries we have dreamt of reaching the center of the Earth.”

    Err. No I haven’t.

  5. Pretty HARDCORE to say the least.

  6. very interesting documentary some nice visual graphics!

    • You really should gather yourself better information (or any at all) before stating things as “fuckgreece”.
      I suggest you pick other sources apart from the usual.