The First World War

Although the First World War gets less attention than its successor, it was really the watershed event of the 20th century.
This conflict shaped the world that came after to this day. It was the catalyst for the rise of soviet communism in Russia, whose unraveling less than a decade and a half ago continues to affect worldwide diplomacy and economics.

Germany’s defeat provided the opportunity for fascism and Hitler to come to power there, causing the Second World War and its greater destruction.
The defeat of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War and the diplomatic and political morass that followed was the precursor for the reconstitution of Israel and eventually brought the Middle East into center stage today.

This series is based upon the books and encyclopedic knowledge of Professor Hugh Strachan. It examines every aspect of the war, from its causes to the conduct of the war on and behind the front lines to its aftermath.

In doing so, it covers the diplomatic, political, military and social aspects, each of which played a role in shaping what happened and why. It does not just present the summary facts but goes in depth in its explanations.

For example, instead of simply depicting the spring 1918 German offensive on the western front, it gives detail about how they accomplished it, the attitudes of the troops on each side and the thought processes of the respective high commands.

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  1. another good documentary pulled from the viewers. no longer available.

  2. well made doc,but factually incorrect.Like every other American made doc,movie,book,ect. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT ALL THIS MEDIA GOES THROUGH A FILTER. Here is an obvious example. This doc says Germany funded the Bolshevick revolution in Russia. Truth is that Wall Street bankers,mainly Jacob Schiff funded Jews from N.Y. to revolt. In fact all the top commissars were Jews….look it up…

  3. An endless demonstration of human folly.

  4. From our most influential to the least, from our wealthiest to our poorest, we as a species will always be guided by fear and greed

  5. Excellently produced, researched and narated.
    this is a must see documentary for anyone interested in the First World war or military history itself.
    One can only hope we dont repeat the mistakes of the past but alas it seems all to often we do. 

  6. The stupidity of war and the sleepy masses who back it as a good. I hate human race.

    • so you hate yourself. imbecile

      • Na, just nationalism. Apart of the human self that is coming to an end. To make rational ppl do irrational things, under the guise of nationalism.  Its a shame, it still goes on..

        • The sleepy masses? Why is that all fools who post comments on the web, some how believe that they are better then hard working people who made bad choices? Give your head a shake. What is the answer oh PersonalBeing, please show us all to the light and let us bask in humble adoration at your infinite wisdom.

          There are far too many uneducated fools on the internet, who use statements like “sheeple” or “sleepy masses” and pretend that they have some how risen above there fellow man.

          Next time you post a comment. Post your oppinion, don’t make a ridiculous statement. Simply write the words, I THINK in front of your self righteous statements and stop your mongering.


          • Sorry for peace mongering lol

            I would expand my thoughts on this field but I feel I’d be wasting my time with you. Your above statement is an attack on my thoughts but you ‘never’ prestented a thought on the your own regarding the subject matter? 🙂

            Tell me why i’m wrong and keep to the subject matter?

  7. This is an excelent docs

  8. thank the fucking filthy serbs for this. over  10,000,000 people dead.

    • and some 110 years later they once again emerged as the butchers they are being directly responsible for the worst genocide since ww2…interesting enough they immortalise Gavrilo Princip in songs and folklore as a hero the exact same way they immortalise Gen Ratko Mladic as one…..those who arent familiar with history are bound to repeat it…..

    • Why blame those who only killed one guy? Why not blame Austria? After all, they started the war.

      To fight, you need two parties. All are to blame.