The Fabulous Life of Wallstreet Brokers

Ever thought about how those Wallstreet Brokers lived, while speculating with your money and burning it in the financial crisis? In this documentary you see the homes of Billionaires and multi Millionaires who earned their money on Wallstreet. But they don’t only have huge appartements and residences, they have their own private jets, luxury yachts and so on. Not even thinking about small investors they made billions of dollars and enjoy their lives. And you – what are you doing now???

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  3. 1 min at most, if you reach five you are a hero

  4. No kidding – awful. Unless you like “lifestyle of the rich and famous” type crap don’t waste your time. I couldn’t make it thru 2 minutes of this garbage.

  5. Wow this documentary is terrible. Idolizing wallstreet brokers.

    I did catch the Angels & Airwaves song near the end, though. 😉