The Doomsday Code

What is the real source of these ideas that so many people attribute to the book of Revelation? Whoever wrote it sheltered in a cave on the Greek island of Patmos, probably a refugee from Roman occupied Palestine. He is also likely to have consumed the local hallucinogenic magic mushrooms. So rather than taking these bizarre visions literally, it might make more sense to try to understand them in their historical context.

There are some 40 apocalyptic books from this era but this was the only one that made it into the Bible. If the author was writing about the hated Roman Empire, it could be that the seven heads of the beast meant the seven emperors.

The mark of the beast could be the head of the emperor on the coins. The dreaded 666 very likely represented three letters indicating the Emperor Nero – representing letters by numbers was, and is, common in Hebrew. If so, instead of being a description of a world in chaos, it could be seen as a book of morality, optimism and faith.

Let’s hope the End Timers start to see it like that before their actions really do bring about the end of the world.

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  1. Post Obama and birther movement and after 4 years of Trump and Mullah Omar Pense and now with disaster in west Asia post october 7 and destruction of American democracy to protect the state of Israel, this documentary is more accurate and needed to be shared than ever before.

    Watched it almost 2 decades ago, and it has been helping me to understand the Bush actions followed by Trump’s 3 christian Taliban choices of the supreme court judges.

    US is in deep trouble and only a few steps away from a full theocracy with blessing of the so called “liberals” because they are too afraid of standing up to these fascists.

  2. Did the math and for blood to reach the 4 feet height (up to the horse’s bridle) and spanning for 200 miles god would have to kill 2292618181.818 people that’s almost 2.3 trillion people China better remove that one child law if we hope to achieve that!

  3. People need to stop worrying so much about some magic man in the sky, and concentrate on the problems at hand.

  4. “God will pour out His wrath on all those who rejected His love, kindness and mercy…” LOL LUDICROUS!
    I wish the end-timers would get off the planet and leave it to those of us who love and cherish it.

  5. I have a website that documents things that might be of interest to those who view this documentary. Everything from out of body experiences i had to the theory that revelation speaks about recent historical event, to finding your life mission. All in the name of bringing light to the darkness. If you are interested please visit  

  6. You will all have a shock this winter when the Liar comes and you’ll understand that all the movies, documentaries, etc about UFOs, Christianity, etc were meant to get you prepared by guys like the owner of this website… It will not be too late to pray to Christ but will you recognize the events? Don’t think so…

  7. Actually ignore my last comment please, i was off my head on LSD at the time and though it would be funny to pretend i believe that shit. There is no God, its all made up crap designed to keep us in line and only a very weak mind or the miseducated would believe any of it.

  8. America is plainly the bringing of evil and death, America is the anti christ…. and christ will come again, and destroy the false God, that promises good and salvation with its ruling of all things.

  9. Pilots and truck drivers should be forced to swear on the Bible that they’re not Born Again, in case the Rapture is real.

  10. An excellent documentary. I always wondered why American right wing Christian fundamentalists were always in such support of Israel since Judaism doesn’t believe in Christ. The realization that these people desire the end of the world and want to bring it about, is no different than a pyromaniac wanting to watch the world burn. Since the U.S is the most powerful country in the world and is supported with this type of doomsday belief, only confirms my belief about what true evil really is.

    • Christians desire the end of the world, not to bring pain and suffering among their peers, but to be reunited with Jesus Christ in a place He has prepared for us to live in harmony. So yeah, the pyromaniac comparison… not valid.

      • And people actually believe that crap huh? Amazing.

      • Hi Rachel. For the record, I don’t care if it is a Christian crusade or a muslim Jihad, it is all mindless fanaticism that is in contradiction to a faith you say you support. I don’t recall anywhere in the bible Jesus approving the destruction of the planet, or killing billions. Do you hate life so much that you feel justified in taking everyone with you? True christians would never support this mindset. Death comes to us all, and if you want heaven,(eternal peace) it will come soon enough. Time to re-examine your logic and your faith. The pyromaniac comparison is absolutely valid, because the end does not justify your means. In my opinion, for you to have this belief because something someone wrote hundreds of years ago, is just insane. Time to go back to school and be re-educated on on the concept of ‘critical thinking’. Best wishes to you, and Live long and prosper. If you don’t want this, then live and die in ignorance, and leave everyone else out of it!

  11. Ironic how humanity will probably bring about the death of itself. There’s me thinking suicide was a sin :-s

  12. Ironic how humanity will probably bring about the death of itself. There’s me thinking suicide was a sin :-s

  13. what its like … havin a RONI