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  1. wonderful movie….everyone in this world should watch it.Capitalism has only given misery,poverty and all the negative things…Oh yeah!!!! It has also given the so called progress ‘Sorry i missed It’!!!Sorry about that my capitalist friends…

  2. This whole Movie was extremely Biased, i know where they come from, but so much of it was highly dramatized and exaggerated, and almost the first half hour wasn’t even about Corporations or the movie in general.

    • absolutely, corporations are the reason that we have entered the modern age. Almost all of the technology within the film was developed by a corporation. The point should have been more associated with the sneaky back deals that corporations tend to do and by being a large entity they are able to bypass american justice. Not to mention that thanks to the supreme court they now have the ability to purchase politicians for there own interests.

  3. Definitely one of my favs of all time. Watched the corporation in my business class in freshman year, and i watch it again every year.

    That copy is pretty bad, this one is better:

  4. link did not work for me… found the full movie here, still watching so I don’t know if there are any glitches. looks good though

  5. like it says, now available on bit torrent

  6. like it says, now available on bit torrent

  7. One of the best documentaries around. Shame that it hasn’t received more attention it deserves.