The Edge of Being

This short documentary is about the Russian spaceprogram, seen from the perspective of small town Russian farmers and citizen.

Point of shooting: Russia, Pleseck. Northern base of Russian aerospace forces and deserted in woods village where the splinters of space rockets fall.

Created by Dmitry Zawilgelskiy

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  1. Great concept, fucking beautifully filmed.. I think this is the best thing i’ve seen on this site. Can’t go wring with resourceful russian peasants and soviet space programs. 10/10

  2. If my name is jackmeoff, how can I be serious? Instead of asking “why so serious?”, why not ask, why such a simple reply from new2Internet? By the way, I am a serious fan of Frank Zappa. 😉 All is well. I am only serious when people don’t pay respect to such artistic endeavors….but, perhaps you are right. I can be stupid like the rest.

  3. Come come, jackmeoff. Why so serious?

  4. In Soviet Russia, documentary watches you.

    • That is an unnecessary comment…….borderline juvenile….no wait, it is juvenile. Why didn’t you comment on the artistry of this thoughtful mind-provoking portrayal of simple people living in harmony with nature alongside the government’s ignorant shortcomings? Maybe because you are not only “new2internet” but also new 2 life.