The Fight Of Their Lives: Benn v McClellan

Britain’s most brutal, controversial fight. Boxing’s most compelling story. A new ITV1 documentary revolving around the infamous world championship bout between Nigel Benn and Gerald McClellan in February 1995.

The Fight of Their Lives is a story of human courage, the search for the truth and for redemption. It is a story that reaches far beyond the ropes of the boxing ring.

Gerald ‘The G-Man’ McClellan was one of the hardest punchers in history, a fearsome boxer who fought pit-bull dogs. Today he is brain-damaged, cared for by his sister Lisa.

Nigel ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Benn was a soldier turned world-class boxer, renowned for a playboy lifestyle. Today he lives in Majorca spreading the word of God. Having attempted suicide, he is coming to terms with the life he led and the people he hurt.

“This was a truly great fight. It fulfilled the prophecy.” (Don King)

“That was one of the classics. Like the Rumble in the Jungle.” (Brendan Ingle)

Benn v McClellan was a classic contest, laced with brilliance and controversy until its tragic end. So many lives were altered that night in 1995.

Benn was knocked down twice but recovered to achieve the most dramatic victory of his career – perhaps of any boxer’s career.

The fight has never been shown on TV since and controversy over what happened that night persists today. The stories of the accused, talking for the first time, make for emotional viewing. Unseen footage throws new light on the story.

Boxing legends and A-list witnesses Barry McGuigan, Jim Watt, Frank Bruno and Manny Steward contribute their own powerful testimonies.

In 2007 Benn and McClellan were reunited, an incredible moment captured for The Fight of Their Lives. The reunion was meant to bring closure.

However, there have been fresh allegations, further twists and new discoveries made since then.

Interweaving past and present, the amazing narrative of a hidden sporting classic, the emotional testimonies of the accused and the incredible stories of two men, this will be compelling viewing.

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  1. They say it was fight of year…It was fight of the decade…These two were pure knockout artists…Every punch they through was meant to hurt.A man nearly lost his life.
    Phenomenal fight….God bless you Gerrard..

    • Thanks for the link.  Finally able to watch this sobering yet immensely interesting & entertaining doc.  Cheers.

  2. Sad Sad story… Well done doc

    • “McClellan was involved
      with fighting pitbulls, and on one occasion had used tape to bind the
      jaws of a Labrador shut and allowing his pitbull dogs to kill the
      Labrador”  too bad it didnt happen to the POS sooner.  Don’t you just love when Karma kicks in?

  3. juiced up as a mother fucker!