The Foreign Legion: Tougher Than The Rest

A documentary looking into the French Foreign Legion, long known as one of the most mysterious and secretive fighting forces in the world.

Men from all over the world have left their pasts behind to start a new life as elite soldiers in the Foreign Legion. This film looks beyond the myths to portray the lives and experiences of the real Legionnaires.

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  1. Real combat makes the best soldiers – not training for them. The Legion have been all dressed up with nowhere to go for a long time now. Name one action where they have distinguished themselves. Ivory Coast? Chad? Hardly. They certainly didn’t do much in Afghanistan.

    • They were in Vietnam before you got beaten by kids in black pyjamas.

      Don’t see no footage of them pushing the helicopters off the ships that you paid for.

      Just because you don’t read books or newspapers, doesn’t mean that how you make things up in your head is true.

      At Captain Danjou’s last stand, they drank their own piss, ran out of ammo, the last men bayonet charged, the last 2 survivors were allowed to keep their weapons and go home by the Mexicans.

      At the Alamo they drank their own piss and were then killed like the dogs they were, talking about real combat.

      The problem with being ignorant is having it shoved up your arse, like I just did.

  2. the french foreign legion has the respect that they deserve, they are spoken very highly of in many countries, ask any solider that has served in the middle east, even if they dont dont it from the french. They dont need to be told that they good they know they are.

  3. To all those saying Legion doesn’t have memorable history, go jump off a bridge right now you uneducated f***. If you’re that stupid, look it up on Google. And it’s brilliant coming from the Americans about French bravery, who helped you win against the British???

  4. Remember America got screwed in vietnam, iraq and (ongoing..) afghanistan . VIETNAM – killed a bunch of “charlies” and wat do you say ?…..YEAH !! bring it on ..i aint afraid of you guys (my peeps got my back)!!…whereas alot of weeping mothers back home wishing their sons/daughters would get back home .IRAQ – killed a bunch of “hajis”.. WMD ?? r u freakin kidding me?? G.W BUSH was and “IDIOT” and the funny thing Americans elected him (wait for it ..) “TWICE” !!! hmm…dont know if the donkey is pulling the cart or donkey is following the cart.AFGHANISTAN- there is still an honorable way to get out of this shit (u ask how ???) KEEP YOUR FUCKING PROMISES…its like a girl leaves her family for you coz she loves you and then saying “i fucked u a few times …well …ill be seein ya ..i got shit to do ” ..and to top it off …your WAR VETERANS.. lie on the street wondering “how the fuck can they be so ungrateful ?? all that was keeping me wanting to fight was coz i love my family and my country …now after ive lost my leg/arm/face?, they dont even have the decency to “offer” a helping hand …you should be kneeling down and kissing my “boots” .either ways remember “War is choice, but honor is not”

  5. The Foreign Legion Tougher Than The Rest, but no where near as good as the SAS

    • They outnumber the SAS, also the SAS are known to surrender, whereas the FFF are really famous for never surrendering.

      You must be Welsh or some shit like that, I’m English and believe in fair play and sportsmanship, we don’t need empty boasting, that’s what Yanks and other foreigners do.

  6. Canadian Infantry? I believe that’s an oxymoron, like USAF PT Instructor. Just kidding Canad. Where would we be without hockey, maple syrup, Allen Alda and Celine Dion?

  7. This is a good introductory documentary. This training seems tougher than most, way tougher than Canadian infantry training, which I did.

  8. I wonder why that guy deserted?!

    • He obviously got drunk and could not make it back, just walked away rather than face the music.

      You could tell his character really well and that he was a petty thief. He was no soldier and not even a potential mercenary. It made me sad that at the fireside he was invited to sing and he did not even know a traditional English soldier’s songs. Just a football chant.

      Actually many English football chants are soldier’s songs, just not that one. Fucking embarrassment to British soldiery, but then again, not a soldier, just a drunken petty thief trying to avoid his past and not FFF material.

  9. The link for the additional episodes at Facebook is Applying To The French Foreign Legion
    www. facebook. com / pages / Applying-To-The-French-Foreign-Legion / 169663093098255

  10. There are three episodes in the The French Foreign Legion – Tougher than the Rest.   Only one episode is available at documentary heaven. 

    Go to Applying To The French Foreign Legion for the complete picture of the blistering adventures of FFL.

  11. from 1960 approx, the legion were used to preserve French interests in its former African colonies.. although they were also in the first Gulf War and Afghanistan in 2001

  12. It’s troubling that this “elite” force was formed by hiring foreign warriors to fight bloody battles so no “pure” French blood would be spilled. Does anyone else see that as ridiculous? It’s cowardliness basically, on behalf of the FRENCH. I’m sure the Legion is a bunch of hard charging gunfighters, as with all specialized military units, but to not be allowed into the country that you’re fighting for is downright blasphemous. As a member of America’s only military branch that is capaple of bringing war to any place in the world in 3 days, I am proud that every American, black, white, brown, whatever, is proud of the work that I do for them.   …… honestly, I’ve never heard of any Legendary Legion battles. WW2? Vietnam?… the french were there. Why no Legion stories? Puzzling. This documentary made me mad. These guys are putting out and it seems their country doesn’t appreciate it.

    -A U.S. Marine-
    Afghanistan Combat Veteran.

    • dim bein phu? Sorry I don’t speak or write Vietnamese, but that battle is infamous because it showed how common poor people can defeat an elite military fighting force when they get motivated enough. The legionnaire is motivated mostly by the desire to get paid and a discharge that’s “honneurable!”

    • Yep, may be you should do some more research on the subject then. Foreign Legion has thought in every battle France has been involved with. Why you don’t hear much about it, well unlike others, they don’t need to show the world what they are doing. They are there to do a job and get on with it. Bringing war anywhere in 3 days! I hope you don’t find this impressive? It takes 6 hours for a Foreign Legion unit to take off anywhere in the world, so yes, like in 1992 in Somalia when American troops arrived (with TV crews ahead of them!), the 2nd companie of the 2 REP had been there done their job, and gone!
      Cordially (ex) Legionnaire

    • Most of the legion is made up of the french. Also they have fought in every major conflict in history including Afghanistan, but its french policy to keep these things quite.

  13. “The French Foreign Legion, long known as one of the most mysterious and secr…
    What? Germans?!

    • They kicked the German’s arses at Bir Hacheim, and the Italians, everyone just used to go around them after a while in the desert and leave them the fuck alone.

      Maybe if you read books instead of making shit up it would not be so easy to make you look like the imbecile you are.

    • Germans?!…….Lol……….that was funny……… Anyway every modern military has it’s special units and France happens to have it’s Legion.

  14. I saw an Angry Beavers episode last night, and this french guy decided to join the french foreign legion because its was the pinnacle of snootiness. lol.