The Death of Yugoslavia

The Death of Yugoslavia (Serbian, Montenegrin,Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian: Smrt Jugoslavije, Macedonian: Смртта на Југославија, Smrtta na Jugoslavija) is a BBC documentary series first broadcast in 1995, and is also the name of a book written by Allan Little and Laura Silber that accompanies the series. It covers the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. It is notable in its combination of never-before-seen archive footage interspersed with interviews of most of the main players in the conflict, including Slobodan Milošević, then President of Serbia.

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  1. This is a great documentary, do you guys know about any other that follows with what happened after 1995? Specially the 1999 bombings and Milosevic trial?

  2. peace among south slavic peoples! there has been enough bloodshed, fear, hate, killing and madness. It makes no fucking sense. let us see and know each other as brothers and sisters that we are. FORGIVE

  3. Atleast we got rid of the savages from the south.

  4. It’s so frustrating to watch how Milosevic an his Serbian government officials act as if they are the neutral party at every step during the rise to conflict.

  5. WOW I always wanted to know how the worst act of ethnic cleansing since hitler, (except african) was allowed to happen I was in the USAF at this time and asked one of my commanders WTF why ?, he said and I quote ” You dont understand these people invented the term slash and burn, none of them are innocent,just victims” Please can anyone tell me where their any who cried bullshit and refused to mass murder people ? I understand fighting but my god, cross or cresant how can you live with that blood on your souls ?

    • Judging by your english language skills i dont believe you are an eng speaker / american, not to mention USAF. But as for your point, well, it seems you think yourself and america much better than this. How wrong you are… and how ignorant of the true face of the US government you must be to look from above down upon these things. this ”slash and burn” is often what happens when US government brings its freedom and democracy to country after country, corrupting their leadership and hijacking their economy. Mass murder is taking place in the whole world, my friend, by those that design and sustain economies that drain the mass to benefit the elite. only this murder isnt with a gun, and it is much slower and more painful. And it seems no country has produced such masters of deception and manipulation who achieve this, as the USA. Lets face it, no other country in moddern times does stuff like staging a terrorist attack on the scale of 9 / 11. So when you ask ”how can you live with that blood on your souls?” how can we not feel the irony?
      But yes, ”blood weighs heavily on many of our souls”, many have gone insane, and unfortunately many still desire revenge and keep fueling the conflicts. Balkan is indeed a sad place. some areas less some more. there is a slowly rising percentage of positive attitudes of balkan nations towards one another i hope

  6. This was good enough to watch all six episodes. Even though it was European produced, they do a great job presenting all sides.

  7. Serbs destroyed Yugoslavia… They are the reason we started to fight… they are the reason our brotherhood is destroyed! I hope Miloševič burns in hell right now… Well atleast we don’t fight anymore. I’m glad the things got better. Serbs tought they are the leaders of Yugoslavia… they tought Yugoslavia is theirs… SMRT!

    • People like YOU are who destroyed Yugoslavia. There was no ONE villain you were all involved as much as the Serbs were. Asshole.

      • majkl has a point tho doesnt he. Milošević indeed sparked the dark flame of nationalistic pride in serbia. Serbs went to war with vigour, not for yugoslavia, but for serbia. true yugoslavs, both serb and croatian, whished to AVOID WAR AT ALL COST. but the flame spread and consumed us both. not saying there wasnt the same nationalistic thing in cro, just serbs were the 1st. they were most powerful nation in yu and so there you have it … 2+2

        • croats like to think they were only defending themselves.. today if some1 publicly mentions Ahmići or something of the context he is immidiately called an anti-croat and stuff. thats not gonna work. lets face it, croatians were ”conquering” bosnian lands where croats lived. yet tuđman says in the interview ”we were only defending” those areas. lol. isnt that exactly what the serbs were doing? are there really good resons to declare serbia the main troublemaker of the area?

  8.  A few parts could have been translated better. For example, Milosevic never actually said “You will not be beaten again!”, it was more along the lines of “Why are they beating us?” to which Milosevic replied “No one is allowed to/should be beating you”. There are a number of mistranslations in this documentary and I think it would have been better if they translated what each person said word for word (where possible) instead of trying to add English expressions or sayings here and there as they’re not always accurate. But then again, this is a common problem with documentaries which use foreign clips.

  9. Same as the comment above…and greetings from Sarajevo 🙂

  10. Great documentary. Watched it completely.