The Female Orgasm Explained

The sexual revolution of the ’70s has allowed women to claim their right to pleasure and to better know their body. However, 30 years later, the female orgasm remains mysterious to a lot of people – both men and women.

Most of us can recall that scene in the movie “When Harry Met Sally” and Meg Ryan is moaning and groaning having an alleged orgasm. In the movie she is obviously faking it. The movie endeavors to show that women have the ability to confuse or mislead their men into believing that they are actually having and orgasm.

Unfortunately for men, no matter how much they scream or moan, they cannot fake an orgasm – as well, let’s face it, a masculine orgasm is rather messy.

During the 1970’s the sexual revolution enabled women the ability to lay claim to a right of pleasure in the bedroom; for the first time in public society, women were able to better understand their own bodies and discover what it actually is that enables/causes the orgasm. However, we are now 40 years since that revolution and for many men the onset and occurrence of feminine orgasm remains a total mystery.

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