The Day John Lennon Died

On December 8 1980 the news that John Lennon had been shot dead caused shock waves around the world. The Day John Lennon Died is a brand new documentary for ITV1 that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the former Beatle’s death by revisiting the key moments of that fateful day.The film retraces John’s steps on the day leading up to his murder through the strikingly vivid recollections of those who came into contact with him. It features often emotional interviews with key figures, from wife Yoko Ono Lennon recalling her final moments with her husband, and fan Paul Goresh who was to take the famous photograph of John with his killer, Mark Chapman, to the radio host to whom he gave his last interview, the record producer who recorded John’s final piece of music with him on the day,,and the doctor who battled to save his life.

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  1. Didn’t think it was that long ago. Sad

  2. “You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die.” – John Lennon

    I’m one of the millions who wish you were still here to fight. You’ve already inspired generations and will continue to do so for generations to come. Maybe it’s not possible for this world to ever actually be at peace with itself, but we’ll keep fighting here until we see you smiling in the sky with diamonds again. We’ll all get there some day.